It’s Not the 2nd Amendment, but the Technology


Wyatt Earp, 1923The Pink Flamingo owns a shotgun.  Anyone where I live should have one.  I wish my parents did, but with my father’s Alzheimer’s, no way.  They have a mountain lion prowling around, right up next up to the house.  I am afraid for them, but they’re too old to have one.  On Tuesday evening, late, I had to make an emergency trip down to their house, a twenty-five mile drive, one way.  When my brights caught shining eyes down in their orchard, I had to wait to see what was going on. When I saw several large deer, I knew it was okay.  Long story short, I live in a very wild part of New Mexico.  Just about everyone has a gun, or access to one.  And, I’ve talked to someone about coming down to hunt the mountain lion.

The other day, The Pink Flamingo was in a discussion with a fairly well known conservative Republican.  He’s someone I respect, even if he is far more conservative than I am.  Dr. Bill Smith and I had a complete disagreement on this one.  I think gun laws must be  updated to keep track of new technology.  To me, the authors of the Bill of Rights never even envisioned what we have today in tech.  If they did, I think we would see a completely different 2nd Amendment.

Gun technology changed very little from the early guns of the late 1300s until near the Civil War with the advent of the Springfield Rifle.  Once again, with hand guns, things started really changing around the Civil War.  Because the technological developments were slow in coming, for nearly four hundred years, up to the time the 2nd Amendment was being written, I just don’t think that even the technology that came out of the Civil War was anticipated.

What I do know about guns and gun control comes directly from my research and writing about the Wild West, nothing more.  In the frontier, there was no household that did not have at least a shot-gun.  Some might have a rifle.  Until after the Civil War, very few had hand-guns.  It was only after the war, with returning soldiers, was their an increase in them. Even then, few homes had one.

During the era of the cattle drives, every cowtown in the west had very strict gun control laws.  In Dodge City, anyone who crossed the Deadline ended up in the calaboose as they called it.  Gun control was taken so seriously in Dodge City, that it cost Ed Masterson his life.  Once he was killed, Wyatt Earp, who was not in Dodge at the time, returned to Dodge to be assistant town marshal, along with Charlie Bassett.

Contrary to popular opinion, the idea of gun control in the cowtowns arose because of the insanity of the Texas Cowboys.  When they would ride into town, they would have what was known as a Texas Cowboy Jollification.  They would ride in with guns blazing, shoot up the town, hurt a few people, maybe even get someone killed.  Wyatt Earp earned the eternal hatred of the Texas cattlemen when Mannen Clements rode into town with crew.  He was so furious with what Wyatt did to him, forcing his men to disarm, that he had Wyatt fired.  Wyatt left Dodge, headed south to track Dirty Dave Rudabaugh.  He and Doc Holiday met for the first time in Fort. Griffin, Texas.  While Wyatt was away, Ed Masterson was murdered.  After that, gun control in many wild west towns was very strictly enforced.

The gunfight at the OK Corral was simply about gun control.  The Clantons and McLaurys were illegally wearing guns in town.  Today, Wyatt Earp is the apex uber Wild West law enforcement figure.  The same idiots who want a well-armed citizen’s militia to fight commies, even though there really aren’t any more, worship him.  They don’t want to acknowledge the fact that Wyatt Earp was one of the leading figures in gun control.

Gun control was always a factor in the West. In 1895, while he was refereeing the infamous Sharkey-Fitzsimmons Fight, Wyatt Earp was nearly arrested for wearing a concealed hand-gun.  Concealed weapons in San Francisco were illegal at the time.

To say that there is no history of gun control in this country is just a plain old, out right lie.

I think Charles Johnson says it all.


It’s all about Drudge – right?  Do you really want these freaks having guns?

“...An Alaska militiaman and former Ron Paul campaign worker was sentenced on Tuesday to 26 years in prison for a plot to kidnap and murder state and federal officials….Cox was the founder of the Alaska Peacekeepers Militia, a group that also claimed Lonnie and Karen Vernon as members. Both Vernons were sentenced to 26 years in prison over a plot to kill a federal judge over an income tax ruling that cost them their home.Federal agents allegedly recorded Cox discussing his plan to kill officials with the Vernons, saying they would engage in “guerrilla warfare” against police officers by sabotaging their homes and working in teams to kill as many people as possible.He also ran for the Alaska House of Representatives in 2008, winning approximately 37 percent of the vote in a Republican primary. That same year he ran the presidential primary campaign for Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) in Alaska.Cox’s legal troubles began in 2010 after he was arrested for assaulting his wife. He later drew a weapons charge during a confrontation with an officer who was searching someone else’s property. Cox claimed he was on the scene to ensure the police were not abusing their powers….”


“…If the preliminary reactions on the right are any indication, then cages have certainly been rattled by Biden’s remarks. The conservative Drudge Report, for example, has posted photographs of Hitler and Stalin on its homepage to suggest, with the subtlety of a hammer, what an executive order on guns would amount to. And therein lies one of the risks of using executive orders on such a controversial issue: The ensuing de-legitimization of even common-sense laws with accusations of executive overreach and (much, much) worse….”

Want more?

Think Progress
Think Progress

You really want these people armed?  The Pink Flamingo made a suggestion on Twitter.  Those who want a well armed citizen’s militia should be as well armed as Barney Fife, with an unloaded pistol and a bullet in his pocket.  Someone told me that I was insulting Barney Fife by putting him in league with the insane.

The Pink Flamingo has nothing against gun ownership.  I don’t approve of assault weapons which are more powerful than what cops have.  Once upon a time the GOP believed in working with law enforcement.  I guess those days are long gone.

On Tuesday, my sister and I were discussing plans for a business we are creating.  Ruby Cat Canyon will include a firing range, skeet shooting, and hunting opportunities.  We’re working with NM Game and Fish to create a herd of deer and barbary sheep for strictly trophy hunting.  This is not exactly anti gun.

No one in their right mind wants someone who thinks we need to arm people to fight off the invading Commies armed with even a squirt gun or a pea shooter. They are scary, delusional, and living in a FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck fantasy world.  If people can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality in the media, they certainly can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality in real life.

On a side note, on this day, in 187o, in Lamar, Missouri Wyatt Earp married Rilla Sutherland.  A year later, on this very same day, she died in childbirth, from typhoid.


One thought on “It’s Not the 2nd Amendment, but the Technology

  1. I have very mixed feelings about it. I don’t own a gun, I never learned how to shoot one even though my father and brothers were always at the firing range. At one time one of my uncles was secretary of the NRA in his state. No one liked to hunt, they liked to complete for marksmanship. Eventually they became gunners in World War II. After disasters like Katrina a person needs a gun. People probably will never have to fight off invading armies of commies, but may have to fight off looters. …..I agree that new technology has changed the situation. Back in the early days of our country the people made up the militia, so it made sense that they would need to be armed……. If a list of gun owners is ever published in my area, I would not feel safe either way. They will not only steal your guns, but if criminals know you don’t have a gun you will be wide open to robberies and home invasions. I agree we need some limits on assault weapons, but in my opinion, the person Obama has appointed to come up with recommendations on gun control is in need of a mental evaluation himself.

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