A Symptom of the GOP’s Collapse


A few years ago, the Democratic Party was considered DOA. Democrats learned from their mistakes.  They went introspective.  They came up with a dynamic young candidate who has blown the GOP out of the water.  While this was going on, even though the Dems have the appearance of going left, they’ve moved to the center.  They reflect a young President who appears to be left, but is more an Eisenhower Republican than a McGovern Democrat.

Those infamous leftist Democrats we hear so much about, have basically left the Democratic Party or have been neutralized.  The dirty little secret is that, as the GOP has become more and more libertarian extreme, Republicans have been leaving the party in astonishing numbers.

The GOP likes to point to the growing numbers for the GOP, the past few years.  The problem with those numbers is the fact that they are NOT Republicans, rather libertarians, and extremist conservatives who have never identified with a regular political party in their lives.  They are the new Republicans.  The Republicans who have been pushed out of the party have either become independents or Democrats. The real problem the Democrats are having now is the fact that Republicans, who are joining the Democrats, are rapidly moderating it, to the point where the rank and file party is left of center.  The rank and file GOP is extreme right of center.

One of the hallmarks of an extremist is the inability for introspection or critical thinking.  When The Pink Flamingo says critical thinking, I’m talking about the ability to critique oneself and those around them.  An educated and reasonable person should possess the ability to look at both sides of an issue using viable data, and come to a decision after thoughtful consideration.  The problem with the far right, as with the far left, is the inability to do just that.  It is set in concrete, all black and white with no shades of gray.

You must be willing to say ‘I am wrong’, and go from there.  To be unable to possess that quality is to close one’s mind, completely.  A closed mind is  trap, not only for that mind, or everyone around it.  Traps capture and destroy.

If a person is unable to think critically, then they can’t grow and evolve.  If you can’t grow, then you stagnate. The far right is stagnating.  The libertarians, tea partiers, Birchers, and social cons who now control the agenda are incapable of allowing other ideas into the conversation.  They are so closed, they cannot even allow different points of view.  When you cannot allow different points of view, you wither and die.

The current inhabitants of the extreme end of the GOP are so lacking in history and so lacking in understanding of what the GOP is, that they cannot even comprehend that they may not be correct.  They are so insulated and so ill-informed that they are incapable of even allowing for the fact that theirs is not the version of the story.  They cannot even comprehend that they are the minority, pushing the party farther and farther to the right.

Anyone who doesn’t agree with them is a socialist. It’s that plain and simple.  In damning the majority of America as socialist, they are making fools of themselves and destroying the GOP.

They are incapable of compromise.  They are right and everyone else, no matter who, is wrong.  Facts don’t matter.  All that matters is their vaulted opinions of themselves and their damning opinions of everyone else.  It is not a good combination.  It is a recipe for disaster.

Not only have they alienated the vast majority of American voters, they are now in the process of alienating the majority of Republicans.  When a party is made of up of middle aged white men, something is very wrong.   The problem is, this group of middle aged white men are incapable of even considering the possibility that they are wrong.

Middle aged white men aren’t even the majority in this country.  They’re not even a healthy minority.  You can’t build a party based on terribly flawed, incompetent, and extremists candidates chosen by Jim DeMint, Americans for Prosperity, Rush Limbaugh, Fox Tabloid News, Glenn Beck, and Freedom Works.  If the new Republican “majority” is incapable of even accepting this provable fact, then they are incapable of surviving.

Poor little scared white men….




One thought on “A Symptom of the GOP’s Collapse

  1. I’m not so sure it’s even a majority of middle aged white men…there’s a more selective criterion going on here. I think they try to hide themselves in the ranks of “middle aged white men” in order to say they represent a group and give themselves some sort of grassroots cachet…but they are not representative of that group as it is more diverse than they are. This is pure ideology at work.

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