We Can’t Build Anything Alone!


The other day, a far right “Patriot” challenged The Pink Flamingo to come out and tell HER just why I think the federal government is helping me with the new business my family is building.  I guess being a patriot allows more leeway, for someone to be rudely questioned because people like The Pink Flamingo cringe at the use of the word, ‘patriot’.  When I see someone using that word, it’s like someone calling themselves a Christian and living like hell.  There’s not much difference.

One of the favorite things the libertarian right likes to say is that the government never helped anyone achieve anything.  The only way you succeed in business is on your own.  Of course the whole idea is just plain silly, and is good for a few laughs.

The very ones to constantly remind the world that the federal government never helped anyone build a business or succeed are the greatest billboard, flashing pink flamingo neon signs advertising just that.  Where would Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Medved, Laura Ingraham, Glenn Beck, or Mark Levin be without the government?  My guess is impoverished wannabes.

The only reason the talking heads, who constantly tell us that Obama was wrong, ‘you didn’t build that’ on your own, are the perfect example of government related success.

Think about it.

Anyone who thinks that you cannot open, build, and grow a business without assistance of some sort from local, state, or federal assistance is a delusional idiot. I would also suggest that they know nothing of the process of these things.  I’m simply going to detail the process, thus far, for Ruby Cat Canyon.

  • Physical Address – assigned by local 911
  • Post Office Box – for mail
  • Access from county roads
  • Use of USDA satellite photos
  • Discussion with BLM about geology of property
  • Meet with NM Fish & Game
  • Discussion of minerals on property with BLM
  • Web Address
  • ISP
  • Letters for big game guide & 6 hunters

The next step will include:

  • Meeting with accountant about transferring corporation from SC to NM
  • Do we change from sole proprietor to LLC?
  • Business license
  • Mineralogical survey
  • Locating gravel & negotiate with BLM to trade with road construction
  • Dealing with power, phones, water
  • Meet with SBA with business plan

Every step we take must involve something with the feds, state, or local.  I don’t mind.  I’m trying to build a long-term business that will stand up under liability, tax scrutiny, will qualify for SBA assistance.  Because we are dealing with extreme back-country with just a few acres bordering BLM, there are steps that must be taken.  Any minerals located must be negotiated via BLM.  It’s life in New Mexico.

I cannot build that without the feds, it’s that plain and simple.  Anyone who says I can is an utter, delusional fool.  Am I being overly careful?  You’re darn right I am.  We’re trying to create an extreme sport back country park.  If I’m not careful, the liability will be ruinous.  The only way I can prevent it is by working very closely with the feds.  Anyone who says I don’t need to do this, is, well, they’re just plain stupid.

The other day, I was reading a book about vacations and danger.  It seems that people have a tendency to lose their lives or be seriously injured when a business owner fails to make sure that every possible safety situation is anticipated.  I don’t think I could cope with someone being injured or losing their life because of my negligence.  Sure, it’s the Randian thing to do, screw the public and make a fortune, but I have a conscience.