What Kind of a World?


On Monday, around 11:15 or so Memphis time, my great niece, Sarah Catherine – Catie, was born.  I started thinking about the kind of world she would have to grow up in, and it bothers me.  I don’t wish for her to have a better life growing up than her grandmother and I, or her parents.  We have had a great life, and a great time growing up.  I hope she has one just as good.

One of the things that Rush has said for years is that a normal kid was liberal in college, then became conservative when facing the real world.  I guess that was the “old” version of conservative – compassionate, caring, with an agenda based on small business and opportunity for everyone.  I truly hope she is not forced to grow up in the Randian version of a so-called conservative world, where only the sharks and the vultures survive, by destroying everyone else.

My prayers are that she is not forced to live in a libertarian society. The only greater curse I could imagine for her would be to live in a society increasingly dominated by the far right so called “christian” class.  I’m not quite sure which is worse.

The libertarian world would deny basic police, fire, and EMS services, unless she can pay for them. There would be education for only those who could afford it.  The infrastructure would either be pay as you go or would be falling apart.  I am reminded of the very dreary and depressing world depicted in the classic science fiction, Bladerunner.  It is a hideous vile world where there are two classes, the rich and the poor.  America was founded to provide liberty and opportunity to all, not an almost post-apocalyptic nasty society that would be beloved by Ayn Rand and her racist supporters.

On Sunday, The Pink Flamingo read a very distressing and practically illiterate article in some so-called “Christian” conservative online tabloid. The premise of the piece was that, because we dared re-elect a person who was born out of wedlock, to a mixed race couple, our nation is going to be destroyed.  We can only redeem ourselves by going all out- far right – doomsday puritan, hate anyone who isn’t “christian”.  His vision of the righteous world is one where certain individuals have the right to show a sinner the error of their ways in order to maintain a pure society.  The last thing we need is this sort of a perversion of any religion.

What “christians” of this type envision is something akin to an American Taliban, where women are subjugated, forced to breed little white babies to repopulate the race, and are not allowed much of a life, other than having one child after another.  This world has no contraception, little health care, no equal pay, and if there were rape, well, the child that comes from it is a blessing, even if it kills you.

If this is what the so called “christian”, libertarian, and conservative would is going to be, I truly hope my great- niece is fortunate enough to grow up in a “liberal” society.  I wish for a world, an educated world, where she can grow up to be anything she wants.  If Catie wants to be an astronaut, shoot for the stars.  If she wants to sing opera, more power to her.  If she has the ability to be a world champion sprinter, well, genetics aren’t exactly there for that. Heck, if she wants to be a mommy, great!  President – works for me!

I want her to grow up like her grandmother and I did, like her mother, aunt, and uncle did, with her first outing to be an art museum.  I wish for books.  I want her to have the opportunity to literally haunt museums, to go to symphonies, and experience the opera. I want her life to be surrounded by art and music and history.

Catie needs to learn that, yes, indeed, God created the heavens and the earth and that He gave His Only Begotten Son that who ever believes in Him, shall have eternal life.  BUT, please spare me the rank ignorance of creation pseudo-science.  Her world should be surrounded by science books, astronomical models, geological charts of actual science.  She should not be afraid to use the world “evolution”.

What truly dismays me is the fact that, in order to have this world, the far right must have no place in it.  Where, when I was a child, the conservative – Republican world view was something to be honored and respected, today’s version of that same world is sick, perverted, something I truly hope she avoids.

This is something I never thought I would envision.  Unfortunately, the way things are today, I truly hope the so-called far religious libertarian conservative right world that is now truly screwing things up in this country will not harm her.

There’s one other thing I wish for my great-niece.  I hope she develops the same love of baseball that everyone else in her family enjoys.  I do hope, that she had better taste than to be a Yankees’ fan like her Aunt Laura, or a Card’s fan like her grandfather.  And yes, she already has her first T-ball set.  We all know who gave it to her.

We all know she will be raised to appreciate Star Trek, Star Wars, and old movies.  That’s a given.  I’ve already started her on dinosaurs.  She’ll make it!


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  1. Congratulations to the family and welcome to Sarah Catherine! Your post reminds me of some of things Jesus was telling us about in the gospel at mass today. (Luke 21:5-11) Jesus is telling us that nations will rise and fall and warns us about being deceived. He said that many will come in his name and tells us not to follow them…….Jesus always offers comfort to his people and tells us not to be afraid. This is what I would wish for any newborn. “Do not be afraid!” She will face problems of her own because Jesus tells us there will be famines, wars, plagues, earthquakes etc. Jesus does not expect us to be perfect, he just wants us to make progress. Whatever happens in life, if we are not afraid, our peace will speak the truth to others.

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