Far Right Insanity Is Insane, Cruel, and Vicious


2990788337_98dc95dafbAs far as The Pink Flamingo is concerned, the Far Right has basically lost its mind.  It’s not only about guns, but other things, along with it.  When you like down with dogs like the Koch Brothers and Ayn Rand, you wake up with fleas.  You become dirty and tainted, just like the GOP.

“…Republicans have assailed the federal government for myriad sins from immigration lapses to gun control that is driving Americans filled with hate to start shooting at the drop of a hat, or mistaken address. In Georgia, a man walked out of his home and opened fire on a car that pulled up to his house after the car’s GPS gave the driver the wrong address. One young man was killed and the man was arrested, but the point is his first reaction was to go out shooting and it is an increasing problem driven by fear-mongering, the NRA, and ALEC’s incitement to shoot first. A human being must have an inordinate amount of hate to pick up a firearm and gun down another human being in cold blood as an instant reaction….”

One of the worst merchants of hate is Michelle Malkin.  On Wednesday, she reached an entirely new low when she began to make fun of Gabrielle Giffords because she was unable to wrote.  Malkin has best note that Giffords is married to a host shot astronaut pilot and former fighter jock.  Don’t piss those guys off.

“...Perhaps the most important moment so far in today’s Senate Judiciary hearing on guns came when astronaut Mark Kelly directly confronted NRA head Wayne LaPierre over the shooting of his wife, Gabrielle Giffords. Between that exchange and another one involving Senator Dick Durbin, LaPierre’s argument was completely unmasked for the sham that it is.

During the hearing, LaPierre repeatedly voiced the talking point that there’s no need to expand the background check system because criminals don’t cooperate with background checks. Kelly responded:

‘”The Tuscon shooter was an admitted drug user. He was rejected from the U.S. Army because of his drug use. He was clearly mentally ill. And when he purchased that gun in November, his plan was to assassinate my wife and commit mass murder at that Safeway in Tucson. He was a criminal. Because of his drug use, and because of what he was planning on doing. But because of these gaps in the mental health system, in this case, those 121,000 records, I admit did not include a record on him. But it could have.

And if it did, he would have failed that background check. He would have likely gone to a gun show, or a private seller, and avoided that background check. But if we close that gun show loophole, if we require private sellers to complete a background check, and we get those 121,000 records and others into the systems, we will prevent gun crime. That is an absolute truth. It would have happened in Tucson. My wife would not have been sitting here today if we had stronger background checks.”

There are two policy conundrums here. One is this: How do you ensure that people like the Tucson shooter are represented in the national database designed to prevent criminals and the mentally ill from getting guns? There are significant gaps in this database for a variety of reasons, including the failure of states to share info with the feds. Some of Obama’s proposals are designed to fix these problems, by encouraging states to share data, reviewing data collection procedures, and so on. The second question is: How do you expand the background check system so it screens more gun sales than it currently does? The Obama proposal would do this by closing the loophole that allows guns to be sold without background checks at gun shows and by private sellers. As Kelly notes, the likelihood is that someone like the Tucson shooter — even if he were denied guns by the currently functional part of the background check system — would then try to get guns via a private seller. Closing the loophole could block that…”

In Tennessee there is a bill in play that would require teachers to literally out gay students to their parents.  In Missouri some idiot Republican is sponsoring a bill that would require all first graders to attend NRA sponsored gun classes.  In Louisiana, health benefits for those with HIV, poor children and first time mothers is being eliminated this week.  Already, families are being required to pick up those in hospice and take them home to die – without medical care, even though there is a last minute reprieve for about 5 months.  Speech therapy for low-income children is also being eliminated.


On Wednesday, Gabrielle Giffords delivered a heart-wrenching plea for gun control.

“…The message Giffords and Kelly are sending though the posting of the note is clear: Guns too often kill children. But guns, too, can force adults to relearn the basic skills they once acquired naturally as children. One of the most frustrating aspects of her injury, Giffords told Diane Sawyer earlier this month, is the fact that she can understand what’s going on around her — but she is unable to articulate responses to that activity. She is trapped in her injury. And few things make that point more powerfully than a piece of binder paper scrawled with large, easy-to-read letters….”

Currently, only about 32% of American households have guns in them, compared to 50% in 1973.  BUT – there are more guns out there, than ever.

“...By simply wanting to stop the sale of weapons American Generals say are inappropriate for civilian use, those who grotesquely pervert the Second Amendment act as if taking their lethal toys means we are decimating a sacred document, which actually says no such thing. Utah, with it’s largely LDS population, seems to have a fondness for arsenal procurement. I’ve previously noted Utah seems to be the epicenter of gun vigilantism, as there is incredible profit in the gun business and Utah has the 2nd most guns per capita in the nation. Obviously, 2nd Amendment misinterpreters share a commonality: they feel their possession of entertaining weaponry (which makes them feel more masculine) supersedes innocent life preservation.

Utah is leading the charge to arm its citizens. A town proposed mandatory gun ownership for every household in a Utah city. They’ve also topped the list of crazy ideas gone mainstream by trying to arm every single teacher. This is how they respond to Sandy Hook! The National Rifle Association countered with “arm the teachers.” Gun clubs claim hundreds of teachers are applying for free weapons training. Two hundred people showed up for a class in West Valley City, Utah, outside Salt Lake City, on December 27, 2012, for example. Not all of the people who took the course were teachers. But some were, including Carolyn Cain, who teaches special education kids in kindergarten to the 6th grade in Utah County, Utah. Utah County is home to the headquarters, ironically, of the Crossroads Gun Show. How fortuitous for their bottom line!…”

Now far right loons are saying that a woman needs an assault rifle to protect her family.  Gayle Trotter is, though against the Violence Against Women Act.

“...Trotter based her defense of gun rights on the need for women to defend themselves against those who would commit violent acts against them. Back in 2012, she was not as supportive of the federal government’s efforts to protect women with VAWA. The law, she wrote on the website of the Independent Women’s Forum, could promote false accusations of domestic violence.

Trotter opposed VAWA, she wrote last year, because it opened the door to false accusers wasting taxpayer funds.

“Americans all want to deter violence, but we also need to protect that foundational principle of the presumption of innocence,” said her April 2012 post. “Needed resources like shelters and legal aid can be taken by false accusers, denying real victims of abuse access to these supports. That result runs directly counter to the VAWA’s spirit.”

Trotter was also skeptical of the law for other reasons cited by the Republicans in Congress who kept it from being renewed last year, including provisions allowing illegal immigrants victimized by domestic violence to seek temporary visas….”


At the same time Wayne LaPierre was proving why the NRA needs to lose its no-profit status, there was a shooting in Phoenix.

Media Matters
Media Matters

Michelle Malkin was at her most vicious.  Let’s be honest here, what she did to Gabby Giffords was evil, pure, absolute evil.


Where does this stop?

I don’t care what side a person is on with the gun issue.  What Malkin did today, what the right is doing on so many issues is just plain wrong.  It was evil.  If the right is incapable of calling evil what it is – evil, then they have crossed go.

My complaint about entitlements is that the far right the so-called Christian right is thumbing its nose at Christ and falling to worship the false idol of Ayn Rand.  All over the country, women who are over 50 are becoming increasingly homeless.  No, it is not because so many of them are takers, mentally ill, or lazy, it is because of the near depression in this country.  It is because of life.

Just think, all those millions the far right spends to keep their little whores in Washington could be used to build homeless shelters.  It could be used to help these people, and get them off public assistance.  Seems to me people like the Koch Brothers don’t give a damn about truly solving the problems facing this country.  All they want is to destroy anyone they can, and suck up their life’s blood like a vampire.


2 thoughts on “Far Right Insanity Is Insane, Cruel, and Vicious

  1. This is an administration that walked guns to Mexican drug cartels. I’m sorry, but where do they have the credibility to then tell me I should give up my rights to own an AR-15? Because they can’t be trusted to be responsible with guns, the project that irresponsibility to others? That’s nonsense.

    I had nothing to do with shooting Gabby Giffords, those people in the theater in Aurora, or those children at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Yet you insist that I pay the price for the misdeeds of Jared Loughner, James Holmes, and Adam Lanza. I have nothing to do with the gang shootings in Chicago. I’m sorry, that is not fair or right to take away my Second Amendment rights over the actions of thugs or nutcases. It’s acting out of emotion and hysteria at best, or ghoulish opportunism at worst. Furthermore, how can you be surprised when those who are unfairly punished for something they had nothing to do with get justifiably angry and fight those efforts, simply because they are responsible gun owner who may decide they need (or want) an AR-15 with 30-round magazines?

    And to make it even worse, those “solutions” will not work. The 1994 gun ban was in place for five years when Columbine happened. It didn’t stop the killers from getting their hands on a TEC-9.

    We need to seriously address the mental health system in this country, but that cannot happen if you instead push for an unfair, unworkable, and unwarranted gun ban.

  2. Do I have a right not to be shot by a ban?
    No one is trying to take your 2nd Amendment rights away.
    Did I say I want to ban guns?
    What I said was that the far right is so out of touch with reality that they don’t know the difference between good and evil over what Michelle Malkin wrote about Gabby Giffords.


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