The GOP’s Milgram Experiment


It looks like the GOP has become one big Milgram Experiment.  In other words, most people will inflict pain on others if allowed to get away with it. While it is a fact of nature, there are social contracts, social controls that allegedly allow civilized and modern societies to move away from such things and embrace a more moderate, understanding, tolerant, and compassionate world.  After a certain little experimentation in state sponsored things like elimination of the weak, certain blood lines, and those who just didn’t add up to standards, of getting rid of the drags on society, you would have thought humanity would have learned a lesson.

Evidently not.  It is almost like the GOP has turned into a party of psychopaths.

“… sociopaths enjoy inflicting all manner of pain on others including financial, emotional, psychological and social.” Dr. Leedom sums it up by saying, “sociopaths are in the business of reducing people to nothing and then taking glory in their accomplishment”….”

What the GOP is currently doing to any group who is not wealthy is a form of psychological torture, plain and simple.

“…“Torture is an obscenity in that it joins what is most private with what is most public. Torture entails all the isolation and extreme solitude of privacy with none of the usual security embodied therein… Torture entails at the same time all the self-exposure of the utterly public with none of its possibilities for camaraderie or shared experience. (The presence of an all powerful other with whom to merge, without the security of the other’s benign intentions.)

A further obscenity of torture is the inversion it makes of intimate human relationships. The interrogation is a form of social encounter in which the normal rules of communicating, of relating, of intimacy are manipulated. Dependency needs are elicited by the interrogator, but not so they may be met as in close relationships, but to weaken and confuse. Independence that is offered in return for ‘betrayal’ is a lie. Silence is intentionally misinterpreted either as confirmation of information or as guilt for ‘complicity’.

Torture combines complete humiliating exposure with utter devastating isolation. The final products and outcome of torture are a scarred and often shattered victim and an empty display of the fiction of power.”…”

The Pink Flamingo is beginning to think that the GOP has a weird S&M fixation.  It is the only possible and logical explanation for what is going on within the far right.  It is strange, weird, cruel, vindictive, and brutal.   Something is terribly wrong here, when the GOP requires “pain” to force financial stability on those who are the most vulnerable, in order to “protect” those who need no protection.

“...The idea of the social contract– the idea that we have an implied responsibility to one another- is anathema to today’s Republicans. Self-reliance and Social Darwinism have been redefined as the highest social goal. If you can’t make it in America, if you can’t stay healthy, can’t find a job, and/or can’t keep a roof over your head…well, that’s just too damn bad. Obviously you’re a failure as a human being and deserving of your fate. If you just worked a little harder, you wouldn’t be in the condition you’re in. That those passing these judgments often live in the lap of luxury and know they’ll never have to worry about where their next Big Mac is coming from is as hypocritical as it is reprehensible.

By the definition of today’s GOP, compassion is synonymous with weakness as charity is with enabling sloth and indolence. If you’re unable to do for yourself, whatever your situation might be, you have no right to expect government to do for you. Ill? Disabled? Uninsured? Unemployed? That’s too bad, but it’s not the responsibility of government to do for those unable to do for themselves….”

There is something almost sadistic, evil going on within the GOP.

“...Sadism involves gaining pleasure from seeing others undergo pain or discomfort. The Opponent-Process Theory explains the way in which individuals not only display, but also take enjoyment in committing sadistic acts. Individuals possessing sadistic personalities display recurrent cruel behavior and aggression. Sadism can also include the use of physical and emotional cruelty, purposefully manipulating others through the use of fear, and a preoccupation with violence. While some sadistic individuals do gain pleasure in imposing pain and suffering upon others, sadism does not always involve the use of physical aggression or violence. More often, sadistic individuals express aggressive social behaviors and enjoy publicly humiliating others in order to achieve a sense of power over them…”

The GOP mantra seems to be that people need to feel some pain while solving our financial crises.  The perfect example is GA’s Tom Price.

“…TIM FARLEY (HOST): The payroll tax holiday is likely going away. People will likely get that increase in the deduction from your pay as of January 15, you’ll see your first paycheck, 2 percent will be gone. And I wonder if, even if you come to a solution…people are going to look at their paychecks and say, ‘I thought we solved this and look at all this money being taken out of my paycheck.

PRICE: Well, remember, step back and recognize that we’ve had four straight years of trillion dollar plus deficits, we’re $16 trillion plus dollars in debt. This doesn’t get fixed without some pain for everybody…The remarkable challenge that we have requires more work and more diligence and more pain for more individuals….”

Think Progress

The far right is acting as though the problems the US is facing, financially is a crime, and those who need help the most – the “takers” are criminals who should be punished.  It is almost like the ultra wealthy, and the politicians they control along with those who have been brainwashed to support their “side”, want to inflict some sort of retributive justice on people who have done nothing wrong.

Matt Miller penned a September Op-ed in the WPost that voices this, quite well.


The perfect example of creating pain, to force financial sensibility in a government is what Europe has done to Greece.

“…Sarkozy believes that a country going into default is not facing harsh enough consequences of its reckless spending. Sarkozy believes that doubling the people out of work in Greece is not enough punishment for the Greek people whose government has acted recklessly. Sarkozy believes that an 8% reduction in GDP over one year is not a harsh enough penalty on a country whose government that does not look after its finances properly Sarkozy believes massive tax increases on Greeks is not a big enough punishment on the Greek people whose government has borrowed recklessly

Sarkozy believes that a 23%  VAT tax on food (There is 0% VAT on food in the UK to give some perspective) is not sufficient punishment for the Greek people, whose government has mismanaged the government finances Sarkozy believe many more things but those are the ones I can think of at the moment.

So what does Sarkozy want to do to make the punishment of a people more “fair” Well clearly the punishment that is handed out by the world financial markets is not enough for Sarkozy so he has decided that it would be a good idea for the EU punish the people of a country as well.

The market is not harsh enough so Sarkozy believes the only morally correct thing to do is to “create” extra artificial punishments on a country’s people in the form of sanctions, (like Iran or Libya I imagine)….”

There is something terribly brutal, barbaric with this.  It is a pattern the Paul Ryans of the world want inflicted on the US.  It is where the ultra wealthy wind up paying very  little in the way of taxes.  Public services are gutted.  Unemployment skyrockets to nearly 25%, and employment of those under the age of 25 is 58%.  It is a world where there is no medicine, hospitals are closing, suicide is rampant, families torn apart and children left in schools with notes that their parents can no longer afford to care for them.  They are then thrust into orphanages where they go hungry and cold.

The reason?

Europe has followed the Ayn Rand, Alan Greenspan way of doing things.  Force serious retribution, punishment on countries where there are financial problems.  It is about literally killing the middle class, destroying the lower classes, and enriching the wealthy.

“…What happens when an entire political party embraces the Dark Side? How does assuming the worst of Americans, being willing to ignore the social contract, and openly working to advance the interests of the richest among us make this country a better place? Those things don’t do anything to improve America, of course, but that no longer appears to be of any concern to today’s GOP. Today’s Republicans care about two things and two things only- power and money. Our votes are valuable to them only insofar as they’re a necessary prerequisite to gaining and maintaining power. Achieving that goal requires money- lots and lots of money- which is where entities like Citizens United, Crossroads GPS, and the Koch brothers come into play. In the new Citizens United era of unlimited money without accountability or disclosure, buying democracy is far easier than it’s ever been. Republicans really aren’t any different than Democrats when it comes to desiring power and being willing to bend (or break) the rules in order to obtain and aggregate power. It’s just that Republicans have far exceeded Democrats when it comes to demonstrating that discipline, a lack of ethics, and a willingness to be purchased is the path to power these days….”

There is something going on within the ranks of the far right, the GOP that is, for want of a better explanation, pure evil.  When you have a group of individuals who wish to enforce what can only be described as debilitating and horrific punishment on a group of individuals who are less powerful, watch out!  There are societal markers that herald a certain point where the needs of the individual and the majority are tossed aside for the demands of the powerful.  When this happens, a nation reaches a point of no return.  We’ve seen it far too often during the past century.

The bitter irony of all of this is the fact that the far right, who are terrified that socialism and ‘marxism’ will bring about the destruction of the United States as we know it, are the very ones who are destroying it.  Modern Western Civilization is based upon the understanding that there are those within society who need to be protected.  The GOP’s vote on Tuesday, against the international treaty of the disabled, is proof that the far right, Republicans, conservatives, the very groups who claim to be guardians of our freedom are the very ones destroying it.

Today’s Republican Party is morphing into something truly frightening.  There are those of us who think we’re simply dealing with terminal stupidity or arrogance.  I truly hope that is what we are dealing with and not a precursor to a brutal entity where those who are not considered viable or important are literally culled from society, disenfranchised, or worse.  We’ve seen the attempt to disenfranchise.  The Pink Flamingo thinks that deplorable op-ed in the WTimes on Tuesday by Ted Nugent was a test to see how people would respond to the termination of the social security and medicare contract the feds made with the people of this country many years ago.  If it was a test, then be afraid, be very afraid.


2 thoughts on “The GOP’s Milgram Experiment

  1. Why are Social Security and Medicare the target of Republicans for cuts while they protect the tax custs for the wealthy donors. This week some business people including Republican big donors came to the White House to meet with Pres Obama. When they left the meetings, they were calling for income tax rate hikes on the top 2% which included them instead of on the backs of the poor and middle class.

    That should have sent a shiver through the House but like the election, they still don’t get it as they go merrily along thinking a change of rhetoric is the answer for the GOP. Some of the big donors are saying raise taxes and the House is saying still saying no. They won’t even pass the bill to keep the rates for the same for anyone making less than $250,000 which shows how pigheaded they have become. If you don’t keep the tax cuts for the rich then basically ‘screw’ the middle class.

    We saw the party of hate in the last election — not seeing much difference today out of the House and some stupid GOP Senators who need to sit down and shut up. Some of them I thought had crazy beliefs and now they are confirming that Ayn Rand philosophy is more important then what is best for the American people.

    Time for the ‘real’ takes which are members of Congress who keep getting the big raises, House GOP who have increased the size of their staffs along with committee staff, the DoD which they consider a sacred cow where the amount of the budget for DoD has been continually rising while they target social programs. GOP has to keep their big defense contractors happy.

    Look no further then Lexington, KY, where Lockheed Martin is building up a facility which looks to be at the request of Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Rumor has Lockheed as now getting sole source contracts to build up a facility that was part of the BRAC. Most of the work being done in KY could be done a Lockheed facilities they already have but instead they are spending big bucks for travel and moving people to Lexington. Then McConnell will go out and tout additional jobs when in fact it looks like trading sole source contracts for bringing jobs to KY and fo helping get McConnell reelected. There you have an example of today’s GOP.

    Not only did the GOP not learn a lesson from this election, but they don’t seem to have learned a lesson from the Abramhoff Scandal or ENRON. It has become all about greed and power by some in the GOP which is taking the Party down.

  2. It’s like they’ve doubled down rather than rethink.

    I’m inclined to agree with Ben Stein: that we do need to make spending cuts, but the top income brackets could do with a tax increase (they are at near historic lows, wtf?). For saying this bit of sense he has been called a “commie”.

    This is indeed setting up a class warfare scenario — but the GOP, who have been screaming the most about it, seem to be just as guilty if not more so. This is absolute madness.

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