Has IT Begun?


Picture 2It should come as no surprise to regular Pink Flamingo readers that I am so disgusted with the GOP, far right & tea party loons, the so called “christian” right, libertarians, and anyone else who is in the pocket of the Brother’s Koch.  Granted, this sort of thing has gone on in politics since the beginning of time, but the Kochs have turned it into an art form.  Through numerous organizations, such as Americans for Prosperity to Freedom Works, they manipulate, weaving a web of deception that has basically taken over the Republican Party.

Their duplicity would not be so bad if they weren’t joined in their endeavors by FOX Tabloid News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Michael Medved,  the John Birch Society, various religious organizations, and most of the conservative media.  The end result is a brainwashed audience, willing to believe anything they are spoon-fed.

One of their tactics is to harass those of us who refuse to submit to their abuse.  It is abuse.  It is harassment.  It is also psychological warfare designed to simply wear you down to the point where you just give up and shut up, letting them win.  If you are important enough, and refuse to submit, they then try other tactics.

According Pink Flamingo sources, they basically own the Tea Party caucus in the House and the Senate. Let’s just say that there are some interesting investigations and leave it at that.  What they want from their bought and paid for Congresspersons and Senators is total obedience.  You do what you are told, perform as you are told, and deliver the votes you have been ordered to deliver.  If someone objects, and votes their conscience as Paul Ryan surprisingly and refreshingly did Tuesday night, there will be consequences.  Already the usual far right sources such as Michelle Malkin are threatening to destroy their former darling.

Mitt Romney was their bought and paid for candidate.  He was there to do their bidding.  You saw what that got them, and the GOP.  Word is, they wanted Chris Christie to be the VP candidate.  When he refused, they went to Plan B, Paul Ryan.  Now, he too, has betrayed him.  Never fear, he will begin to feel their wrath, as has the Governor of New Jersey.

The Pink Flamingo’s sources from the Hill are quite positive that the refusal of the House to vote on relief bill for Hurricane Sandy is Christie’s punishment for two things.  First, he refused to bail out the Koch’s crap candidate, Mitt Romney.  Secondly, he dared welcome Barack Obama to New Jersey after Sandy, putting the needs of the citizens of his state before the demands of the Brother’s Koch.

The Wrath of the Kochs is just beginning.  Once upon a time, they decided to have their way with this nation via the Libertarian Party.  Once they realized that the Libertarian Party was a joke, they decided to take over the GOP.  This was done via Club for Growth, Americans for Prosperity, Freedom Works, and various other organizations.  They now also control the Cato Society and the Heritage Foundation.  When a Republican does not bend to their will, they are subjected to a vicious primary.  The choice of candidates to primary viable Republicans has been dubious at best.

The Pink Flamingo would suggest that their demands to primary every Republican who voted for the fiscal cliff bill will result in more losses for the GOP because of the crap candidates the Koch Machine produces, but, that’s not quite true.  They control numerous state houses and GOP governors.  Scott Walker and Rick Scott are the perfect examples of corrupt Koch governors.  Because of gerrymandering, it is now thought that an opposing candidate must receive at least 7% more votes in order to defeat a GOP candidate.

Wednesday was the first day of the slow, malicious, and lingering death of the GOP.  It has begun.  Peter King is so furious with the House, he has called for Republicans to stop donating to the GOP.  He is threatening to switch parties.  Heaven only knows what Chris Christie is going to do.  The Pink Flamingo suspects that you are going to see more than a few Republicans who are not Tea Party affiliated either leave the party or office all-together.

No one really knows what the Koch agenda is, other than and end to the minimum wage, ending all entitlements, and end to Social Security, Medicare, all EPA rules and regulations, and doing away with all sanitary requirements for food production.  In other words, they want to impoverish we the little people of the United States to the point where we will work for practically nothing, subsist off poisoned food, and die in greater numbers.  Men like the Kochs (and they are all men) will become rich as mythical kings, and even more powerful.

These men need to be stopped.  I have been told that there are numerous criminal investigations already being conducted against them. One reason their propaganda machine has turned Barack Obama into the worst possible creature imaginable is to have a system in place to almost rebel against him, when and if the criminal investigations may lead to indictments.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a billionaire.  I aspire to such a bank account on a daily basiss.  What is wrong, though, is to use that money in an unequal way to influence and purchase elected officials.  The reason campaign finance reform is so critical is to once again level the playing field.  The Brother’s Koch and men like Sheldon Adelson should have no more influence that you or I.  They should not be allowed to donate any more than we do.

There is nothing wrong with having a non-profit lobbying organization.  Once upon a time, The Pink Flamingo founded one, and was directly involved with lobbying for a strong national space program.  There were about a dozen such organizations, with the Planetary Society having the largest operating budget and membership.  At its zenith, there was maybe a cool half million bucks for a budget.  There was probably no more than $750K operating budget and campaign cash for all the organizations combined.

Today, Freedom Works provided Dick Armey with a $7 million severance package.  That would have been enough money to keep the various space lobby and interest groups going for nearly a decade. Jim DeMint will have a $2 million yearly salary at Heritage.  He will be put in a position to literally destroy the careers of anyone in the House and Senate that the Koch Brothers want destroyed.

There is nothing wrong with wanting power and a voice in government.  We all do.  There is something very wrong, almost evil, in what Charles and David Koch are doing to this nation.  They are destroying it.  They are destroying the GOP in the process.  The Pink Flamingo has been told that is their plan, to make life a living hell for any Republican who disagrees with them.  We are watching the GOP be ripped apart, in front of our very eyes, thanks to the Brother’s Koch.  One of two things will happen.  Either the party will split and a more moderate third party will emerge, or NORMAL Republicans will switch and become Democrats, moderating the DNC.  This is already happening.  Liberals are terrified of this.  The hard core left is leaving the Democratic Party.

It has begun.


9 thoughts on “Has IT Begun?

  1. Unless the GOP has a darned good candidate, if Hillary runs for POTUS I will probably vote for her. I will not vote for Biden.

  2. I wouldn’t — had enough with the all in the family stuff.
    Plus I don’t care at all for Hillary; the pre-Washington, Arkansas days make me very suspicious of her and especially who might be bankrolling her (just like with her husband).

    So if she runs and the GOP keeps going the way it’s going, I’ll be looking for a third party candidate or write in vote again.

  3. It is beginning. I just read that the Tea Party in Georgia is furious that Senator Saxby Chambliss voted in favor of the fiscal cliff bill. The Tea Party Express Chairwoman said that he can expect a primary challenge to kick him out of office. She said they want someone like Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Mike Lee, who voted against the bill. Chambliss said that he was more concerned with making the right choice for the country than sticking to Grover Norquist’s anti tax pledge. So, they are already making defeating Chambliss their chief cause in the primary season of 2014. One can already guess who will probably be next.

  4. I’ve been impressed with Hillary since she has been Secretary of State, but my niece, who is a democrat, says she doesn’t like her and wouldn’t want to vote for her if she is nominated. As this post said, there are many moderate Republicans, who have no place to go. Since the Tea Party is taking over the GOP, they will either have to join the democrats or form a third party.

  5. HRC doesn’t blow air up my skirts, but I haven’t been awed by very many candidates. It just seems like the good ones won’t get involved because of efforts to expose, embellish and exaggerate every flaw and weakness. General Petraeus may have had some workable qualities until his recent flaw exposure…
    And I’ve been extremely disappointed with the Tea Party. It was originally an effort to knock some sense into the Dem. and Repub. parties and to get non-games work done ‘by the people, for the people’ in a common sense way. But some extreme right wack jobs stepped in and took it over to the point that it’s nearly a joke. Sigh……

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