Koch Headed Disaster in Michigan


The Pink Flamingo has a vision of Right to Work.  I have spent most of my life in SC, which is Right to Work.  I will admit that I have a tainted view of Right to Work.  Back in the mid-1980s I had a secretary who had recently moved back to SC from CA.  Her husband was union, something to do with lighting technicians with road shows and auditoriums.  He could get work for $25 an hour, which was very good for that time and location.  He wanted $45 with union benefits, so he chose not to work.  His family was on welfare, doing without.  I could never understand that mentality.  I still don’t.

I come from a staunchly anti-union background. Long story short, I have a family member who was involved in a business where the teamsters came in to unionize.  The death threats and the harassment grew so bad that the entire business was closed, with relocation out of state.

The Pink Flamingo does not like unions, but I also believe they are very much necessary.  I believe a business has a right not to be unionized if they can treat their employees decently.  If a person doesn’t want to be a member of a union, they have a right not to become a member.  With a situation like Walmart, unions are the only way.  If we did not have unions, the country would look like one of those nightmare scenarios from Sinclair Lewis.

The problem with the libertarian world today is that the new robber barons like the Koch Brothers, Walmart, etc. want what every business wants – to maintain as tight a bottom line as possible. There is nothing wrong with this.  Where it becomes wrong, though, is when the obsession to become wealthier and wealthier while literally destroying the lives of those working for them. The Randian, libertarian way is to suck the life-blood out of those who are not fortunate enough to work for someone else.

The Kochs were behind the debacle in Wisconsin. They are now behind the anti-union activity in Michigan.  The new right to work law in Michigan is directly from the Koch playbook.

PR Watch

Americans for Prosperity suffered a bit of a set back.  It seems their tent was attacked, by those evil union organizers a tea party freak wearing an freedomworks button.  Naturally Breitbart has it all on film, appropriately edited, of course.

PR Watch

“...A commenter (av8tor17b ) concurs with Duckworth, writing, “I was physically there this morning and talked to the AFP people before the tents came down. This gentleman is correct- it was a guy with a “freedomworks” button, who was standing IN the AFP tent this morning, who caused the tent to fall.”

Duckworth agreed that it was an attempt by AFP to provoke violence or take advantage of the situation in order to blame the protesters for the tent going down, since AFP were clearly outnumbered (that happens when your cause is not a real grassroots movement).

AFP tried everything to get pro-right to work people to come out to the rally including using their Koch dollars to bribe the unwashed and deluded Fox News masses with free food, drink, and $25 gift cards.

Of course the press was there before the mounted police (who needs the mounted police by the paid instigators of the law that’s causing the ruckus, eh?), and so another meme is created and fulfilled for the plutocrats and their PR outlet at Fox News.

This has all of the usual shades of the secret Walker audio tape in which he discussed planting disruptors to blame on unions in Wisconsin….”

I really don’t give a rip either way with this one, other than the fact that the Kochs are involved.  If this were simply normal political give and take, The Pink Flamingo would say that’s life in the fast lane. The problem is we’re not dealing with normal or normal times.  We’re watching something very disturbing begin to evolve here.

Wisconsin was one thing.  Now we’re dealing with yet another state.  Is that how they’re going to do it, state by state.  These people are allegedly worth about $52 billion bucks or so.  With absolutely  no constraints on how much can be spent, and just about every Republican in the country willing to prostitute him/herself for the big bucks, there is no stopping their Randian vision of the makers destroying the so called little people.

It’s not about the unions, it’s about the Koch Brothers and their card-board cut-out James Bond style villainous attempt to literally take over this country.  No, not like that, but they appear to be wanting to remake it in their own image.  We’d best remember their father was one of the founders of the John Birch Society.

The Pink Flamingo doesn’t like their idea of what this nation should be it is a violation of everything we hold dear in this country. Any Republican who pretends to think they are doing a great service for the country, is lying to him/her self.  What they are doing is a perversion of what this nation is all about!


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  1. I talked to my niece, who lives in Michigan, by phone last night. I asked her about the current situation. I thought I would pass along what she had to say. I thought Pink Flamingo readers might be interested in some surprising comments from someone who lives 20 miles from Lansing.(Please note. These are not my opinions) My niece is a Democrat, pro-Obama and does not appear overly biased and no, she does not watch Fox News. She said it has its pros and cons, but on the whole she is glad to see Michigan become a right to work state. Unions have become so powerful it is almost impossible to get rid of an undesirable worker. A person can come to work stoned, goof off, do anything they want to and they can’t be fired without fighting the big union lawyers. This was the reason for the mass layoffs of teachers some time ago. It was a way of getting rid of the incompetents and hiring back those they wanted. But this is where things get sticky. If a company unionizes, a person will not have to pay union dues, but will get all the benefits of the union, insurance etc., without paying for it. The power of the unions will be broken because they will not have the money to be as politically active as they once were……. She thinks Obamacare is going to be good, once all the problems are ironed out. She knows people who are struggling because they have no health insurance and can’t get insurance. She knows a person who just got health insurance with a $7,000.00 deductible. This doesn’t sound good to many of us, but it is health insurance and he is pleased and happy to get it. And this may or may not be good news for all you Republicans. She says she likes the Republican governor very much. She doesn’t agree with him on all issues, but said he gets the job done. She says she is not worried about the Koch Brothers.

  2. Thank you. It is good to have a ‘boots on the ground’ report. I know what it is to deal with a high deductible. Mine is $5000! I look at the union thing both ways, and tend to lean right to work.


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