Patriots, True Believers, the Irrational Right & the “Death” of Conservatism


“…And if you’re inclined to storm off like a drama-queen reality show contestant — if you’re inclined to “Go Galt” as so many conservatives threatened to do four years ago — then run off into the forest and live off the grid for while until you calm down from your post-election hysteria. While you’re there, wise up….” Bob Cesca

Conservatism is dead, deader than a doornail, talked to death by Rush Limbaugh, or so they say.  Bill Bennett has declared it dead.  Grover Norquist’s protect the ultra wealthy anti-tax movement is on life support.  Some are suggesting the plug be pulled.  They have turned in to dishonest creeps, jerks, and just plain ignorant wretches who don’t mind swimming with all the other bottom feeders.

Ever heard of the Smith Act?  There are times when The Pink Flamingo fears that even those in positions of power and rank either don’t know, or don’t give a damn.  It’s no longer about the country, but winning losing.  It is not about what is right for the country.  It is about the money.  It’s about individuals who are still in such denial that they still don’t understand how their terribly flawed candidate went down in flames, taking the party with him.

There is nothing The Pink Flamingo dislikes more than true believers, unless we are dealing with either opera or baseball. Those are the only two exceptions.  I have a friend who would put college football in that classification.  I would not.  It’s my blog.

The problem with true believers is that they are fanatics.  When a person is a fanatic, you never know when they might insult a well deserving Yankees’ fan.

Right now, the US is all atwitter, about discussion about those adorable little secession petitions.  His supporters, including Stormfront and other darling little white supremacists, can’t accept the fact that he lost.  Neither can he, blaming it on the free gifts Obama gave to minorities.

“...In 1940, the Alien Registration Act, or “Smith Act”, was passed, which made it a federal crime to advocate or to teach the desirability of overthrowing the United States Government, or to be a member of any organization which does the same….”

Phoenix New Times

“…Obama, however, does not have the power to grant secession. In the 1868 case of Texas v. White, the Supreme Court addressed whether Texas had legally seceded from the United States during the Civil War and held that the Constitution created an indestructible and perpetual union: “The Constitution, in all of its provisions, looks to an indestructible Union composed of indestructible States. When, therefore, Texas became one of the United States, she entered into an indissoluble relation.” Law professor Michael Dorf has concluded that a state may need a super-majority in Congress or even a constitutional amendment in order to secede.

Nevertheless, Fox News host Sean Hannity gave credence to the secession movement, something he has done before. On the November 13 edition of his show, Hannity interviewed Daniel Miller, president of the pro-secession Texas Nationalist Movement. Miller was previously the president of the “Republic of Texas,” and in that capacity was included in an Anti-Defamation League “Rogue’s Gallery” of extremists.

While Hannity suggested that secession might not be the best solution, he did not suggest at any point that secession was not a serious alternative for those who oppose Obama. Indeed, Hannity asked Miller to “explain constitutionally … where you see the right to” secede….”


From Kevin Levin at Civil War Memory:

“...It does give you a sense of how disconnected our understanding of secession has become from the events that took place in the wake of Abraham Lincoln’s election in November 1860.  As a historical concept rooted in the Civil War era it is almost meaningless.  My favorite petition is from the good folks of the state of Washington, who decided to quote the preamble of the Declaration of Independence as justification.  You just can’t beat quoting a document rooted in revolution (as opposed to secession) that specifically points out that, “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…”  What exactly happened last week?

Ultimately, the image of thousands of Americans logging onto the official website of their government and requesting the right to secede is a sign of this nation’s strength.  I say, sign away.  In fact, I may spend some time this morning signing a few of my favorites.  I may start one for Massachusetts.  Why should we miss out on all the fun….”


The Pink Flamingo is coming to truly despise the far right. Erick Rush wrote an op-ed for the Canada Free Press, that basically advocates a civil war.

“...The failure of the Republican leadership to pursue an investigation of the balloting almost suggests what some Americans have asserted for years. These folks are almost completely disenfranchised politically, and are regarded as fringe dwellers, even by most conservatives. Their assertion being that for many years, the job of the Republican leadership has essentially been to run interference for the Democrats’ advancement of socialism. Why? Because the interests of the power brokers on both sides transcend parties. They have decided that America – and probably the world, eventually – will be an oligarchical collective, a global slave state managed by narcissistic elites whose nests have long since been feathered.

In such a case, it will take nothing short of Divine Intervention or civil war to save America….”

David Rushton is a far right slug who lives in Costa Rica. He thinks The US is dead. He thinks God-fearing Americans should move to Costa Rica. Good, take the secessionist, please.

“...I have challenged people to tell me one good thing Obama did for the United States in four years. So far nobody has come up with anything. He has plundered our national finances and squandered billions of dollars on unworthy causes when those resources were desperately needed to bring the country out of the financial pit into which we had fallen due to greed and mismanagement.

I noticed before the election that church leaders were, by and large, silent. I heard that some were praying and a few Catholic Bishops and Priests told their people not to vote for the Dictator. This bears an eerie resemblance to Germany in the ‘30s. The German church leaders dared not protest. The German courts rubberstamped Hitler’s agenda. And by the time some church leaders had the guts to stand up to him it was too late and they ended their days in the concentration camps. I read on Sunday that one Baptist Mega church Pastor finally told his people the truth about Obama. He said that the Christians of America must stand against this evil and beat it, in the ballot box. Does he know the election has already taken place and that evil has already won? The American practice of allowing deductions from taxes for giving to non-profit (church) organizations is a two edged sword. It supports free religion. But at the same time it forces the church leaders to withhold comment on the government in order to keep their tax-exempt status. Many have been threatened by the IRS in recent years that if they speak politically their tax-free status will be withdrawn. Obviously that would have a serious affect on the amount Americans give to churches and other non-profits. Could that have anything to do with their silence before this momentous election? Did those pastors put their own jobs ahead of their duty to lead their people?

Reigning in the Dictator
The next election in which any changes can take place is two years away. In that election 33 Senators will stand for reelection. If all 33 were replaced by true American Patriots we might have a chance of reigning in the Dictator. But judging by the recent past there is not much hope that the Congress will be changed to one that actually represents the people of the United States..

America was founded on a foolproof system with three parts of government, a system like no other in the world. Our forefathers wanted to make sure that no King or Dictator ever held power over this Nation like the King of England had done. We had a President, a Congress and a Supreme Court. Each of them was designed to balance the other. Yet, in his first term Obama overrode the balance of power and ignored both legislative and judicial branches of our government. He has the Senate firmly in his control and a Supreme Court of wimps who have already shown themselves to be heavily weighted on the side of Liberalism.

The Supreme Court and the Congress have rejected God and the people will suffer.

I am still a Patriotic American Citizen but I know there is nothing I can do to reverse the course of madness simply by staying in the country. This is why we and many other American patriots have been forced to leave the dictatorship that was once our home and move to peaceful Costa Rica where we can still worship God in freedom….”


The problem with people like this is the fact that many of those so-called patriots are also involved in some sort of ponzi scheme, con artists, or other criminal involvement.  We see this over and over again with those involved in the CofCC, League of the South, and various white supremacist groups.

Political Wire

The closeted racism of the far right is now quite evident.  Romney blames his loss on Obama bribing minority voters with gifts.  It appears as though just the sight of a minority voter is enough for some Republicans to scream vote fraud.  All of this, together with the war on women, and the war on Hispanics is enough to turn people away from the far right.

The Pink Flamingo is as conservative today as I was a year ago, or even five years ago. I am so disgusted with the far right, with the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Michael Medved, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, FOX News, etc. that I will never again call myself “A Conservative”.   The entire movement has become an embarrassment.

We have “conservative” sources that are even embracing secession.  It is illegal.  It is reason.  They are violating the Smith Act.  They could go to prison, lose their right to vote, and could be kicked out of the country. Evidently they are such spoiled, selfish brats that they don’t comprehend rules apply even to them.

“...Not only is it illegal, but it’s technically an act of treason as defined by the Constitution, and it was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in Texas v. White. Furthermore, the secessionists aren’t merely condemning the Obama administration, secession is by definition a categorical rejection of the United States and its Constitution, say nothing of the beloved Pledge of Allegiance, which specifically includes the word “indivisible” right after the word “God.” I thought these things were sacrosanct to conservatives….”

I think this says it all.  They’ve lost their minds.  In doing so, they’ve basically destroyed the GOP and the conservative movement.  May it rest in peace and not be revived as a zombie party of Rush Limbaugh vampires.

Let’s face it, it’s the dishonesty, stupid.


17 thoughts on “Patriots, True Believers, the Irrational Right & the “Death” of Conservatism

  1. It’s simple: these are not conservatives, in the American meaning of the word; they definitely aren’t Republicans in any historic meaning of that party — unless what they seek to conserve is something which has been, or should have been, dead a long time ago, namely Tara and Song of the South — which is the antithesis of what the Republican party has stood for. I have nothing but love for my Southern brothers and sisters, but let’s face it, that Confederacy bs was an ugly and losing proposition that if it had succeeded would have caused a lot of misery for the majority of them, and not just people with a healthy dose of melanin…it was the Republicans who not only fought against slavery but also gave us the legal means to break up Gilded Age corporate oligarchy — maybe not as romantic a picture as Bobby Lee and the Stars and Bars, but reality is far better than any myth (most Confederate soldiers were treated like s__t, so were their families). A lot of people seem to forget that the wealthy white landowners of the South not only wanted slavery, but they also wanted a very stratified, caste type society…goodbye and good riddance to that (and which is why my family have always heretofore been loyal Republicans and staunch conservatives — when you have Lincoln, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Reagan on “your” side, you tend to be a bit proud of that).

    I’m all for taking the term “conservative” away from them and naming them what they really are, or at least demanding that the term “conservative” be given its true, unpolitical meaning (as in I am conservative, because I wish to conserve the traditions of the Republican party as well as our classic liberal foundations within this constitutional republic…I don’t think Rush Limbaugh and I see eye to eye, so we don’t belong to the same movement). They should definitely not get to use the term “republican”, because they are not (more like historic Democrats if you ask me).
    Maybe somebody needs to start a “True Republicans” movement?

  2. To be fair, I am pretty sure that secession from Great Britain was equally “illegal” at the time some hotheads decided to make a go of it a couple hundred years ago.

  3. Can someone be so stupid? A heck of a lot of people died. It was the least popular war in British history. Do you really advocate destroying this country because you can’t stand the fact that a man of mixed racial background was reelected? Yep, typical Ron Paul supporter.


  4. If I thought I wouldn’t have to see or hear from certain people again and Ron Paul is one of them, I would move to the first state that secedes from the union. If you know of any state that could also throw into the package idiots from both sides of the aisle like Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, Joe Biden, and Nancy Pelosi, find me one of those petitions.

  5. Grr…that was not secession; it was revolution. Revolution is the only option that was really given any credence by Jefferson and the rest (otherwise the union did come before the states, this is alluded to in the Articles of Confederation), and John Adams, I believed, inferred that through the amendment clause contained within the Constitution the union gave a wide option for the redress of state grievances which would create the best possible outlet rather than revolution. In short, things would have to get really, really bad (far worse than they are now, no matter what imaginings certain people are having) before a state or states would feel the necessity to resort to revolution (hence the reason the union did not countenance southern secession as a legal or ethical recourse).

    And no, there is nothing to date that calls for revolution — and all the nasty consequences that result from it — present at this time. This is just ridiculous, childish tantrum throwing which does not reflect well upon those who are playing around with it…certainly isn’t patriotic either, or even moral (as it is always better to resolve our differences and work through them, uphold the union/republic and seek to better it) than to visit death, bloodshed, chaos, destruction, and broken lives upon our own countrymen.

  6. Seems like some people who like to proclaim their knowledge of history, civics, ethics, and morality should perhaps revisit those topics — their “education” in these seems a bit narrow.

    And also — grow up!

  7. …and one other thing: in regards to the incident of that little revolution thing, there were many on the colonist side, who did wind up supporting the revolution, at first sought rather to have their grievances with the Crown redressed in a legal and peaceable manner; there were also those within Parliament who considered the colonists within their rights and to have had valid points within the context of seeking redress of at least some of their grievances.
    It was hardly a case of a bunch of “hotheads” just popping off for the H of it!

    While there are definitely some (not all! some!) grievances coming from the right that are definitely valid and should be addressed, the key issue is to be adults about it and try to come to some workable conclusion that will be satisfactory to all (that means reasoned debate and compromise — something many on both sides seem to not be able to comprehend nor employ…hence the reason the voting public is getting sick of it all).

  8. I forgot to mention that if I am going to secede from the union, I also need to find a state that is going to protect me from potential foreign invaders like Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and Texas.

  9. Something tells me the secessionists altogether would have a difficult time “claiming” and holding the greater downtown Lubbock area, let alone an entire state (or annexing any).
    What they don’t seem to remember is that one of the things that touched off the last bit of secessionist trouble was the taking of a federal military installation — seems they wanted it and all the federal goodies that went with it…and the feds said “no, you can’t have our stuff since you don’t want to be in the union”.

    We need to teach history better.

  10. I agree. We need to teach history better. While everyone blames the South for the last secession, there’s a great deal of Yankee mythology out there too!

  11. While it was definitely a two way street on many issues, in the end it did come down to the South opting to break the union, which was a very short sighted thing to do, rather than work through the issues (the biggest one being the question of state vs. federal rights) — and slavery was wrong (actually, the social structure in the South was wrong headed — it really wasn’t a case of representing the majority of Southerners who were not economically well off enough to own slaves, and who were sold the notion of state’s rights as the reason for secession, and who bore the brunt of the bloodshed). In that regard I’m afraid the South was very much on the wrong side of history.

  12. Right or wrong, the South thought their liberty was being threatened and their rights were being trampled upon. They may have been very much on the wrong side of history, but they felt they had to secede for economic survival. By 1860, the North was taxing the hell out of the South. The South was paying 75% of Federal taxes and 75% of Federal revenues were being spend in the North. The North had most of the industry, most of the jobs and most of the population. Southern representatives were in the minority in the House and every piece of legislation favored the North. The North passed tariff policies that forced southerners to buy goods from the North rather than overseas in order to protect northern industries. Having to pay more for goods hurt the ordinary southerner more than the wealthy planters. The South was being treated as a colony of the North or to put in more bluntly, they were being looted. The Morrill Tariff of 1861 was to raise tariffs even higher. Even though this did not pass until after secession, it was already out of committee before the states seceded, so the handwriting was on the wall. Add the issue of slavery to this mixture and the South was boiling over. And when it comes to the issue of slavery, the North was far from innocent.

  13. Most people don’t have enough of a grasp on history to even comprehend what happened. I sometimes think people are afraid of an unvarnished, documented account of anything. I constantly go back to “Bloody” Kansas and Missouri. There are times when I think if psychopaths like John Brown had been stopped, earlier, and “Bloody” Kansas could have been handled differently, things may have been different. But, there were so many agendas, most of them built on power and greed.

    I always go back to Cochise County. From the material we’ve been able to unearth, and to document, it was in a state of armed insurrection, with Mexico ready to invade to put a stop to the criminal activities of the Cowboys. Things were so bad Sherman and a large group of troops were sent in, even though they could no longer do anything due to the Posse Comitatus Act. Cochise County was so violent, the outlaws so out of control, there are those of us who think, if Wyatt was not allowed his Vendetta Posse, that entire part of the US could have brought about the end of the US as we now know it. Fortunately, those in charge had learned the lesson of history, and would not allow it to happen. The hotheads of today are a different story.


  14. JM — while all that you say is very much true (and was a big part of the problem), one of the core issues was that the South was very much controlled politically/economically/socio-culturally by a bunch of wealthy landowners who did not favor the open marketplace (of goods or ideas) growing “in their backyard”, which resulted in the South lacking industry, social/economic advancement for a larger swathe of the population, etc.

    They were quite happy with the status quo, even if it meant economic, social, cultural stagnation — because they were living the good life. Well, that’s wonderful, everyone should pursue life, liberty, pursuit of happiness. But when you’re good life essentially dooms your society (and the other people in it) to never getting to achieve anything close to breaking even (and the condition of poor Southern whites is worth noting both pre, during, and ante bellum), then perhaps it isn’t quite so “good”.

  15. …and John Brown should have been thrown in jail, for the dangerous psychotic that he was. Anti-slavery is all well and good, but he was no better than the night riders, truth be told, and his antics should not have been permitted at all.

    Definitely some lessons from our past to be found, that’s for sure!

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