Far Right Tax Stupidity & Billionaire Worship


I think now we know why the far right minions of the GOP are so totally and completely out of touch.  They don’t quite get the fact that the Grover Norquist way is nothing less than the far right socialist version of redistributing wealth, upward, not downward.  This is one of those posts where The Pink Flamingo has been collecting for several weeks. Sometimes you need to look at the big picture, to realize what is going on.

“…“We know that our big problem is too much spending,” Representative Louie Gohmert, Republican of Texas, said on Fox News last week, explaining his opposition to Mr. Boehner’s plan. “We know that President Reagan fell into the trap and President George H.W. Bush fell in the trap of ‘Here, just raise taxes on somebody, and we’ll come along with the cuts later.’”…”

Is the problem JUST too much spending, or something far more devious?

Let’s start with this:

“…As the Century Foundation’s Benjamin Landy explained, “In 1952, the corporate income tax accounted for about one third of of all federal tax revenue. But, over the years, U.S. multinationals have devised increasingly complex tax avoidance schemes, far beyond the ability of the IRS to credibly monitor or enforce. Although the corporate tax rate was also lowered significantly in 1986, tax avoidance is one of primary reasons why corporate taxes supply less than 9 percent of federal revenues today.”

Between 2008 and 2011, dozens of multinational corporations paid no corporate income tax at all, despite making billions in profits. In 2011, the effective tax rate paid by American corporations fell to 12.1 percent, a forty-year low….”

It is about wealth re-distribution, all right. But, instead of the typical socialist plan, of redistributing downward, this GOP version of serfdom redistributes upward, impoverishing the middle class, destroying it so their billionaire boys club can get away with fiscal murder.

Daily Kos

According to former NM GOP Senator, Pete Domenici, both parties are to blame.  The real problem in Washington is there are now very few Pete Domenicis.  They have been replaced by Rand Pauls and Jim DeMints – God Help Us All!

“…Mr. Domenici, the New Mexico Republican who played a significant role in negotiating the 1990 deal, which he regarded as necessary to reduce federal deficits, left the Senate in 2009. But he has continued to advocate a similar approach as a co-chairman of a commission organized by the Bipartisan Policy Center that called for a mix of revenue increases and spending cuts to stabilize the federal debt.

He said he was frustrated by the reflexive opposition of conservatives to any kind of tax increase, but he added that Democrats had also shown little willingness to negotiate necessary cuts in spending on federal entitlement programs.

“There has been a hardening in the Democratic line, too,” he said. “There isn’t any Democrat in here that is going to help with these cuts.”…”

What is food inflation and why should we the little people worry?

Fire Dog Lake

The only reason Grover Norquist is in business is because he is literally bought paid for and owned by a couple of billionaires who want to be subsidized by the Federal Government.  They think they are better than everyone else and should not be required to pay the same tax percentage rate as everyone else.

Trade the Cycles

That’s the problem.  Norquist is doing the bidding of his overlords and masters, those who pay his bills.  At one time, his tax ideas were laudable.  They have now become laughable, along with Norquist.

“...The idea that large profitable corporations like WalMart uses taxpayer dollars to subsidize their payrolls and pad their profits because they pay employees slave wages is an outrage. Very few Americans would deny giving food and healthcare assistance to those in need, but when WalMart earns record profits and supports Republicans working to slash food stamps and Medicaid, taxpayers have a right to demand that WalMart pay their employees a living wage. If WalMart paid every one of their 1.4 million employees an additional $5,000 per year, besides lifting their employees out of poverty and over the low-income threshold, they would still make over $7 billion in profits for themselves and their shareholders. Additionally, by elevating the retail worker’s wages, more dollars would flow into local businesses, tax revenue would increase without raising taxes, there would be lower unemployment, and cities could hire more teachers, fire fighters, and police officers.

However, WalMart will not raise employee wages because they know taxpayers will make up the difference that costs them $2.66 billion annually in food stamps and Medicaid. WalMart’s intentionally low wages cost the country hundreds-of-millions of dollars in payroll tax deductions, restrict communities ability to hire and retain important public service workers,  cost over $1.02 billion a year in healthcare costs, and $225 million in free and reduced price school lunches. As WalMart increases its wealth, its workers live in poverty and taxpayers subsidize WalMart’s payroll, and their profits….”

National Memo

There is this fake theory that lower taxes bring about more jobs.  Right?


When I worked in a department store, I always volunteered to work holidays – time and a half over time! It was always understood if you worked on a federal holiday, you raked in the cash.

Politicus USA

Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital is furious because he is paying 45% in income taxes. He is paying the top rates for both Federal and for the honor of living in Connecticut. He could relocate to a state where there was no income tax and be absolved from such a high amount, but let’s face it, living in the burbs in Connecticut is a bit different from the burbs of Texas or Florida.

“...First of all, I’m in the top two percent. Right now, I’m paying 45% of my total income in income taxes, both to the state of Connecticut and to the federal government, and if you take the 3% Medicare tax. After the tax hikes go into effect next year, more than half — more than half of my total income is going to go to the government. You tell me, what’s fair about that when medieval serfs pay 25%, I’m paying half? I don’t care what the majority voted to do, they don’t have a right to steal my money just because they vote for it….”

Compare this to another version of the story.

“…At 70, Frank White isn’t a typical first-time home buyer. But a key reason he ditched his Altadena apartment and bought a three-bedroom house in nearby Pasadena has been common for decades: He wanted the tax break.

“I pay very high taxes, and I have no deductions,” said White, who owns an apartment rental business with his two brothers. Now, after purchasing the $500,000 home in November, he’s looking forward to writing off the interest on his 30-year mortgage.

But the longtime tax break could face major changes as Washington policymakers search for ways to reduce the deficit as part of the debate on the so-called fiscal cliff. And that’s sending shivers through home buyers such as White and much of the housing industry.

“My deductions are important to me, what few I have,” White said. “We need to go after the corporations that don’t pay a … cent. Let’s go after those guys first. But leave me alone.”

The home mortgage interest deduction is one of the most cherished in the U.S. tax code. It’s also one of the most expensive, estimated to cost the federal government $100 billion this fiscal year….”

We have reached the point in our society, a tipping point, where a very small group of men (and they are all white and 99.9% men) have become so very rich, and so very powerful that they are like feudal lords – beyond the law and beyond reproach.  They are so wealthy that they hire their private armies, politicians and the media, to maintain their position in their very limited little world.  They are so wealthy that they can hire people to influence the vote.

“…Republicans continue to embrace the no-new-taxes stand as a centerpiece of the party’s identity, even in the face of public opinion that strongly supports tax increases on high incomes. And some Republicans fear that the party’s commitment to prevent tax increases more and more is coming at the expense of those other, older kinds of fiscal responsibility.

“Republicans used to be interested in not running continual rivers of red ink,” said former Representative William Frenzel, a Minnesota Republican who as the ranking member of the House Budget Committee in 1990 helped to negotiate the deficit deal. “If that meant raising taxes a little bit, we always raised taxes a little bit. But nowadays taxes are like leprosy and they can’t be used for anything, and so Republicans have denied themselves any bargaining power.”

The resulting debate has created perhaps the greatest test of the tax stand in the last two decades. Republicans who are willing to accept tax increases as part of a broader deal are pitted against a conservative wing, restocked by the Tea Party wave of 2010, that insists that opposition to tax increases is particularly important at times like these, when the temptation is greatest to avoid spending cuts by asking Americans for just a little more. Many in the antitax camp come from deeply conservative districts and were re-elected by wide margins….”

National Memo

There is no doubt that we are witnessing the rise of modern day feudalism.  The Pink Flamingo is something of an expert when it comes to the history of feudalism in Europe, England in particular.  This is not intended as a historiographic discussion about the merits of feudalism, did it, or did it not actually exist.  It is not a discussion about the Marxist definition of economic feudalism, but an analogy based on the fief, overlord, serf system, where the wealth and power of a community, region, and kingdom were held in the grip of those who could hold them.  The only way that grip was loosened was via death.

Feudal lords became a law all their own.  They had the power of life and death over a vassal.  They took what they want, destroyed who they wanted to destroy, and were rarely answerable to anyone.  The object of their lives was to perpetuate their wealth and power.  They destroyed anyone in their way who attempted to stop them.

Today’s billionaire has become a travesty of wealth and power.  Their lives are so removed from reality that they do nothing but seek to preserve their wealth and power by any means possible.  Rightly, they don’t want to pay taxes.  No one does.  But – they are even perpetuating the old myth that the wealthy feudal lords maintained power by squeezing the life out of their serf subjects by taking everything they had, for taxes.  By taking every cent the lower ranks had for taxes rendered them helpless, dependent upon the rich and powerful, for everything, including their very lives.

One of the reasons this nation was founded was to prevent this sort of thing from happening gain.  The truly bitter irony of this is that the new feudal billionaire is using the patriotism of the far right against the nation, as a whole.  They are manipulating and twisting the patriotism of good men and women against everything that is great about this country.

Via their manipulations, the cowardly Republicans of the House and Senate have become clueless.  Yes, we need to cut spending, but more is needed.  We would not be in this financial mess if these same billionaires who want everything, were paying the same tax percentage rate as everyone else.