The Right’s Taxing Problem


“…We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…”

If all men are indeed created equal, then, all men (and women) should be paying the same percentage rate for taxes.  It is only equatable.  Anything less is, The Pink Flamingo wishes to submit, Un-American!

On Sunday evening, the Koch-heads who are working with American’s for Prosperity were out in force on Twitter.  Their mission was apparently to discourage anyone who might not fall in line on keeping very low tax rates for the super rich.  They are out to convince the Cowards of the Congress that the only way to save our economy is to allow people and businesses like Mitt Romney, Apple, GE, and the creme de la creme of the Fortune 500 from paying much at all.

Avoiding taxes is a laudable American pass time.  It rates up there with baseball, football, basketball, and opera. The object of the game is to get away with paying as little as possible.  It’s a good racket, providing an excellent source of income for CPAs, and tax attorneys, through-out the country.  It’s entertaining, manipulative, lethal, addictive, and everyone is guilty of it, no exceptions.

No one in their right mind wants to over pay their taxes. Anyone who does should be subjected to years of therapy.  We earn it, the government takes it.  We try to keep them from taking it, and they try to keep us from not cheating on it.  It is an endless cycle.

We do have a serious problem in this country with tax percentage rates.  Everyone should be paying the same percentage rate, no exceptions.

  • We should be paying the same percentage rate.
  • There should be a minimum income exception, that everyone can deduct.  Anyone making under say $25,000 should not pay taxes.  You make $50,000, deduct $25,000.  You make a million, you deduct the same amount.
  • There should be the same deductions for everyone.
  • This should be the same for individuals and corporations.
  • There should be no corporations.

Why is the fact that everyone should be equal when it comes to taxes such a difficult concept?

Why is this anti-capitalist, socialist, or communist?

Why is this against the wealthy?

Why is someone advocating this jealous of wealth?

Why is it so difficult for the right to comprehend that it is not socialist for people to pay the same percentage rate?

Why are the mega rich more important than the small business owner who is spilling their life’s blood for their business?

Why should they pay a smaller percentage rate than the the small business person?

The Pink Flamingo doesn’t give a damn about tax fairness.  I care about tax percentage equity, where we are all the same, no better or no worse.   Just because a person or a corporation makes billions does not entitle them to pay a lower percentage than the small business person.  If they are paying 32%, then the Koch Brothers should be paying 32%, with the very same deductions you and I are paying.

When the mega wealthy are allowed to get away with their various shelters, lower percentage rates because they are ultra wealthy, they destroy the very reason this country was created.  It was not to prevent people from being parts of a different social strata, but from a group of individual who felt they were entitled to more, simply because they had more.

When you allow someone like Mitt Romney, the Koch Brothers, Apple, or GE to slither out of paying the same percentage as the little shop down the road, then you are destroying equal opportunity.  We are all created equal.  We all have the same duties to this nation.  Just because a person earns more, is no reason for them to not pay the same percentage rate.

No, we are not all the same, thank heavens.  But, under the law, we are the same.  If we are the same under the law, with the same judicial system, the same laws, and the same freedoms, then we should be paying the same tax percentage rates.