Bobby Jindal’s Big Fat Can of Worms


Bobby Jindal has a WSJ editorial that is approachable only via their pay-wall.  The Pink Flamingo refuses to patronize any product owned by News Corp, so forget about a link.

Let’s just say that Jindal has opened a big fat can of worms that has nothing to do with birth control.

“…Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is calling for over-the-counter, oral contraception sales, arguing that such a move would take a potent political issue away from Democrats. “As a conservative Republican, I believe that we have been stupid to let the Democrats demagogue the contraceptives issue and pretend, during debates about health care insurance, that Republicans are somehow against birth control,” Jindal wrote in The Wall Street Journal. “It’s a disingenuous political argument they make.”…”

I don’t know if the Louisiana governor even knows what he has done or what he wrote, and the implications of it.  There is a very simple reason birth control pills are not over the counter.  A woman must go to her physician, or a clinic in order to secure a prescription.  That’s where the real expense lies, not in the medication, but the phone call, office visit, etc.   Do you think state medical associations are going to relinquish control of such a profitable scam?

You want a prescription for birth control pills?  First,  you set up an appointment with your physician, and pay for that.  You take time for an office visit, and pay for a PAP smear you don’t need.  You are told to have a mammogram you probably don’t need.  If you are 40, they give you a baseline test for menopause.  You are also told to lose weight, you may be a diabetic if you don’t, you need a baseline colon exam, lose weight, take these meds that may kill you, and oh, yes, the bill is going to be at least $600!

Now – you want to know why the process is so expensive?

It is the process!

The entire “preventative” yearly medical check-up could also be a total waste of time, recent studies have shown.

“…Why? Danish researchers studied 14 long-term trials (with a median follow up of nine years) involving 182,880 people, some of whom were offered general health checks and some who were not. Nine of the trials found no differences in the number of deaths during the study period between the groups, including deaths from heart disease or cancer, two conditions that are most commonly assessed during checkups. Overall, the analysis failed to find any differences on hospital admissions, disability, worry, specialist referrals, additional visits to doctors or time off work. One trial did find a 20% increase in diagnoses among those getting more frequent health checks, and others recorded an increase in the number of participants using drugs for hypertension, but these did not translate into better health outcomes….”

In fact, studies going back at least 10 years are showing the same thing.  In fact, the whole requirement for annual check-ups, including an annual GYN check-up, is costing the US a fortune.  Studies show that it is not worth the cost.   In fact, a woman only  needs a PAP smear every three years or so, not annually.


Here in New Mexico, you must have a prescription renewed every year.  If I were to break my glasses, and need a new pair, I can’t even get one until I have an eye exam.  That’s a scam.  It’s like the guidelines about reducing sodium intake that cause more harm than do good.

We have a “crises” on our hands because the medical community has redefined a few things, promoted others, and generally harmed the American people. One must make a yearly trip to their office, fork out a pile of money to get prescriptions for conditions that probably are not chronic, nor you would even have, if the criteria for these conditions had not been revised, to sell more meds and cause more doctor visits.
Blood Pressure
Heart Disease
Prostate Cancer

There is one check-up you need, twice a year – a full body dermatologist scan for melanoma.  It costs sixty bucks. Any nevis that could turn into melanoma needs to be removed. You do that, and  you prevent one of the deadliest cancers.  Other than that, if you don’t have genetic predispositions for certain diseases and conditions, get as far as you can from your friendly, neighborhood physician!

You want to know why all things medical are destroying the budget, killing us, and taking over the nation?  Go look in the mirror!  If we start demanding certain medications that have been in use for decades are put over the counter, we start saving money. Big Pharma will start losing money.  We can’t have that… so nothing will change.

I don’t know about you, but The Pink Flamingo almost expects the far right to come out and defend Big Pharma from any sort of rational over the counter sales of numerous medications.  We can’t have the rich not getting richer.

Isn’t that what it’s all about?