Sick Beyond Reason – Why the Far Right Should Cease to Exist


Picture 2Just when you think the far right cannot get any loonier they go out and surprise the heck out of you.  They’ve now reached a point of critical mass, where they have begun to implode like a massive star, evolving into a black hole, sucking any Republican who isn’t careful, into the abyss with them.

The Pink Flamingo was gone all day Thursday. When I arrived home, to check to see what I would do for a post, I am absolutely shocked at what I’ve found. Let’s be honest here, the far right has reached the point where it should simply cease to exist.  It’s an embarrassment to thinking individuals who live in this country and must put up with their increasingly rancid and irrational behavior.  As far as The Pink Flamingo is concerned, Thursday was the last straw.  It doesn’t matter of Michele Bachmann, good Christian that she is, has screwed former campaign workers out of back pay.  She’s a good Christian, an example for us all – not to follow.  Then there is Joe Walsh, who is an embarrassment to the human race.


When a FOX Tabloid News celeb says that the Second Amendment is needed so that it protects your right to shoot tyrants, then it’s time to pull the plug.

“…“You know with all the debate about guns, I’ve been doing some writing and doing a lot of thinking, and Greta and the rest of us at Fox want to know what you think about it,” the former New Jersey Superior Court Judge said. “The Constitution specifically and directly insulates the right to keep and bear arms from interference from the government. It could not be more clear: ‘…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.’”

“So since the Congress can’t change the Constitution, how could they possibly take away your right to keep and bear arms?” Napolitano continued. “Here’s the dirty little secret about the Second Amendment, the Second Amendment was not written in order to protect your right to shoot deer, it was written to protect your right to shoot tyrants if they take over the government. How about chewing on that one.”…”

It’s like this photo that appeared on Lucianne Thursday evening.  The idea is to insult anyone who voted for Obama, as if voting for Romney was a sign of reasoned thought?


When you have a movement that is based on lies, one must expect nothing but lies and dishonesty.

The number of Americans who call themselves members of the Tea Party is down to just 8 percent, according to a recent Rasmussen poll. This is just one-third of the number of Americans who claimed membership in April 2010, shortly after the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Twenty-four percent was never a very high number, particularly given the breathless press coverage the movement inspired. This is, after all, a country where the majority rules. But the decline to 8 percent — a far smaller percentage of Americans than even those who claim to believe in UFOs — is entirely predictable in hindsight, considering just how much nonsense one had to believe in order to take seriously the absurdities that Tea Party leaders spouted. The movement’s leaders spewed so many simultaneous falsehoods and contradictions that it was a full-time job merely to try and track them.

Among the most recent trees to fall in the forest of Tea Party fiction is the work of alleged “historian” David Barton. His most recent book, The Jefferson Lies: Exposing the Myths You’ve Always Believed About Thomas Jefferson, alleges to “correct the distorted image of a once-beloved founding father” and insists that America’s third president was an orthodox Christian who did not believe that church and state should be separated. Barton attempts to argue that America’s founders hoped to create a Biblically inspired theocracy, rather than the increasingly democratic republic that most of us studied in grammar school. According to Barton, the United States was founded not by secular-minded Deists but instead by evangelical Christians eager to erase the line between church and state so that they could lay the foundation for a Christian nation….”

A teacher from Utah says the parents of her students have no need to know that she wears a gun.  Why on earth would you want to allow people who think this nation is approaching a second revolution even to have access to guns? It’s reaching the point with some of these people where I think they don’t give a damn if they kill someone or not – as long as FOX, Rush, & Beck tell them it’s okay.  It’s okay for the far right and Drudge to make implications that are simply not backed up in fact.


The worst of it is that the loony right, basically ever single elected Republican official in the Senate and Koch purchased House, are so wrapped up in prostituting themselves for the big bucks, that they don’t give a damn about right and wrong and correcting the record.  And, yes, The Pink Flamingo knows it is unethical to compare our elected GOP officials to prostitutes.  It is an insult to those hard working men and women who are just trying to do a day’s work in the oldest profession.  It’s a damn shame they are having their reputations destroyed by the whores of the second oldest profession.

Charles Johnson wrote:

Little Green Footballs
Little Green Footballs

“...Fox News used part of a 2007 speech by President Obama to falsely accuse him of hypocrisy for considering the use of executive orders to reduce gun violence. The 2007 speech was actually focused on the Iraq war, and in it, Obama never mentioned executive orders.On Thursday’s Happening Now, co-host Jon Scott reported that Vice President Joe Biden said Obama plans to use executive orders to respond to gun violence. Scott then said, “A few years ago, back in 2007, an Illinois senator named Barack Obama had some complaints about the White House issuing executive orders.”

After playing video of Obama’s speech, Scott said to guest A.B. Stoddard, “So, I guess things change once you get into the Oval Office?”…”

People like James Yeager are too nuts and too stupid to have guns!


Once upon a time, what Joe Walsh said would be considered treason.  Today, it makes him a good tea party loon.

Think Progress
Think Progress

The Pink Flamingo has real problem with anyone defending Hobby Lobby on the basis of their so-called “Christian” stand against RU-486.  The Green family has a right to do what they are doing, but The Pink Flamingo has decided to stop shopping there.  No, it’s not because of their insane and ill-informed stand something prevents conception.

The problem with Hobby Lobby is the fact that the oh so very Christian Green family uses cheap Chinese labor that is nearly slave labor.  They don’t advocate for better living conditions.  In fact, they don’t even advocate against China’s murderous one child policy.

The perfect summation for why the far right is imploding, and has lost the right to exist is Hobby Lobby.  David Green refuses to submit his Christian empire to Obama Care because of “abortion”. Yet, he has no problems using slave labor in China, were women are forced to have abortions if they have more than one child.  You would think, if this man were such a great Christian, he would move his manufacturing contracts here to the US, so that he could advocate for decent working conditions and provide jobs for unemployed Americans.

Instead, he relies on near-slave labor.  He says nothing about the China policy of forced abortion.  Evidently, if he is not complaining, then he sees nothing wrong with forcing the abortions of millions upon millions of little Chinese babies.

Evidently, it’s only the little white babies he doesn’t want aborted.

As far as The Pink Flamingo is concerned, the Obama Administration can throw the book at this perverted hypocrite who doesn’t give a damn about people from other countries or using slave labor.

What a good Christian!

You wonder why the GOP is crawling around in the wilderness, incompetent, cruel, vicious, having lost their very soul?  You don’t embrace this sort of an agenda, or wallow around with these people without sacrificing the good that was within.  They’re nothing but a dying chunk of dead elephant dung.

This kind of sh*t is why the right is sick beyond reason. Don’t tell me people like Chuck Baldwin are patriots.  They’re not. They’re traitors.  They prove why we need gun control, to get them out of the hands of those would destroy this nation.

…I have been writing this column for over a dozen years, and I can safely say the column I wrote last week, “My Line In The Sand Is Drawn Here,” produced more response than any column I have ever written–maybe more than any two or three columns combined. And what is even more noteworthy: unlike most columns, the responses to this column were at least 90% favorable.

In last week’s column I said, “Throughout the United States, there are tens of millions of fully-armed citizens who are more than capable of defending themselves and their communities against any enemy–whether that enemy is an internal or external one. In fact, many millions of these citizens have been trained in the US armed forces. Firearms–especially semi-automatic rifles–in the hands of millions of American citizens is truly the only thing that stands between freedom and tyranny for the people of the United States. That Barack Obama and Dianne Feinstein want to disarm the American people should be considered an act of war against our liberties! In other words, ladies and gentlemen, this is a line in the sand that none of us can afford to ignore.”

I also wrote, “Make no mistake about it: to take away an American’s right to a semi-automatic rifle is to FULLY DISARM HIM. There is no Second Amendment; there is no right to keep and bear arms; there is no citizen militia; there is no liberty without the semi-automatic rifle!”

I concluded the column saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, whatever the consequences might be, and whatever anyone else does or doesn’t do, I am prepared to become an outlaw over this issue! I don’t know how to say it any plainer: I will not register my firearms, and I will not surrender my firearms. Period. End of story. It’s not just a saying with me: when my guns are outlawed, I will be an outlaw!“My line in the sand is drawn here!“Make no mistake about it: it is not just semi-automatic rifles that these gun grabbers are after. Ultimately, they want to take all of our guns. We either stop them now or there will be no stopping them at all.”See the column at:

My Line In The Sand Is Drawn Here!

Among those who wrote to tell me that they had also drawn their personal line in the sand on this issue and that they would also absolutely refuse to register or surrender their firearms were people from virtually all walks of life: attorneys, realtors, bankers, teachers, physicians, civil servants, salesmen, truck drivers, tradesmen, pastors, law enforcement officers (including federal police officers), and military personnel–even special forces troops.

Accordingly, I am absolutely convinced that these people are a microcosm of gun owners nationwide. I am also convinced that should Senator Dianne Feinstein’s bill banning semi-automatic rifles become law that there are literally tens of millions of Americans who simply will not comply.Furthermore, former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan recently told John McLaughlin that should the federal government attempt to confiscate the guns of the American people, “There would be a revolution in this country!”…”

You want to know why we need gun control?  It’s because of people like this who are furious because a man who is not of their race has been re-elected and is POTUS.  It has nothing to do with patriotism.  It’s about racism.

Don’t call these men patriots.  Call them what they really are, traitors.