Next Generation of TV Scam Preachers


imagesThe last straw that has broken The Pink Flamingo’s Camel’s Back is the possibility that billionaire owner of Hobby Lobby, David Green, is marketing a web site, appealing to “Christians”, to donate money to stand with Hobby Lobby.  It’s about taking on the evil, godless Obama Administration.  No wonder he’s worth a billion bucks – he’s just like the other political billionaire bully scam artists.  All they want is more more and more.  They don’t care how they get it, or who they cheat.

The Pink Flamingo thinks that we are now entering a new era of what I classify as the Next Generation of TV Scam Preachers – just think Jim & Tammy Fay gone political, with more money, and less mascara.  We’re talking major scams, lies, deception, and links into organizations that raise money for such things as the American Cancer Society, March of Dimes Foundation, and other honest sources.


The problem with Pam Geller’s word view is it is crap.

“…There are more Middle Eastern Christians than ever before, and they are poised between emergence as a new political force in a democratizing region and the dangers to them of fundamentalism and political repression. The arguments you see for Christian decline in the region are mostly wrong. If we count the Christians in the Arab world and along the northern Red Sea littoral (Egypt, the Levant, Iraq and the Horn of Africa to the borders of Ethiopia) they come to some 21 million, nearly the size of Australia and bigger than the Netherlands. (This figure does not count the large Christian expatriate populations in the Gulf emirates or Christians in Iran and Pakistan). They are important in their absolute numbers, which have grown dramatically in the past 60 years along with the populations of the countries in which they live. If the region moves to parliamentary forms of government, they may well be coveted swing voters, gaining a larger political role and louder voice than ever before….”

Loon Watch
Loon Watch

Scam artists all?

The other day, The Pink Flamingo had a call from a telemarketing company representing  a group I’d never heard of, America’s Next Generation.  Their soul purpose in life is scamming money out of people who are terrified Obama is going to take their guns, and turn us over to the UN.  Their telemarketing company is Infocision Management.

Huffington Post
Huffington Post

“...InfoCision’s services are utilized by a wide variety of clients. These include national nonprofit organizations, Fortune 100 companies and smaller businesses, focusing on customer acquisition, customer care and retention, and nonprofit fundraising, as well as volunteer recruitment. The company is divided into nine divisions, which are financial services, telecommunications, media, consumer and business services and religious, nonprofit and political fundraising.

In addition to call centers, InfoCision also provides direct mail/bulk fulfillment services, offering variable on-demand data printing services, a one-to-one marketing strategy. On-demand printing allows different elements such as text, graphics and images to change from one printed piece to the next without stopping or slowing down the printing process to deliver a customized message to customers.

According to a report from Bloomberg on September 12, 2012, the company can take as much as 100% of the proceeds raised for Nonprofits and givers are often unaware of the share of their gifts going to the telemarketing firm. Furthermore, the report alleges that the script given to the telemarketers to read to prospective donors contains factual lies about how much money will go to the charity. InfoCision responded the same day with a statement that did not address the substance of the allegations, except to say (1) if charities keep on coming back to them then they must be doing something right (2) acquiring new donors and reengaging lapsed donors could be costly (3) once these donors have been brought into the system, the charity will benefit from future donations from them (4) that it’s not fair that people question their practices when for-profit businesses engage in the same strategies (i.e., loss leaders and free giveaways) even though that ultimately raises marketing costs….”

Next Generation America
Next Generation America

Next Generation America is linked to Freedom’s Defenders.  This is not a non-profit.  This is privately owned. There is no mention of who owns it.

Freedom's Defenders
Freedom’s Defenders

So, people are falling for this sh*t, donating to a billionaire, who is pretending to be this great Christian. Anyone stupid enough to donate to this cause, deserves being scammed.

“…Perhaps the most well known of these other cases is that brought by David Green, founder and CEO of the Hobby Lobby chain. The Hobby Lobby case was heard by first by a district court and then by the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. Both courts denied Hobby Lobby’s request for an injunction to block the mandate from taking effect while the lawsuit works its way through the court system.

The company then filed an emergency injunction appeal to the Supreme Court. As the Catholic News Agency reported “On Dec. 26, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor – who is responsible for hearing emergency requests from the 10th Circuit – denied the appeal, saying that the case did not meet the extreme standard necessary for the nation’s highest court to intervene.”

That is not a denial of an appeal to the Supreme Court, merely a ruling that the court would not apply the emergency relief, as did Judge Zatkoff in the Domino’s case. But what it does mean is that, beginning on January 1, Hobby Lobby is subject to fines of $1.3 million dollars per day — because Green, and members of his family, are following their religious convictions. By all accounts, Green is a generous employer who runs his company by Christian values.

Wizbang blog reported: “Green is very well known as an outspoken Evangelical Christian who has publicly professed to building his business based on Biblical principles.   Like the Cathy family who operates the Chick-Fil-A restaurant chain, Green closes his stores on Sunday.  He also contributes millions of dollars each year to charity.  Hobby Lobby Stores Inc. is self-insured, and provides full coverage health insurance to 13,000 of its company’s 21,000 employees.  He runs a clinic that provides free health care to insured employees, and reduced cost health services to others.  Hobby Lobby also sets its starting pay for full time employees at $11.00 an hour, $3.75 more than the Federal minimum wage.”…”

Where will it end?

The Pink Flamingo is of the opinion the reason the minions of the far right are harping on gun control, keeping the faithful upset is to obscure something else that is going on.  Considering the sources that are part of the uproar, this whole bunch is using it to make money, of the faithful.

The Hobby Lobby story is the perfect example of obscuring facts and making money.  David Green utilizes slave labor in China to manufacture his cheap products. Not only that, but he has never once opened his mouth to put any sort of “Christian” caveat on his relationship with the Chinese government.  In other words, he doesn’t mind if China enforces its one child rule with required abortions of billions of innocent children. It’s just here in the United States that he feels the need to protest.

This is all about money.  It’s all about empowering a new generation of crooked TV type preachers to scam the faithful out of their hard-earned dollars.  The way The Pink Flamingo feels about it, if a person is stupid enough to donate to any of their causes, then they deserve to be bilked.



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  1. Hmmm, some of Mitt’s business interests (or people associated with him and his inner circle) have a lot of investment in telemarketing type stuff…interesting (too bad it can’t be investigated).

    A lot of people are getting scammed and taken for a ride by this stuff — most of them well meaning but brainwashed. Doesn’t bode well for any future support of the GOP by me.

  2. The plot thickens then — I’ve always had the suspicion that Mitt’s run was never about gaining the presidency so much as finding a new marketing/money making tool. This of course left me mighty disgusted.

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