Those Pesky Epitaphs the Far Right Hurls


“...Some believe that the best way to express their patriotism is to burn their nation to the ground if it doesn’t measure up to their standards because it is better to burn in ignorance than live in enlightenment. Others belief that the best possible America is the one we all create together….”

These past few months, once The Pink Flamingo realized that I could not, in good conscience support Mitt Romney, and began to consider supporting Barack Obama, I was castigated, called a Marxist, socialist, communist, and more recently a baby killer.  I have been cursed.  I have been called a _ _ _ _ ing whore, user, taker, liar, you name it.  I have had so-called Christians curse me with eternal damnation because I voted for a Democrat.

One of the favorite epitaphs that the right hurls is that a person is a socialist, communist, or Marxist if you don’t do and believe exactly what they demand you do and believe.  Must hurtful was an accusation that I never was a Republican, never mind a wall full of thank you notes from various Republican presidents, inaugural invitations, and some really nifty letters from people like Barry Goldwater.  I’ve been lying about it all, my entire life.  My entire life has been a total lie because I dared support Barack Obama against Mr. Perfect.

I’ve learned a few other things.  Contrary to popular opinion, there are numerous people who identify themselves as liberals and Democrats who are Christians.  There are numerous people who identify themselves as Christian conservatives who are the very devil.  Fortunately, my eyes are opened.  I will never allow myself to be led down the brainwashed path that demands anyone who does not believe this, that, and the other thing to be considered evil.  Sorry those days are gone forever.

Before you accuse me of changing what I believe, well, I still believe what I did 20 years ago.  Only, now, because I find the conservative movement to have gone so far astray, I will never call myself “conservative” again.  Conservatives have become a humiliating joke, allowing themselves to be brainwashed, manipulated, and tricked into doing things that are contrary to what the Republican Party once was.

You can continue your sophomoric spew of epitaphs.  I’ve reached the point where I don’t give a damn.  There are more important reasons to value a person other than the fact that they might be liberal, conservative, tea party, occupy whatever, Democrat, or Republican.  Honor, decency, honesty, kindness, compassion, and little incidentals like that are far more important.

Funny thing, about those accusations of communist, socialist, Marxist, Capitalist, and patriot.  They have a tendency to mask the real person and the real situation behind that person.  Take Mitt Romney, please.

We have been presented with the perfect family image.  They are handsome, large, physically ‘perfect’ men who photograph well.  Devoted to their family and faith, they are the perfect example what a perfect American family should be.  They are wonderful capitalists.  Never mind that they are the worst bunch of cold fish, unloving, rude, contemptible  and pathetic excuse of what family love is truly about.  They make a big deal about being “Christian”, but they are far from it.

Perhaps the 2nd best part of the year, 2012, is the fact that, after a decade of pouting after the legendary Sherrill Milnes retired, The Pink Flamingo acquired a new baritone.  I love baritones.  I’m a baritone junkie.  Once upon a time my life revolved around opera, then I moved to New Mexico, and was no longer able to get the Met on radio.  Now that it is on Sirius, I can listen when I want, including live broadcasts.  Then, I discovered Dmitri Hvorostovsky.  I have a new baritone.  If you love opera, you understand.  If you don’t, then you will never be able to comprehend how important this is. Only a sport’s fan can related.

Thanks to various interviews with Dmitri Hvorostovsky, The Pink Flamingo has learned a heck of a lot about Russia.  What I’ve learned is one of the reasons I was so adamantly against Mitt Romney.  He was lying about foreign policy, trying to turn Russia into the enemy it is not.  Along the way, I discovered that a person who was raised in the old USSR, during communism, was given far more love, kindness, compassion, and adoration from his parents than an alleged ‘capitalist’ who had everything.  A young man, raised rather poor, in the communist USSR, knew more about love than a capitalist born in the USA with a platinum spoon in his mouth.

You want to hurl those epitaphs at The Pink Flamingo?  Go ahead.  I know who is the fake and who isn’t. I’ve learned there are things far more important than political labels.  I’ve learned to look through the plastic perfection of the perfect candidate, his perfect (bitch) of a wife, his perfect sons, and his perfect life.  It’s empty.  There is no love, no nothing. The guy was such a jerk he cut off the credit cards of the people working for him, the moment he lost.

One of the reason The Pink Flamingo took a second look at things was because of the Pussy Riot arrests in Moscow in August.  Not long after it happened, I wrote a very long post, detailing what actually happened.  I never would have even paid a bit of attention to it if it had not been for an interview with Dmitri Hvorostovsky.  What I found sickened me.  It also caused me to completely turn my back on any possibility of supporting Mitt Romney.  The man had no grasp on what was going on in Russia.  Neither did the extreme far right, or the GOP. Oh, they could, but it did not fit the Romney agenda.

Everyone and their brother began complaining about those poor little rock singers who were arrested for desecrating the alter of a Christian church.  Oh, they were arrested for exercising their freedom of speech.  With one exception, every single world class musician condemned the arrests.  The poor little things were only trying to advocate freedom of speech.  Never once was it mentioned that those lovely, innocent little girls were connected to some of the nastiest white supremacist, neo-Nazis in Europe.  Never mind that we have the same problem here in the US with the Hammerskins.

That doesn’t matter.  All that matters was that Mitt Romney’s foreign policy wonks still referred to Russia as the USSR.  They thought the arrest of those lovely young women was horrible.  With the exception of one theologian here in the US, NOT ONE SINGLE “Christian” conservative, Republican, Tea Partier, member of the Christian Right, FOX Tabloid News, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Medved, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, not one of them could even see beyond the manipulations of Mitt Romney and his out of touch advisers.  In fact, The Pink Flamingo, I believe, was one of the few Republicans to even discuss the subject.

The only other person to stand up and defend Christians, to defend the church from being desecrated, for saying that people worshiping God had a right to not be harassed, was Dmitri Hvorostovsky, who was raised in the Soviet Union.  Mitt Romney, capitalist, born in the USA, never once opened his mouth.

When The Pink Flamingo hears the far right go on and on about how patriotic they are, I want to throw up.  They are no more patriotic than a trained chimp, perhaps even less so.  As far as I’m concerned, today, they are a bunch of fakes, who would rather see this nation destroyed than to accept the fact that a man of mix racial origins has been re-elected.

Don’t give me that bull you know what that it is because he is a socialist, Marxist, communist, or Muslim.  He is not.  That’s another lie.  But, you keep on believing those lies.  If you do that, you don’t need to go around thinking, just hating.

You can keep saying that I’m a socialist, liberal, communist, Marxist, and have never been a Republican. Go ahead.  You and I both know that is a lie.  Right now, I would rather be called some of those things that be considered a ‘far right patriot’.  I’m not seeing all that much interest on the left in burning down the country, pulling it apart, and killing anyone who disagrees.

Grow up and get over it.

I still disparately miss George W. Bush, who is still my idea of the Perfect POTUS.  Then again, I seem to remember the far right turning on him, also.  The late William F. Buckley once wrote that he feared the end of the United States as we know it would come about, not by liberals, communists, Marxists, or socialists, but via the extreme far right aligning itself with the John Birch Society, the KKK, supporters of Ayn Rand, and  White Supremacists.  If Buckley was right, and he almost always was, the United States has dodged a bullet with the defeat of Mitt Romney.   The way the right is acting, it looks like Buckley was right.