Killing the Elephant Softly, Day By Day


Picture 2Evidently the new version of the GOP thinks the American people are stupid, ignorant, and have short memories.  Case in point, in 2004, they completely opposed the same vote rigging plan they now endorse.  Do they think we are THAT stupid?

If you can’t win honestly, then cheat.  That’s the new GOP philosophy as they now seek to destroy the Electoral College.  I remember a few  years ago when Rush Limbaugh cried crocodile tears because the Dems wanted to go to popular vote.  You don’t hear him complaining about this one, which is quite telling.  The whole thing is rather terrifying, considering the fact that brain-dead Rand Paul is planning on running in 2016.

“...As the electorate continues to become less white and more liberal in its outlook on social issues, Republicans have two choices about how to improve their party’s prospects in future presidential elections. One approach would be to adopt more moderate positions on issues such as immigration, abortion, gay rights and health care in order to make their party more appealing to young people, women and nonwhites. But that strategy would risk alienating a large portion of the GOP’s current base, especially those aligned with the Tea Party movement. So rather than adopting that risky strategy, some Republican leaders appear to be opting for a different approach — changing the electoral rules to make it easier for a Republican candidate to win the presidency despite losing the popular vote….”

Prompting the demise of the elephant is FOX Tabloid News.  If Erick Erickson thinks they may have gone too far, and are hurting the GOP, maybe there is hope, but I doubt it.

In These Times
In These Times

The only way the GOP can grow is to reach out to minorities and try and redeem itself with women. It’s not going well.

“...The bottom line is about the base. The GOP base consists of white people who are terrified of losing their skin privilege in Barack Obama’s America. Even if Priebus and a few other Republicans are sincere in their efforts, the minute they start to take steps that are anything but symbolic and that are aimed specifically at trying to win over blacks or Latinos, the base will howl to the moon. I suppose it’s possible that two or three generations from now, which means 30 to 50 years, white Republicans who grew up in our multicultural era will have different attitudes. But even that is a fairly big question mark—there are always going to be vast sections of the country where the population will be 90 or more percent white….”

If the GOP must continue to put up with the likes of Paul Ryan, it is dead.  Just shoot the elephant in the head and put it out of his misery.  This is about dealing with a nasty, prevaricating little jerk who has perverted his brain by reading Ayn Rand.  Ryan says it is about promoting conservative values.  Forget that.  This is about Paul Ryan, the cheep whore who has sold his soul to the Koch Brothers.  He is far less honest and wholesome than the honest streetwalker just trying to make a living.  He, and the others in the GOP who have sold their souls to the Kochs give prostitutes a bad name.

These are just a few issues.  You could pick from column A-Z and still not cover all the problems the GOP now faces because of the extreme right.   Their other problem – they’re whores, plain and simple.  By selling their souls, they have destroyed what the GOP once was.

Just shoot the poor elephant and put it out of its misery.


6 thoughts on “Killing the Elephant Softly, Day By Day

  1. Wow. What great writing! I’ve been self-censoring myself blogging on the HuffPost by not saying things like “shoot the elephant in the head and be done with it” (a possible paraphrase of your article that would probably not be published on the Huff). I like it! It feels good. Shoot the fucking elephant. If RepubLibCons continue their quest for electoral victory with rigged elections we might have to conduct a second civil war to do it. And they better watch out. We know where wealthy people live.

  2. I wouldn’t put it that way, at all. I think they’re doing a great job of destroying themselves. They really don’t need our help! I guess I now just sit back and enjoy the show. You’ll like what I have planned for tomorrow, I suspect. Thanks for the candid comment!


  3. What amazes me is that people seem to think cheating and deceit is something new for the Republican Party. That party has always had a crazy streak from Reconstruction on down to the present day. Radicals like Stevens, Sumner, Butler etc. opposed Lincoln for being too lenient. It should not come as a surprise to anybody that the new version complete with Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, and Rush Limbaugh still like to lie, cheat and steal. I’m surprised that nobody has ever called them what they really are and what they have always been – Scalawags and carpetbaggers!

  4. I’d really like to see both parties take a ride into the sunset. We need some new parties with some new ideas.

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