Has the Far Right Lost It’s Mind?


Picture 2Would you believe it that there are some law enforcement officials in some states who are going to refuse to enforce any gun laws Obama may use to destroy this nation.  They don’t enforce federal laws, they say.  Umm…. not enforcing federal laws?

There is nothing wrong with owning a gun.  The Pink Flamingo has a shotgun, somewhere.  It hasn’t been cleaned since I became royally pissed and fired it (into the ground) at my stalker – about 15 years ago.  I spent several hours yesterday, dealing with NM Game and Fish and a professional trapper, about property we are developing, as a family.  We are trying to build up a trophy herd of Barbary sheep and mule deer, for big bucks, limited hunting.  The property is over-run with bobcats, coyotes, and mountain lion to the point where it is too dangerous to even be up on it unarmed.

FYI, last night a mountain lion was prowling around the parents’ house.  My mother could hear it snarling, just outside her sun room.  I’ve contacted a friend who is going to come down and hunt it.  I’m meeting with Game and Fish to get the hunting settled for the canyon property.  I’m working with someone now, who is dealing with hunters.  Heck, we’re even going to put a gun range on the property.

What is wrong is the lies the usual conservative sources are telling.  Let’s face facts.  The only reason they are doing this

Would you please tell The Pink Flamingo what the heck is wrong with this?  If this had been in play a few months ago, maybe more innocent children would still be alive.

Breitbart Stupidity
Breitbart Stupidity

But, the idiots at Breitbart, and their brainwashed readers seem to think there is something wrong with this, that there is something wrong with training mental health workers for schools, etc.   The problem here is that the far right is occupied with people who have lost their minds.

Info Wars
Info Wars

What you need to know about Texas Congressman Steve Stockman, is, that until recently, he was considered to extreme to even be in the House. Now, though, the Koch owned House is so extreme he is “normal”.

“...It’s hard to forget the crazy that was the late Helen Chenoweth, who was, with help from The X-Files, responsible for mainstreaming the black helicopter paranoia of the militia movement.  Steve Stockman was not as flamboyant, but just as nuts.  This Texas Monthly story (free registration required) contains many of the lowlights of Stockman’s short congressional career.  Stockman was the author of a manifesto published in Guns and Ammo declaring Bill  Clinton and Janet Reno murderers and that the Waco siege was staged to push an assault weapons ban.  (This kind of conspiracy theory is echoed in the current right-wing claim that the BP oil spill was staged by environmentalists.)  He claimed a secret operation at Fort Bliss spied on the militia movement.  He got into a public tussle with the mother of a murder victim when he wanted to use his name for an anti-gun control bill.  He called for a government investigation of the Kinsey Report, 47 years after its publication.  The Texas Monthly estimated he generated an ethics investigation once every two months. When asked about his interest in ceramics, he replied “don’t say that or they’ll think I’m a fag for sure.” Thankfully, Stockman was sent home after a single term….”

News Corpse
News Corpse

Unfortunately, THIS is the real problem with the extreme version of things:

“...With support like that from the people, it is plain that Fox is directing their rhetoric at the fringes – the malcontents and miscreants who are most likely to wreak havoc. Exacerbating this problem is the fact that the fringes are no longer relegated to their traditional place at the outer rungs of society. Today they are on television and in congress. We have numerous public “servants” talking about secession, insurrection, nullification, and impeachment. And the presence of Fox News, a cable news network that rewards such talk, and participates in it, is only asking for trouble…”

It’s not even about guns, but the bad behavior of the media, punditry, and far right organizations who are using the entire issue to make a huge profit.  There’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with liberals being liberal and conservatives being conservative.  The problem comes when both camps, liberal and conservative, are hijacked by the extremes of the far left and far right.

Currently the loons of the far right are noisier than the loons of the far left.  During the years of GWB, the far left was deplorable.  I didn’t think it could be any worse.  Boy was I wrong.  The loons of the far right excel in loony activities.

You need to know when to back off, for the good of everyone around you.  This is where we are now.  I don’t care if people want to make fools of themselves on either side of the gun debate. What worries me is the fact that, right now, we’re dealing with a growing group of militia, white supremacists, ‘patriots’, anti-tax, anti-government individuals who are far too well armed.  THESE are the people I want unarmed!  They are potentially just as dangerous as the hopped up teenager on a street corner, trolling for money.  Both groups should be disarmed, and leave the rest of the population to muddle though, with reasonable laws and resources.

The Pink Flamingo truly fears these individuals.  In the past two months, I’ve had two death threats, speaking out against them.  They are very unbalanced, very angry, hate-filled people who are just waiting to stop killing.

Seems to me we could limit their arsenals.






One thought on “Has the Far Right Lost It’s Mind?

  1. Unfortunately, both parties lie. After all, politicians are not known for their honesty. I have come to the conclusion that the far right really does not want to win a presidential election. They don’t have enough responsibility to run the country. They want enough people in congress to cause trouble so that nothing can get done. I think they would really like to see the country go over the financial cliff. They put up their nutty candidates to primary people in their own party and most of the time they lose to the liberals. They want candidates who are accountable to the Tea Party and to hell with their constituents. Some of these liberals are loons too, but they have sense enough to keep their mouths shut until the election is over. The far right candidate has got to blabber to everybody that he believes the world is flat and the liberal ends up winning the election………Be on guard with the death threats. I always take them seriously. Both my mother and I had some attempts on our lives in the 1960s when we were living in Biloxi. Catholics were targets back then. I happen to know what it is like to be terrorized by these nuts. A cross was burned on our front lawn just after my father died. Someone tried to run me off the road one night when I was returning from a night class and someone took a shot at mother through the window.

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