The Cheapening of Life in America


The Pink Flamingo is tired of the left wringing their hands over gun control.  If a person is determined to take a life, they are going to do so, unless stopped.  The Far Right is acting like a bunch of total and complete fools right now.  They know they are 100% wrong on this one, and can’t quite deal with the consequences of being caught with their hand in the NRA tip jar.  I would like to say that no one is to blame for the horrors  of Friday, but there is blame to go around, aplenty.

Rush Limbaugh says that our culture is dying. I think the words uttered by blond, SNL bimbo Victoria Jackson proves his point.

“..“I meant that the grieving I feel for the Newtown children and parents is the same grieving I feel for aborted fetuses,” the ultra-conservative pundit tells The Huffington Post. “Obama is milking this for political reasons. We need no more gun laws but should rather enforce the ones we have.”…”

Then again, how Rush would know much of anything about our culture is indicative of how pathetic our culture really is.  Someone wrote that the problem is narcissism.  Mike Huckabee thinks it is because God has been removed from schools.  I hate to tell him this, but as far as I’m concerned, God has been removed from schools since I was a little kid and molested by my elementary school principle who had a father who was a Baptist minister.

“...The only answer is to follow the other societal coping mechanism, which is to tone down the sexual stimulation, encourage chastity and modesty. Our society has conveniently thrown that away as well. We have to restore it…”  Judson Phillips

Before I go any farther, does the far right have anything on its mind other than sex?

“…In a National Review Online post, author Charlotte Allen followed the lead of other right-wing media figures by suggesting that the deaths at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut were the result of a “feminized setting” in which “helpless passivity is the norm.”

As The Nation’s Jessica Valenti noted, Allen also suggested that “some of the huskier 12-year-old boys” at the school could have attacked the shooter and altered the outcome of the event.

Similarly, Newsweek and Daily Beast special correspondent Megan McArdle wrote that people, even children, should be trained to “gang rush” active shooters, in contradiction to expert opinion on how best to handle such situations….”

The truly disturbing thing about all of this is the fact that the slaughter of the innocents is more about the cheapening of human life than the devaluation of our culture. They are not the same thing.  Until “recently” human life has always been “cheap”.  Anyone who thinks that this is not true should check out the history of the rise of Nazi Germany along with the treatment of the Jewish and Romany peoples.

The cheapening of life in this country comes to you, direct from the very individuals who claim to treasure life the most, as long as that life has yet to be born.  Once that life appears, for real, they don’t give a damn about it, especially if that person happens to be gay.

“…Tea Party Nation head Judson Phillips sent out an email to members yesterday featuring an article by TPN member Timothy Birdnow attacking teachers over the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. He said that parents must “take away the power of the radicals in the classrooms” and lawmakers must introduce right to work laws to cripple teachers’ unions. He says liberals “destroyed the family” and encouraged the shooter to be “coddled all his life, given free rein to indulge his senses but not to face the responsibilities that freedom necessitates… He lived in a world of the Progressives making, not in reality.” Birdnow even suggests that President Obama will use the shooting to “to advance the cause of disarming the American People” and argue that people like George Zimmerman (!) should be guarding schools….”

Think Progress

Then there is corporate greed.  When The Pink Flamingo worked in a department store, I always volunteered to work on federal holidays.  We had time and a half overtime!  Today, though, with high unemployment, business can take advantage of their workers, demanding they work for less, and when they want them to work.  Once upon a time, it was a give and take world, with both sides working together.  Forget that.

“...Ten years ago it would have been unheard of for McDonalds to be open on Christmas. Twenty years ago, almost everything except the gas stations and convenience stores were closed on Christmas. Today, corporate profits rule every decision. So more and more employees will spending the holiday at work.

Conservatives bemoan the death of the family unit in this country, but they never acknowledge the damage that corporate greed, which they champion as free market capitalism, is doing to our society. Liberals aren’t destroying families. Corporations like McDonalds are making sure that family memories are made by placing their thirst for every last penny of profit that they can squeeze out of the consumer ahead of what is good for the community that they profit from.

McDonalds has become the modern Ebenezer Scrooge that is prepared to send thousands of minimum wage Bob Cratchits out to work on Christmas Day without even so much as a penny of overtime pay….”

The Far Right has been taken over by a group of very nasty white supremacists.  Their little darling, Michelle Malkin, is a FOX Tabloid News regular, where she is paid quite a bit to be charming and spew her special brand of racism.  As long as she is anti-abortion, it’s fine!

It is as though the GOP has managed to turn back the arms of time, to the days leading up to World War II, where life, even in this country, was very cheap.  It wasn’t until after we realized the great horrors of that war, did civilized man (and woman) begin to endeavor to bring value to all the people of the world, even minorities who were considered little more than cannon fodder.

Throughout history life has been very cheap.  For a time, the world was different.  But now, thanks to the influence of Ayn Rand, previously honorable individuals don’t appear do comprehend that the very ideals they embrace, are being degraded by the very individuals who pretend to worship them.

ARRA News Service

“...It appears that many Progressives are determined to abridge guarantees of free speech, free press, and to prohibit the free exercise of religion, eviscerating the guarantees of the First Amendment. Many propose to infringe the Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms and repeal other elements of the Bill of Rights. There are clear mechanisms for so doing, within the Constitution itself, by amendment if the requisite supermajorities can be persuaded. It is reprehensible for advocates to do violence to all of our civil liberties by, instead, disregarding unambiguous guarantees of some.….”

I gather there are numerous members of the far right who agree with this.  The problem here, is the very trampling of the rights of the innocents who were slaughtered.  Did they not have a right to life, liberty, etc. etc. etc?

The far right is so busy defending their guns that they don’t comprehend they have lost their humanity.  The bitter irony here is that by looking only at the Bill of Rights, they have managed to forget what those rights are all about.  They also forget that many of those very “rights” were authored by men who had absolutely no problem buying and selling human beings.  Many of the men who signed the Constitution and Declaration of Independence did not even consider people of a different race than theirs to be human.  They slaughtered the native peoples of this new world.  They felt that women were to be awarded only a few more “rights” than those who could be bought and sold.

If we were to base our civilization on the very acts and views of the men who authored these great documents, then women would not be allowed to vote.  A white person, male or female could be put in jail for teaching a person of another race to read or write.  Thomas Jefferson was a brutal slave master, who thought nothing of buying and purchasing another human, punishing them, and destroying families.

No wonder the GOP, having been radicalized by individuals who appear to be abjectly ignorant of our past, is basically jumping the shark.  When these tea party libertarians wish to inflict their version of freedom on us, they seem forget our freedom comes from very flawed men who managed to rise above their human frailties and create something magnificent.  They are in the process of ruining, for a generation the essence of these flawed but great men and women created by their blind devotion to ideals that are being promoted in order to maintain the status quo.

The Pink Flamingo has finally come to the realization that the far right has gone full circle.  They have become almost insultingly brutal about the role of women in the world. Their treatment of Barack Obama is blatantly racist. There is a certain group of men and women who don’t believe in paying taxes, and would be willing to slaughter their fellow citizens to bring about their version of freedom.

In other words, the far right is willing to let people, including children die, in order to maintain their version of freedom.  They don’t give a damn about the individual.  In other words – they’ve morphing into the women hating, racial bigots who helped create the very documents they worship.

If we follow the far right 2nd Amendment lovers to the logical conclusion of their thinking, back to “original” intent, then:

  • Women would not be allowed to vote
  • Women would not be allowed to own property
  • Slavery would still be legal
  • It would be illegal to educate people of color
  • It would be legal to beat one’s wife
  • A man could confine his wife to an institution for life, and take everything she owned
  • No laws prohibiting abuse of children
  • Only white men would be allowed to be full citizens.

Oh, wait, isn’t that what the GOP is trying to do today, thanks to the extreme influence of the libertarians, religious right, and the John Birch Society?

The reason the “militia” clause is in the Bill of Rights is because when this country was founded, we were broke.  We couldn’t afford to arm our troops, if we had any.  During the Revolutionary War, the militias were expected to provide their own guns and powder.  The newly formed nation lived in fear of another war with Great Britain, one with Spain, and didn’t quite trust France.  They also feared invasions by the native population.  In the south, plantations lived in fear of a slave revolt.

At the time of the writing of the Second Amendment, guns that could shoot a billion rounds in a nanosecond were not even thought possible, not even thought of at all.  A person had to dump powder into the gun, add a ball, push it down with a rod, and keep their fingers crossed that it didn’t misfire.  Knowing the restraint many of the writers had for things, I suspect there would be an entirely different Second Amendment!