I’m No Longer Hanging Out With Stupid


I think the whole Walmart debacle has made The Pink Flamingo realize just how abjectly hypocritical the far right, conservative world is.  Not only are they hypocritical, but they are abjectly stupid.  The old phrase used in my family is cutting off your nose to spite your face.

Walmart is worshiped by the talking heads and FOX News as the apex conservative business model, the picture of good old Yankee success. It is, and it isn’t.  Sure, it makes money, with the bottom line the bottom line, but what good is their bottom line when, year after year, the American tax payer must bail them out?

Since back in the mid-1990s, We the Little People of the United States of America, have had to supplement the completely inappropriate incomes of Walmart.  It looks like we’re been supplementing Walmart employees by about $1.2 billion bucks a year.  Let’s make it easy and go back to 1992 – 20 years.  Granted my numbers are usually off due to dyslexia, it looks to me like we’ve bailed out this huge company to the tune of about twenty-five billion dollars.

This year, Walmart had a third quarter net income of about $3.63 billion dollars. Looks to me like We the Little People of the United States should let the far right be conservative and require them to send Walmart a bill for about $1.2 billion – per year.  It’s the conservative thing to do.  Make them pay their way.  We don’t need billion dollar Welfare Queens like Walmart!

Huffington Post

This is a libertarian dream, brought to you by the brainwashing cult far right media, the Koch brothers, Ayn Rand, Michael Medved, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity & FOX Tabloid News.

“...5:10 pm: Paramount, California striker Maria Elena Jefferson told The Nation this afternoon’s mass rally was “Very emotional. Very big. We were hoping that there would be a lot of people from the city supporting us, and we thought there would be supporters from other stores, and every time I looked around, it was bigger than bigger.” (Jefferson was interviewed in a mix of English and Spanish.) She said that the willingness of three workers to get arrested sent an important signal to management that workers are “willing to take the risk” and “what we’re doing is right.”

According to Make Change at Walmart, while standing in the middle of the street this afternoon, one of the three arrested workers, Charlene Fletcher, said, “We are serious about improving our jobs and ending retaliation at Walmart. No matter how hard we work for Walmart, my husband and I can’t catch up on our bills. But when our co-workers speak out about problems like these, Walmart turns their schedules upside down, cuts their hours and even fires people.”

Jefferson said she joined OUR Walmart because the company wouldn’t to provide enough hours for many workers to qualify for health insurance. She said some of her co-workers wouldn’t strike because “they think we’ll never win” and “they didn’t want to lose their jobs.” She said she hopes today will change their minds….”

No wonder the far right wants to continue the game of chicken to the fiscal cliff!  If we have high unemployment, people will be willing to work for less.  If they are willing to work for less, then they may even be willing to work for less than minimum wage, if enough are unemployed.  If people are terrified of their jobs, then they will work for less, in poor conditions, and almost indenture themselves.

That’s the libertarian, Randian way!


The Randian way only works when people don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves.  We were heading that way, but Romney lost.  It doesn’t work when there is a safety net.  When there is one, entities like Walmart get caught.

If the far right wants to truly cut spending then it appears that the far right must be willing to own up to their stupid hypocritical ways and realize that their sacred cows produce spoiled milk.  Because the right embraces the Walmart way, of almost indenturing their employees, the taxpayer is being screwed out of at least a billion bucks a year.  Add to it the other big box stores and we’re looking a a couple of billion bucks a year.

The far right is just plain stupid and the big box CEOs are so much smarter.  They’ve figured out a way to literally get tax payer bailouts, every year, in the form of food stamps, medicare, and other entitlements to keep the hard working, gainfully employed, and impoverished employees barely living on the edge of poverty.

I don’t get it.  Why does the far right celebrate a business that requires at least a billion buck bailout a year?  Well, now you know why The Pink Flamingo refuses to hang out with stupid.  These people are starting to be abjectly stupid.  There is no other explanation.



2 thoughts on “I’m No Longer Hanging Out With Stupid

  1. Bravo!

    Seriously, it’s rampant: not just retail, but some industry is going this route too. And then “Republicans” within The Thing That Used to Call Itself Conservatism turn around and scream about “those filthy welfare moochers”…because they aren’t looking at the very plain fact that many of those “parasites” and “leeches” are (or were) working, and the companies they work for find it easier to let their workers go on welfare. They get the profits, the taxpayer gets to pay the bailout, and the blame goes to the working poor (oh, and the politicians and certain media entities get nice little presents from the companies).
    To paraphrase Gen. Smedley Butler: it’s a racket.

  2. This has been one of my soap boxes since I was just out of college. My first job was in retail, for a large department store. Everyone was minimum wage. I finally went on commission, which was a joke. Then I discovered, when they brought this little jerk of a person in to supervise we ‘girls’ – some of whom had worked the department for 15 years, that there were two pay scales. The men received nearly a dollar more an hour, beginning pay, and were subject to advancement, without sleeping with the boss. If I’d known then what I know now, I would have been the first in line to unionize. People don’t realize how badly the average employee in retail is treated, unless you work in a small, private shop. I always paid my employees more than minimum, unless they were high school kids. I swear they should have paid me at times! (I always had something for them to eat after school, then there were the dramatics, etc).

    I was reading an article yesterday that a person flipping burgers makes more per hour than someone at Walmart, and has a better opportunity for advancement. That’s something else they don’t tell kids in school. I know someone whose husband started doing that in high school, scored a scholarship, managed his first franchise during college, owned several by the time he was out of college, was regional director before he was twenty-five, and is now one of the top corporate VPs. Can’t do this in retail, but you can if you flip burgers!

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