Really Cool Science Links!


The Pink Flamingo has not been as religious about keeping up with science links as I should.  There have been some incredible science stories this year.  The most fun was watching the idiotic New Age crowd once again make abject fools of themselves with their usual voices of doom.  Is it possible, after this latest New Age apocalypse con, that we can dump the idiocy and get back to some hard science.

Were the ancients compassionate?

I know it is a contradiction in terms, but the biggest “hard science” story for 2013 may just be the fact that the bigfoot genome has been completely mapped.  From what I’ve heard of what is happening with the forensics behind the story,a whole lot of people could end up very angry!  Speaking of which, what are the top retracted science studies of 2012?  There are some who believe the discovery that Asparagus prevents hangovers may be the top story of the year!

If Eczma is genetic, which parent do I blame?  The research sure makes a heck of a lot of sense to me!

Ramesses III was murdered by having his throat slit..

Extinct, giant eagles provide a logical explanation for my extreme bird phobia.  Yes, I know it is ironic that The Pink Flamingo is terrified of birds.

What a name: Pannoniasaurus inexpectatus!

Science fiction that became science reality.

Happy Coelacanth Discovery Day!

The helium shortage.

Weirdest Star Trek costumes.

Why are some people still uncomfortable having women as ministers, priests and rabbis?

It sounds like a bad SciFi Channel movie:  Megapiranah!

The pagan roots of Christmas.

Did dinosaurs taste just like chicken?

The hottest space porn of 2012! (Get your mind out of the gutter, it’s not THAT kind of porn!)