Weeping, Wailing & Gnashing of Teeth


It’s coming!  Like the Voice of Doom, please pardon The Pink Flamingo while I am prepping to enjoy the weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth, and general cries of horror that will soon be emanating from the extreme religious right.  We’re dealing with a group of people who are increasingly removed from the day to day realities of political life. They have created their own version of reality, where Romney should have won, and Obama stole the election.  They had their own pollsters, their own media, and created their own little world.  They are delusional about taxes, the economy, fiscal cliff, and live in a reality based on billions of billionaires.

There is something going on here that is bordering on the stupid.  If Pat Robertson has cried enough, already yet, then that should an eye opener.   It is also a breath of fresh air – finally.  The Pink Flamingo has reached the point where I have no patience with anyone who is so backward and such a Luddite that they cannot open their minds and deal with the scientific realities of life.

Jonathan Turley

“...That is, until she decided to major in biology. For the first time, she had the chance to see the scientific evidence for the actual age of the earth (4.55 billion years) and the theory of evolution. Like 45% of Americans, she had based her previous conclusions on an ultraliteral reading of Genesis promoted in many conservative churches – that the earth is less than 10,000 years old, and that all species of animals and plants came into being by individual acts of special creation by God. But with gathering alarm, she could see that a veritable mountain of data from physics, cosmology, chemistry, geology, paleontology, biology and genomics made that interpretation of Genesis no longer tenable. She tried to think of ways that the scientific evidence could have been misunderstood, or even (as she had heard from some Christian friends) that there was a widespread scientific conspiracy to promote these false ideas, but she could not see how to dismiss the massive weight of evidence. She sought guidance from her professor, but he made no secret of the fact that he thought religion was a waste of time. The ice was cracking under her feet. If her spiritual mentors had been wrong about origins, might they have been wrong about other things? Was faith just an illusion? Was God really out there?

She is not alone. Over the last three years since my book The Language of God was published, I have heard from dozens of individuals experiencing this same crisis. I have tried to provide reassurance, based on my own path from atheism to belief, and my own experience as a physician, geneticist, and Christian, that science and faith are entirely compatible. We humans have the privilege of discerning the truth from both of God’s books – the book of God’s words (the scriptures) and the book of God’s works (nature). But when the Bible is read as a scientific textbook, or when scientific findings are taken to prove or disprove certain spiritual conclusions, trouble ensues.

It is a sad reality that this kind of misunderstanding has led to an increasingly hostile battle of worldviews, especially in the United States. The conversation is particularly dominated by those at the extremes of the spectrum. Some of those are religious fundamentalists. Some are scientific fundamentalists. This contentious atmosphere has often discouraged a more deep and meaningful dialogue. And the battle is having a lot of innocent casualties, like my college correspondent….”

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of putting up with self-righteous little dimwits who think they are better than everyone else because they have rejected learning and logic for a pseudo science that they think is Biblical, yet isn’t even that.  James Hannam has a wonderful two part series on the history of science and the medieval world.  He puts to shame the dingbat creation science idiots who are afraid science will discredit their pathetic version of what faith is.

The BioLogos Forum

The Pink Flamingo would like to suggest that the far right, dingbats who have managed to fall for the idiotic brainwashing of the conservative media, had best fasten their seat-belts.  The next month could be a very bumpy ride for them.

FIRST:  If reports out of NASA are correct, we could soon be seeing an announcement of the discovery of pockets of methane in the soil of Mars.  This is a huge discovery, one with massive implications.  From what The Pink Flamingo has heard, the type of methane discovered can only happen if a biological agent has broken down to produce the methane.  In otherwords, there was once life on Mars.

We are not alone in the universe.

SECOND:  There are more than rumors that the Bigfoot DNA project has come back with some fascinating results.  If submitted for blind confirmation, and from what I hear the study will be submitted for peer review, the far “Christian” right has best learn how to deal with reality.

Reality may be that Bigfoot does indeed exist and is a hominid.  The microcondial DNA is human.  The male DNA is from an unknown species.  In otherwords, if accurate, Bigfoot is basically human.  If true, then it deserves being treated with dignity, protected, and respected.

This is going to blow the brains of the poor little white men of the far right and the women who apologize for them.  It’s just another minority out there to demand attention be taken away from them, and their version of “Christian”.

Let’s just sit back and enjoy the show.  They will somehow try and blame this on liberals and Obama. They will run around, cry, demand lower taxes for the rich, and will eventually demand that they be given minority and protected status.

It’s gonna be a really good show!



6 thoughts on “Weeping, Wailing & Gnashing of Teeth

  1. Some of the Egyptian mummies are said to be 7,000 years old, so they must have been here before the creation of the world, ha! Now, maybe we should prepare for the end of the world when the Mayan calendar ends next month? I am always open to scientific discoveries, but I am usually somewhat skeptical. Scientists are not gods and they are certainly not infallible. Bigfoot should be interesting. Back in 1912, they thought they had found the missing link with the Piltdown man. When I was a young college student, he was in all the textbooks. There were charts in biology classrooms showing all the missing links. Then in 1953 it was declared a fake and a forgery. I will never forget the embarrassment of my biology instuctor. He had just given a lecture on the accuracy of the Piltdown man when he was confronted with the inaccuracy of it. I have never been a science worshipper. So many people think of scientific theories as absolute truths. They are not. I am always prepared for changes whatever they may be. With all the neanderthals among us, I have no problem with Bigfoot.

  2. Wasn’t there also the Peking Man? That’s why I am such a science fiend. You never know what is going to happen. I feel sorry for people who are afraid of it, and so lacking in faith that they can’t comprehend God’s Awesome Creation. As for Neanderthals – just look at football players, and they say they are extinct!


  3. There was a Peking man, but if I am not mistaken, he disappeared during World War II – really too bad. Reading this about Bigfoot, brings to mind something I have not thought about in years. Back in the mid 1950s a man killed a huge creature in the swamps. He had it on ice in a trailer parked around a local shopping center and he was charging people 50 cents to look at it. I saw it and it looked like a huge ape. It may have been a hoax, but I don’t think so. I have no idea what it was or what happened to the corpse of the poor thing. The guy made a side show out of it and I never heard anything about it again……As for the neanderthals. I believe in one of the current theories that they were not killed off, but were absorbed by modern man.

  4. There are some who think the Peking Man was a hoax. I don’t know. The swamp story is fascinating. There is a tale that Daniel Boone killed a bigfoot. I hold with the Neanderthal – human inbreeding. Like I said, how else do you explain football players, many of whom are more Neanderthal than human? (Sorry, can’t help it my anti football bias is showing). If indeed we are dealing with a new species of human, it seems to me they deserve some protections.


  5. You think RINO Karl Rove, O’Reilly, Romney, and Medved are too “extreme right”, call Mitt’s wife a bitch, voted for Obama, and call the right white supremacists and every name in the book. You’re not a conservative or civil, and the left isn’t civil either.

  6. I used to think this blog was the establishment GOP, but even they’re too “extreme” and “white supremacist” for you.

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