The Far Right Power to Destroy


There comes a time when organizations, ideologies, or groups of individuals reach a certain critical mass, where they are no longer a offering anything positive, and possess only the power to destroy.  We saw this happen to ACORN a few years ago. After doing a tremendous amount of good for people, the organization fell apart from within, because of corrupt extreme ideology.  In many ways, it reflected everything that was bad about the left, and the Democratic Party in general:  corrupt from the inside, out, rotten, and sour.

Something happened, somehow, with a wake-up call from within.  Decent, “normal” Democrats faced up to the problem in their ranks, and very quietly made life a little bit difficult for far left irrational idiots.  There is a difference between having a hard left or right ideology and being an irrational idiot.  You know the type:  Rush Limbaugh, Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Michael Medved, the Brother’s Koch, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Rick Santorum, Allan West, etc. There is a difference between being a far left or right idiot and being a bottom feeder.  Unfortunately, all of the previously mentioned, are bottom feeders.

To the list of bottom feeders I would add Sheldon Adelson, Karl Rove, Roger Ailes, Rupert Murdoch, Rahm Emmanuel, Code Pink, the NRA, Libertarian-Republicans, Cato, and just about anyone in the anti-immigration world.  Unfortunately, the worst of the bottom-feeders are far right:  John Birchers, CofCC, Stormfront, American Renaissance, Michelle Malkin, Larry Pratt, Pat Buchanan, ALL tea partiers, Americans for Prosperity, John Tanton, Mark, Steyn, Mark Kirkorian, Pam Geller, James Dobson, Ralph Reed, Bryan Fischer, Heritage Foundation, just about any organization that has the words patriot, liberty, heritage, family, or just about any ‘Christian’, in them. The far right, libertarian bottom feeders grossly outnumber the far left bottom feeders.

The Pink Flamingo doesn’t believe in using political clout to destroy an individual.  I find humorous the left’s attempts to unseat Rush Limbaugh.  He is going to take himself out with his arrogance, his dying sponsorships, and the fact that Bain Capital is going to vulture capital Clear Channel.   I find absolutely deplorable, disgusting, and dangerous the fact that the far right is trying to destroy a Piers Morgan.

No, I’ve never really watched more than 5 minutes of his show.  I find the far right petition to have him deported, for exercising his freedom of speech, the same that Mark Steyn does, on an annoying basis. You don’t see the left trying to get Steyn deported.  Why bother?  He’s a sore-headed jerk.  So, why bother taking out Piers Morgan?

“...Can a foreign-born political commentator be deported for making political comments? That’s the question — and the goal — of more than 60,000 Americans who have signed a petition to deport British journalist Piers Morgan for his outspoken views on gun control. On a recent episode of his CNN series Piers Morgan Tonight, Morgan called guest Larry Pratt, the executive director of Guns Owners for America, “dangerous” and “an unbelievably stupid man” for arguing that the U.S. needs more guns to fight gun violence. Pratt responded by calling Morgan “morally obtuse.” (Watch a video of the heated exchange below.) The subsequent petition to get Morgan deported, which was started by “Kurt N” from Austin, Texas, argues that Morgan is “engaged in a hostile attack against the U.S. Constitution by targeting the Second Amendment” and “[demands] that Mr. Morgan be deported immediately.”…”

Once again they prove that freedom of speech is only for them.  This is quite alarming in that we are starting to see their version of “freedom” does not allow for others to exercise those same freedoms.  They are increasingly totalitarian in their ideas of what freedom should be.  The problem is the fact that their version of freedom has very little to do with the actual bill of right and more about imposing a very self-righteous world view on everyone.  If you don’t like their world view, then sit down, shut up, and do what you are told.  If you don’t agree with their “conservative” views then you have no rights.

There is no one The Pink Flamingo would love to see deported more than Mark Steyn.  His libertarian – John Birch views have been disastrous to the GOP.  Why, though, would I want to ruin his life?  He’s a miserable jerk who advocated a losing position in November.  You don’t censor and attempt to destroy because you disagree.

When the minions of the right see to destroy to silence those who disagree with them, it’s time for their movement to be disbanded.  They need a time-out, a hug, and deprogramming.  What little brains they have, remaining, have been completely washed.

This is an alarming development.  When a group of individuals seek to silence their opposition, they have crossed into the darkness.  This is how totalitarian regimes get their start.  This is how dictators seek power, and maintain the power to control, by silencing their opposition or destroying them.

The Pink Flamingo could create a little list for you, but the far right would say that I have no right comparing them to the nasties on the list.  No, they’re not there, quite yet, but if they are allowed to continue their mission to destroy, they will be there in no time!

It’s not a good way to being the new year.


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  1. I rather like to watch Piers Morgan’s show, but I didn’t see the program about the guns. Anyway, even Limbaugh looks good compared to that slimy, destestable little snake, Mark Steyn. That is one individual that I just can’t stand.

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