What Is Thanksgiving?


Thanksgiving is The Pink Flamingo’s very least favorite holiday.  I don’t see it as a patriotic holiday.  Rather, I look at it as a day when women get stuck cooking for days, so that the men of their lives can make gluttons of themselves, belch, piss, and fall asleep watching the football games.  They can’t help cook because they’re watching the dumb parades with the kids.  They can’t clean up because they need a nap.

If we are Christians, we are entreated that we are to rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18)  If we limit ourselves to only one day of thanksgiving, then we are thumbing our nose at God.

This said, there are times when we simply forget to be thankful.  I thought I would make a little Pink Flamingo thankful list for this past year.

  1. The Yankees did not get in the World Series
  2. Renewed faith
  3. Many answered prayers (including the Yankees losing)
  4. Sarah Catherine Boulden (Cate) is due to be born in 2 days
  5. My father’s Alzheimer’s has not progressed all that much
  6. We’ve not had a medivac with my mother
  7. My mother’s heart condition is fairly contained
  8. My love of opera has been revived
  9. On March 2 I rescued Miss Leontyne Price, aka Precious Little Baby Kitten, aka Baby
  10. We were able to find out what was wrong with Doc Holiday, and there is a medication
  11. I finished a year long devotional book I was writing
  12. Dmitri Hvorostovsky
  13. I wrote my first murder mystery
  14. Mitt Romney went down in flames
  15. I learned to look beyond party lines, to the actual person
  16. We had a safe election
  17. I survived a serious financial crises
  18. I’ve learned to accept Daniel Craig as James Bond
  19. My sister and I have decided to go into business
  20. We had a buyer for the land, but decided not to sell
  21. I was able to afford a new Mac Book Pro
  22. The ongoing unity of the family
  23. I haven’t finished the book on fashion (I have additional material for it)
  24. We have been safe for another year
  25. The Yankees were not in the World Series

6 thoughts on “What Is Thanksgiving?

  1. I always liked Thanksgiving (although it isn’t my favorite holiday) because it got the entire clan together (then again, most holidays used to get the entire clan together, but it really came together for Thanksgiving — probably because it landed right in the middle of hunting season, and that was a very big thing here — successful hunting still means food for the table for at least part of the year here). It’s rather a different holiday now, thanks to the old folks dying off and people scattered far and wide (and different families to deal with along with their different methods of doing Thanksgiving), but there’s still some of the old get together spirit.
    Then again, the gender roles were a bit different in my house (everybody but the little kids pitches in and helps with the cooking and chores, and people are more interested in sitting around and talking or going and doing something outside than the tv, with men and women more or less equally interspersed). At the very least my husband and I still have ourselves, so we can keep up with how it used to be done.

  2. After seeing other families in action, yeah, I can understand — think I might have lucked out in the family gathering department (it helps here that all of them like to cook, all of them like to listen to music, all of them like to talk while playing card games, all of them are outdoorsy…and none of them like to watch football or go shopping).
    But I’ve now encountered those that do (like to stay indoors and watch football and/or go shopping), and can’t say as though it looks like a lot of fun.

  3. I’m not into holidays. Then end up like a bad Chevy Chase movie! My Thanksgiving was topped off by hitting a deer on the way home from my parent’s. Not much damage, but just an appropriate end to the day. If I’d not been in my old Durango, I would have had a mess.


  4. Sorry to hear about the deer incident, at least it didn’t totally mess up you and your vehicle (which they can — deer are thick here).
    And seems like a lot of people aren’t into the holidays for that reason — sorry to hear that too (it would be nice if it didn’t wind up like a bad Chevy Chase movie for people, but it seems to be the norm unfortunately).

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