Are Woodward & Bernstein Getting Ready to Watergate Rupert Murdoch?


If I were Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, I would be afraid, very afraid.  When the dynamic duo who brought down Richard Nixon turn their guns on someone, it’s over.  They’re now going after Murdoch.  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and God Bless Us Everyone, Live Long and Prosper!

“...So now we have it: what appears to be hard, irrefutable evidence of Rupert Murdoch’s ultimate and most audacious attempt – thwarted, thankfully, by circumstance – to hijack America’s democratic institutions on a scale equal to his success in kidnapping and corrupting the essential democratic institutions of Great Britain through money, influence and wholesale abuse of the privileges of a free press….”

Guardian UK

There are certain individuals in this world who deserve the entire Epic Fail.  Rupert Murdoch is one of them. While there are new tales that Murdoch has become increasingly senile and incompetent, there are other versions of the tale.

“...Politicians around the world were once obliged to pay their respects to the “Dirty Digger” if they hoped to succeed electorally. When he purchased a newspaper or television network his ultra conservative bias would replace whatever he found when he got there. Believe it or not, the New York Post was once a liberal publication (which would make more sense in New York City than the right-wing, money-losing rag that Murdoch transformed it into). The once revered Wall Street Journal always had a conservative opinion page, but since Murdoch’s acquisition the news section has abandoned its thoughtful, long-form journalism in favor of something more of the “yellow” variety.

However, in recent months the Murdochian monarchy seems to have been sapped of its power. There has been none of the reverential genuflecting to the man whose anointment was once compulsory. There has been scant evidence of his presence in the political backrooms where influence is administered. Part of the reason for this apparent weakening of his reign may be the fact that he continues to be embroiled in a consuming scandal in the U.K. that began with the discovery that his reporters were hacking into the phones and computers of hundreds of people, including celebrities, politicians, and even a murdered schoolgirl. The scandal has expanded to include charges of bribery and corruption in Murdoch’s newsrooms as well as British government and police operations.

But those affairs, as troubling as they are, do not fully explain Murdoch’s receding influence. The GOP candidates for president all but ignored Murdoch in 2012. And his presence amongst opinion makers has been negligible. More significant is the fact that his own news enterprises are openly rejecting his counsel….”

The Pink Flamingo has told you, repeatedly, that the only reason Mitt Romney was nominated was because of Rupert Murdoch and FOX News. His meddling in British politics is still causing shock-waves that one time threatened to bring down the Cameron government.   He also attempted to do the same thing here, purchase the White House, using David Petraeus as his candidate of choice.

The problem of FOX Tabloid News is the fact that the individuals who watch it are increasingly removed from any other source of information.  Like The Pink Flamingo once did, they rely only on FOX, believing that FOX was indeed being honest and honorable with “facts”.  The problem with any new information that comes out is the fact that the FOX devoted, will never believe it.

Raw Story

“...The producers at Fox must be so proud of the prejudice they inspire with their overtly hateful coverage of any subject that deals with Muslims. Their scandal mongering a couple of years ago about the Park51 Islamic Center in Manhattan was evidence of just how biased the network is against Muslims. And numerous Fox anchors and guests have engaged in the slander that all Muslims are terrorists, or that all terrorists are Muslim.

This is a particularly interesting display of prejudice considering that the largest shareholder of News Corp outside of the Murdoch family (and a financier of Park51) is the Muslim Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal of Saudi Arabia. However, there are numerous examples of Fox News taking positions that are in stark contrast to CEO Rupert Murdoch’s publicly stated views. Either Murdoch’s control has been usurped by Roger Ailes or he has become senile and incognizant – or both.

It should not be surprising that one of their loyal viewers decided to commit what he thinks is an act of patriotism. After driving into their heads the notion that Muslims are America’s enemies, even when they are American citizens, congressmen, or soldiers, Fox’s audience has become indoctrinated by the prejudice that gushes from the network’s broadcasts. Now we know that a member of that audience has taken the next step in manifesting the hate that Fox manufactures. And it cannot be explained away as a legal tactic to avoid responsibility because he already pleaded guilty.

This is not the first time something like this has happened either. There was the story about a woman who threatened to fire all of her black employees if they voted for Obama, and she wrote “KKK” on their time cards. Her excuse? “I think I got crazy with FOX News, watching too much FOX News.” And there were at least two maniacs inspired by Fox’s Glenn Beck (here and here)….”

Let’s be honest here.  When you are as rich and powerful as Rupert Murdoch, nothing is going to stop you, save for fate.  No one is going to bring you down, lay a finger on you, or even slow you down, just a little.  Murdoch will continue to meddle in politics here in the US.  It is a nice fantasy to think that something might end is reign of terror, bit it isn’t going to happen.  With people like him, it never does, and it never will.