How Conservatives Have Killed Conservatism


Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 1.30.43 AM“...They may not be coming for your guns, but they might be coming for your birth control pills if this ever manages to gain any momentum. Radio host Kevin Swanson believes that birth control pills result in “these little tiny fetuses, these little babies, that are embedded into the womb. They’re just like dead babies. They’re on the inside of the womb. And these wombs of women who have been on the birth control pill effectively have become graveyards for lots and lots of little babies.”…”

The Pink Flamingo finally realized this whole Hobby Lobby, religious freedom, anti-contraceptive thing is NOT about religious freedom. It’s about a bunch of poor, scared, little white men who subconsciously need the white world to produce more little white babies, preferably male. These are men who are still reeling from the re-election of a man of color, to the White House. Their worst fears have been realized. They are no longer in control. They’re terrified of Muslims. They are afraid Obama is going to destroy the OGP. They are afraid of having women in combat.

The worst part of it is that FOX Tabloid News, once the bastion of poor scared little white men, everywhere is in a major ratings decline.

Not only that, they are now not able to keep their woman barefoot, pregnant, and down on the farm. They are not content to destroying just women, they’re trying to destroy the economy.

“...It’s worth noting the irony in all of this. Republicans insist on using the debt ceiling as leverage for spending cuts because, they argue, we’re in the midst of a spending crisis, hence our large deficits and growing debt. This is nonsense: At the moment, we face a large gap between what we are producing, and what we can produce. To close that gap, we have to spend, and the government remains the best entity for doing this, given stagnant wages and high unemployment.

But even if that weren’t true, even if our spending and deficits were too high, the Republican strategy of provoking debt crises is counterproductive. It doesn’t lead to less spending, and it doesn’t lead to lower debt. Instead, it destroys financial trust in the United States, and makes it more expensive for us to borrow and finance our operations. And if we hit the debt ceiling, it could lead to global financial panic. Thus accomplishing everything Republicans say will happen if we don’t reduce our debt…”

Male jurors are more likely to find an overweight woman guilty than they would a female one. The GOP has such a problem with women, they are now training Republican males about how to talk about rape.
In the state of Mississippi, Tea Party Loons want to set up a committee that will over-see nullification of any federal law that they don’t like.

Real, normal conservative is dead, deader than a doornail, slain, ironically by the very poor, scared, little, Viagra popping white men who worshiped it the most.  There is a discussion going on, between talking heads.  Is conservative as in ideology dead?  Want proof?

Do you really want to know why the conservative movement is DOA?  Just attempt to find logic in this conversation between Mark Levin and Sean Hannity.  They are clueless, tone deaf, and brain dead.

Real Clear Politics
Real Clear Politics

“…If by fair coverage, Hannity meant completely untrue propaganda then he was correct. Notice how Sean Hannity completely ignored the fact that Obama was talking about the influence that Fox News holds over the Republican Party. The president wasn’t talking about talking away any First Amendment rights. He was aiming at the type of toxic fantasy that Sean Hannity spews on a nightly basis.

Hannity’s bizarre Obama bashing is the reason why he is losing viewers to Rachel Maddow on a regular basis. Outside of the right wing fringe, this kind of programming appeals to no one, but Hannity’s job at Fox News is to keep the true believers believing. He has to keep them convinced that Fox News is the one source of truth on this planet, or else the cult might wise up and stop tuning in.

The fact that Sean Hannity claimed that Fox News is the only network that gives Obama fair coverage while completely lying about the president highlights the absurd rabbit hole that FNC has fallen into.

If you want to know why congressional Republicans sound like they are on another planet, all you need to know is that they get all of the information from watching Fox News….”

Raw Story
Raw Story

The far right has killed anything resembling conservative because of their lack of kindness, compassion, and basic human decency.  Case in point:

“...Marcia, the homeless woman I met in front of the Mission Neighborhood Health Center, is 56 and looks her age. Maybe that’s because she only became homeless at 50. She’s a black woman who walks with a cane. She throws a large backpack over her thick green jacket and often wears jeans and a black bandanna. She learned the hard way about navigating the chaotic and stressful world of homelessness in 2005, when her mother died. She and her sister were supposed to share the money from the sale of their family home, but Marcia had a stroke that left her visually impaired, and her sister took the money and left the state. Talking about her life since that time, she paused, shook her head and admitted that she’s still shocked to find herself living on the streets.

“I didn’t even know this world existed before I became part of it,” she said. “When you’re homeless, you lose control of your environment. Most of the people I meet have mental illnesses. You never know when they’re going to snap. A quiet room can turn into chaos within minutes. I don’t sleep much.” Last year, Marcia testified in front of the city’s Shelter Monitoring Committee and offered a lengthy prescription for improvements, including an end to co-ed shelters so women feel safe. She also argued that the mentally ill should be kept separate from everyone else. But nothing changed. “Right now, we’re all lumped together,” she said. “It makes no sense.”

Marcia lived in a single-room occupancy hotel for six months. But the rent ate up half of her $900 Social Security check, and because SROs generally don’t have kitchens, she spent much of the rest on prepared meals. By the third week of the month, she often had less than $10 left on her debit card. “I’ve never been that poor,” she said. “I couldn’t deal with it. I also didn’t feel safe on the same floor as men. The walls were thin and it wasn’t clean, so I left.” Life got much worse when she was hit by a car and injured in 2009. She reached out to relatives and friends but never got a response.

“When you need something, everyone disappears,” Marcia said. She told me her goal at that point was to muster enough cash to buy a bus ticket to Reno, where she hoped to find an affordable place. Meanwhile, she tried not to think about suicide. “You get so depressed,” she said. “I’ve been able to maintain my sanity because I know how to withdraw. Like most homeless women I’ve met, I was molested as a child, so I know how to go inside of myself.” According to the National Center on Family Homelessness and the National Low Income Housing Coalition, a staggeringly high percentage of homeless women have experienced severe physical or sexual assault at some point in their lives.

Homelessness czar Bevan Dufty told me he was willing to talk with the women I’d met over the past few months, to explore their cases and contact their case managers about permanent housing options. The real problem, though, is the lack of affordable housing. “I can show you 27,000 individuals on the public housing list,” he said. “We’re dealing with a very big problem. We’re talking about a city that’s very expensive.”

Of 155,000 seniors living in San Francisco, according to a report by the city’s Department of Aging and Adult Services, roughly 19,000 live below the federal poverty line: $10,326 per year for a single person age 65 or older, or $13,014 for a two-person household. Based on the Elder Economic Security Standard Index, 61 percent of San Francisco’s seniors don’t have enough income to meet their basic needs. Meanwhile, the country has endured years of trickle-down economics, welfare cutbacks, rising income inequality, attacks on unions and the privatization of public services. Those are only some of the factors WRAP spelled out as causes of homelessness in its report “Without Housing.” And perhaps the biggest factor affecting older homeless women: the government turned housing over to the private market in the 1970s, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development’s budget was slashed by 77 percent between 1978 and 1983….”

Politicus USA
Politicus USA

“...In a 2012 report, “Selling Snake Oil to the States: The American Legislative Exchange Council’s Flawed Prescriptions for Prosperity,” the authors conclude actual data finds Alec’s recommendations not only fail to predict positive results for state economies, the policies they endorse actually forecast worse state outcomes for job creation and paychecks. Why? Because when Americans struggling in a recovering economy and those barely subsisting on poverty level incomes have more of their income taken to support the rich and corporations, they spend less, and less spending means less revenue for business and less hiring. However, the rich and their corporations profit from lower taxes and the Republican cycle of economic despair continues without end as states face reduced revenue that results in defunding public goods such as education, assistance to the needy, and infrastructure improvements which play a major role in economic development for all the people; something so averse to Republicans and their mastermind ALEC, that they have embraced a new class war tactic.

The 2012 election should have been a wakeup call to Republicans that the American people will not abide being assaulted and driven deeper into poverty to enrich the wealthy elite and their corporations, but old habits die hard. At least Republicans have stopped their deeply entrenched abhorrence of tax increases of any sort, but they are still the party that will cut taxes for the rich and corporations to, as McConnell and Cantor said, unburden the job creators by “broadening the tax base” by increasing taxes on working families and those who can least afford it; the poor….”

Think Progress
Think Progress

Sure, these idiots are fooling some of the brainwashed, but they are increasingly becoming more and more irrational. FOX Tabloid News has had its lowest ratings since 2001. Wonder why?

People are sick and tired of this stupidity.

Little Green Footballs
Little Green Footballs

The far right is on the cusp of completely losing its mind, totally and completely. I think we need to deal with the fact that they have completely lost sign of reality.  There is no other way to describe a few of their more idiotic stands the past few weeks.  Yes, The Pink Flamingo is using a liberal source for the information.  The reason I am is because their take on some of this is just far too sarcastic.  What we need is to make fun of the idiots of the right.  They are embarrassing us all!

  1. There was NM State Repub Cathrynne Brown’s bizarre attempt to ban abortions due to incest.
  2. A jerk in Minnesota bought a high powered weapon which he threatened to use on his daughter because she did not get straight A’s. He bought it because he was afraid Obama was going to preent him from owning such a gun.
  3. A GOP Congressman from PA opposes immigration reform because immigrants are uneducated and will vote for Dems.
  4. A Tenn Republican wants to cut welfare benefits for the families of children who make bad grades.  I gather only those on welfare make bad grades.
  5. A Montana Republican wants to give the felons the option of being spanked instead of incarcerated.
  6. Has the NRO gone soft on Hitler?
  7. Also in Tenn, there is a GOP bill that will require teachers to out their gay students to their parents.
  8. The far right is warning that Obama is going to destroy the constitution and seek a third term.  I’d vote for him!
  9. In Missouri, Republicans are sponsoring a bill to require first graders to take a NRA sponsored gun course.
  10. Arkansas GOP Jason Rapart doesn’t want minorities to abuse the white majority of the state.
  11. Did you know that birth control pills leave tiny dead babies in the uterus?

One of the primary reason conservatives are killing the conservative movement is the way they are attacking the deficit.   In 2011 the Koch Brothers donated something like $24 million to conservative causes, many of them dealing with deficit spending.  The far right is currently insane.

In his more useful days, Rush Limbaugh would say that there was nothing more fun than watching liberals go nuts when they lose.  The far right is proving to be far nuttier.

Yikes!Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 1.30.43 AM


5 thoughts on “How Conservatives Have Killed Conservatism

  1. I don’t know what the final Tenn. bill requiring teachers to out gay students looked like, there seems to be a lot of different versions out there, but what I read about it said that “school administrators would be required to tell parents if their children are discovered engaging in homosexual acts”. When I taught school I was required to report to the administration sexual acts on campus between heterosexual couples, so why should gay students be given a free pass? Of course, teachers should not have the right to out students, if they are only suspected of being gay because that is not any of their business, but if parents are going to be notified when heterosexual couples have sex under the bushes, then if gay students are caught having sex in the bathroom why shouldn’t the parents be notified?

  2. Unfortunately, this updated version requires teachers to tell parents if they even suspect their child is gay, in order to intervene in their lives. I can understand acting out, doing things that no kid needs to do, straight or gay, but just telling parents in order to out the kid is not right. It’s a new version of the bill. They are just doing some stupid things with bills this time. There are a couple here in NM that are absolutely unreasonable, such as allowing the wearing of concealed weapons into a liquor store. They are out of their minds. I swear the more conservative some of these people become, the more they shed IQ points.


    P. S. This reminds me of the kids who would make out under the bleachers at school! I just started laughing, thinking about it.

  3. That is unfortunate. I would never do anything like that. A teacher will have to do something about improper behavior, but not call parents just because you suspect the kids are gay. You may be wrong. Kids experiment at that age and you really can’t be sure of their sexual orientation.

  4. It’s rough on kids, but think about the agony a teacher must go through if they are required to do this. I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would want to teach today!


  5. Stacy Campfield’s bill, SB234 basically appears to require reporting to parents/guardians observed/perceived/reported information about the kid’s sexuality.

    I think most teachers would be agonized over having to report a kid, but I’ve also been acquainted with teachers who simply don’t like specific students who would out them in a heartbeat because they know the parents WILL beat the kid down.

    It’s a fairly sure bet Campfield privately understands just how seriously his Senate Bill puts LGBT kids at risk of family violence and/or resultant, subsequent homelessness and human trafficking that follows these kids when they’ve been thrown out on the streets. I don’t think it concerns him for a second what happens in the aftermath of a kid being outted regardless of whether they are in fact LGBT or hetero. It’s scary, especially when Campfield disingenuously frames his bill’s requirement as a “safety issue” (ref:

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