The Real Jerks Are on the Right, in the RNC & the NRA


Picture 4What part of WELL REGULATED MILITIA is so difficult to comprehend?  Well regulated?  Looks to me like well regulated is well regulated.  The minions of the irrational right are furious.  Let’s face a few facts here.  The real reason they are mad is because they lost and Obama won.   They have turned being sore losers into an art form.  The idiots of the right know that they can’t compare Obama to Hitler, because then they lose the debate so they compare him to Saddam, binLaden, and other dictators.  They have become ugly and repulsive. The impeachment demands are going to destroy what is left of the GOP.

To show how abusive these people have become, Bill O’Reilly and Charles Krauthammer have said that Obama wants to destroy the GOP.  That’s how abusers work.  They blame others for their actions, which are often hurtful, and usually less than rational.  It all makes sense, considering the Koch connection.

“...Much emphasis by gun-proliferation zealots is put on the Second Amendment’s fallacious guarantee that every American has an American-defining dog-given right to unrestricted access and possession of military-grade weapons and concealed handguns with high-capacity magazines in public places, but before 1980, only five states allowed gun owners to carry concealed weapons in public; by 2012, 44 states had laws allowing concealed weapons. Under the Reagan administration’s anti-government regulation frenzy, and coupled with the emergence of a violence-promoting NRA, American Legislative Exchange Council and funding by the un-American John Bircher Koch brothers, the push to put as many firearms on American streets as possible led to six of the 12 deadliest shootings in America’s history; all in the past five years. It is no coincidence that the vast majority of the world’s worst mass shootings in developed countries have taken place in the United States, including 65 mass shootings since Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in 2009….”

If you are looking for the blog, Democrats for Sale, don’t waste your time, today.  It, along with about 700 political blog on Blogger, were reported as spam by the operatives of the NRA and the RNC.  Without any warning, Democrats for Sale was taken down by Blogger, even though it has been up for several years.  They never bothered checking to see if it were, indeed spam.  The took the word of the same group of people who call Obama a dictator, even though he has signed fewer executive orders than any POTUS in 100 years.

Josh Marshall wrote a commentary about the NRA being a disease.  After this evening, The Pink Flamingo is inclined to agree with him.  The NRA and other groups have vowed to do what ever it takes to get their way.  Evidently they are, including now turning on Ronald Reagan.  They now say he was senile when he signed stricter gun laws into place.

Aside from the NRA and RNC destroying nearly 700 blogs because they dared exercise their freedom of speech – First Amendment rights – the worst attack The Pink Flamingo has seen is what far right loon, Pat Dollard did to former Congressman and MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.  Dollard lied about a tragic moment in the man’s past, where a 28 year old woman who worked for him, was murdered.  Dollard has implied that Scarborough murdered the woman.  Why?  Joe Scarborough dared to criticize the NRA for their over the top, repulsive ad against the Obama girls and the Secret Service.

In These Times
In These Times

The problem is we assume that the NRA and guns are not connected that much to the hate machine.  Unfortunately, they are.  The simple fact that Koch owned ALEX is involved changes the story.  Now we know why the attacks that came on Wednesday were so fast and vicious.  That’s how they work. They own the RNC.  They own Reince Priebus.  They owned Mitt Romney.  They own Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, Michele Bachmann, and Jim DeMint.  They own the tea parties. They are connected to Rupert Murdoch.  They own Americans for Prosperity.

Blue Virginia
Blue Virginia

You add this to the fact that the NRA has a tradition of destroying any politician, Democrat or Republican who stands in their way, and we have a problem.  In fact, the campaign to promote fewer gun laws was started back in the summer. They are simply coldly using the death of innocent children to further their agenda.

“…The Koch donor network’s strategy to funnel large sums to powerful allies mirrors what Crossroads GPS has already done by shelling out millions to allies such as the NRA, Americans for Tax Reform, the National Right to Life Committee, according to these three GOP fundraisers. In April, Crossroads GPS disclosed that it gave millions to conservative outfits in its IRS filing of required 990 tax forms, covering its first 18 months of operations. Neither Crossroads GPS nor the Koch favorite Americans for Prosperity are required to disclose the identity of their donors because of their nonprofit tax status.

The NRA’s electoral efforts this year seem to offer an example of how the Kochs’ strategy can work, according to the three GOP fundraisers. The NRA, they say, has already received a hefty cash infusion from the Koch donor network this year, enabling the 4 million-member pro-gun behemoth to expand voter registration and get-out-the vote drives.

The NRA hired about two dozen “campaign field representatives” to coordinate NRA ground operations and voter registration work in a dozen battleground states, including Florida, Ohio and Virginia, Chris Cox, the NRA’s top lobbyist told me for a Center for Public Integrity article. The drive will target “gun shows and retailers” and includes a six-figure TV ad blitz that launched in February, Cox said.

This is all part of the NRA’s multimillion dollar “Trigger the Vote” registration drive, expected to be its largest ever, Cox said. “This election is going to be won on the ground,” Cox stressed, adding that millions of gun owners are not registered to vote. Most of the NRA voter registration campaign is being funded through its Freedom Action Foundation, a nonprofit not required to disclose donors….”

This is a well-funded attack, planned months ago.  The sickening part of this is the cold-blooded you know whats at the NRA, along with the Koch Machine, and their minions, have taken advantage of a cruel action to go after Obama.


This is a well planned campaign, begun in the summer. The NRA simply used the murders of innocent children to advance their agenda, and attempt to destroy Barack Obama. Their agenda is well-financed by the Brothers’ Koch and big donors, the same pimps who control those cheap little whores in the GOP House and Senate.

There are times when a post does not go where you think it will go.  Because of the limitations of time, this evening, The Pink Flamingo was going to do a short and nasty commentary about what has happened to Democrats for Sale, and something like 700 other political blogs, all silenced, their First Amendment rights stripped from them by the Koch financed NRA and the RNC.

Frankly, I don’t care who you are or what your political agenda is.  In the United States of America, according to the FIRST Amendment, we have a right to free political expression and speech. What was done to these people, on Wednesday, was a direct attack on those freedoms.  It really doesn’t matter what your agenda is.  It shouldn’t matter if you are liberal, conservative, or moderate.  You should be as irate as The Pink Flamingo is that they were robbed of their right to express themselves, freely, by well paid flunkies of a couple of perverse billionaires.

Evidently freedom of speech only applies to those who want to advance a far right agenda.  The Pink Flamingo finds it ironic that the very same individuals who are ranting and raving about the Second Amendment don’t give a damn about the First.

Those who dare disagree with the NRA, Koch Machine, and the RNC must be silenced and destroyed.  Funny how so-called patriots are going along with their little agenda.  The problem is, there are a heck of a lot of us who refuse to be silenced.


2 thoughts on “The Real Jerks Are on the Right, in the RNC & the NRA

  1. It is interesting that the NRA is so demonized today. They must have changed since the days my father and brothers went to the firing range. There were no assault weapons back then and nobody in my family owned guns. They entered all the matches and competitions, but they used the guns on the premises. Today, they appear to be gun collectors. …..Some countries with strict gun control laws have the highest crime rates. ……I wish I had more respect for the Supreme Court. I wonder sometimes how much they really know about the Constituion. I can name at least one of them who probably thinks to bear arms means to bare arms……My nephew got an invitation to one of the inaugural balls. He and his wife are leaving for DC this weekend. I hope they can forget about politics and just enjoy themselves.

  2. They have way changed. Well over half their money now comes from big corporate gun manufacturers. Today they are repudiating many of the things they once endorsed.


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