The Pending American Serfdom


The Pink Flamingo loves Ferragamos.  Two years ago, Christmas, I bought a pair for my mother to give me.  They were lavender flats, that sold for $295 at Bloomies.  They were on sale for $195.  I had several other discounts I put with it, to end up paying about $225 for them.  I can legitimize $295.  I can even legitimize the Valentino slides I bought in May.  They were on sale for $495.  I haven’t bought another pair of shoes in six months, which is really good for me.  I have a major shoe habit.  If I don’t buy about five pair every couple months, I get an email from Bloomies wondering why I’ve not been shopping with them.

Today, the same pair of lavender shoes, now in yellow (which I really need) are selling at Bloomingdales for $425.  If they were half price, I would figure out how to buy them.  I have an idea they will be going on sale.  The problem is that they don’t have the yellow ones in my size – 7B.

The rise in price is just a little too much.

I am a Louis Vuitton junkie.  I have a tendency to only buy one bag a year – so I can get a LV.   Louis Vuitton has a habit of raising their prices anywhere from 5-10% over a certain period of time, to cover the rise in prices.  That I can understand.  I can’t understand the 25% price increase in Ferragamos.

It’s like the price of gas, which is too high, that effects everything else.  The Pink Flamingo has been on record, since the spring of 2008, that the high gas prices that started our economic downfall were engineered via speculation.    Not only does it make the ultra rich (who don’t pay much in taxes) richer, but it impoverishes the rest of us.

The Pink Flamingo is beginning to think that the whole idea of the far libertarian, ultra conservative, Randian right, that controls the entire GOP, is all about impoverishing we the little people.  If we the little people are impoverished, then we the little people will be willing to work for less. If we the little people are willing to work for less, then the far right can do away with the minimum wage.  We the little people will then be willing to work for practically nothing, grateful to the ultra wealthy who are willing to push us into conditions that are much like the almost slave condition in the third world.

They want us to be a third world nation, where we pay 32% taxes with very few deductions.  They want to privatize education, EMS, fire and police protection.  Only those who can afford to be educated will. If medicare and social security are cut, and medicaid is scaled back, with no food stamps, we rapidly become a country where only a select few have, and the rest of us, even those who once considered ourselves ‘wealthy’ will become paupers, serfs, almost indentured, forced to sell our souls to the likes of the Koch brothers.

“...Naomi Klein called the ideology practiced by Fix the Debt, “the shock doctrine,” albeit this time the disaster is being generated in the form of a “fiscal cliff.” Across the world, powerful financial interests like the World Bank or the IMF have declared countries, regions, or other localities “disaster zones” where they could go in and impose “restructuring.” This was always a conservative’s fantasy come true: 1) cut off government services, 2) sell off government assets 3) privatize remaining government services, and 4) focus the entire economy on paying off debt. If you follow up with the countries or other localities that endured disaster capitalism and its austerity measures, they are decimated societies that have fallen to the bottom on nearly every measure of well-being. Now, organizations like the Center for a Responsible Federal Budget want to impose the shock doctrine with the most ambitious target yet, the whole American government.

Corporate CEOs are pushing for austerity, knowing there is a payoff for them. Government services will become privatized, and the corporate class is ready to move in and provide these services at a profit. Tax rates will be kept low for corporations and individuals making millions of dollars. They may have lost some power, but Republicans still have the House, and right on cue, they have been representing their core constituency. They have been pushing austerity, and holding out for those with incomes over $250,000 to receive tax cuts….”

There’s one little problem the ultra wealthy and the GOP they now control have managed to forget.  Revolutions occur because in income inequity.  This is not about socialism or the end of the wealthy, upper class, but something different.  We live in a nation where, like a frog in cold water, that slowly begins to boil, we are frog soup before we know it.

These people don’t want we the little people (anyone who is part of the 0.5%) to have a break in this life.  We are their fodder, to be crushed, used and manipulated.  We are to be brainwashed by their media, into thinking that anyone who dared question their rather perverse version of the world is marxist or socialist.

Well, The Pink Flamingo questions it.  I am still as conservative as I ever was.  I am still a Republican.  I plan on remaining one to make their lives a living hell.  I am also well aware that this foolishness cannot continue, now that it is out in the open.

Four years ago my parents, my family was considered wealthy.  Thanks to inflation and the devaluation of real estate, my elderly parents, who had their life mapped out for them, are barely surviving. Over the years they have paid millions in taxes. I resent the far right libertarian talking heads and their prostitutes saying that people like my parents deserve what they get.  I guess they do.  They played by the rules, believed in America, did what was right and honorable – and they were screwed.

The same thing holds true for small business people I know.  They play by the rules and get a tax bill of 32%.  The billionaire down the road pays 2%.  Sorry, but that is not right.  It is not even American.  Anyone who dares argue that the rich should be treated better, just because they have managed to bribe their way to the top by buying and prostituting the GOP is out of their minds, I don’t care who they are.

When we the little people finally figure out that the tea parties are corrupt illusions, that Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Michael Medved, and Bill O’Reilly are nothing but lying shills, it’s not going to be pretty.  I’m waiting to see them go down in flames, along with John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Jim DeMint, Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, and all their little prostituting friends.

Paul Krugman wrote:

“...So, if we take all of McConnell’s ideas together, we get a bit more than $300 billion. Getting this would, by the way, impose substantial hardship – seniors would be forced into inferior private insurance, and there are good reasons to believe that the true inflation rate facing seniors is actually higher, not lower, than the CPI. Still, what we’re looking at overall is a saving equal to only about one-fifth of what Obama is proposing to raise by higher taxes.

And that’s it; has anyone heard even a peep from the GOP about what else they’d like to cut?…”

What The Pink Flamingo finds amazing is how the far right now views freedom.  One is only allowed to be “free” if they agree with the views of the far right, and their handlers.  I guess it’s all relative.  What they forget is that people are a little ticked right now. If they allow the situation to continue past 2014, in 2016, when the Dems take over, completely, things are not going to be pretty.  Maybe someone might get their just desserts, after all?



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  1. They are still not looking at reality. At this rate they will deliver the country up to the hard left — the moderates/centrists in both camps are going to have to step up to the plate; that is, if there are any left to do the stepping.

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