What If They Found Something?


Picture this.  The Pink Flamingo is on the phone, talking to a friend, who was telling me about the latest GOP idiocy where she lives.  I heard what she said, but had just left yet another fascinating article about Richard III, and segued onto Little Green Footballs, where I could not get over what I saw.

My friend was moving just a little too rapidly for my snail’s brain to process the fact that some idiot in her state wanted to make it illegal for non US citizens to teach in some schools, because she was afraid some might be Muslim.  Okay, that went over my head.  I was looking at the LGF photo, greatly enlarged.  I was forced to back-track and ask her to repeat herself.  I had to explain that my mind was leaping from Richard III speaking with a bit of a Yorkshire lilt to his voice (I love to hear a man from Yorkshire talk) to Mars.  I just wasn’t processing stupidity.

I think it might be time to cue the music.

Let’s be honest here.  Logic, cold-blooded Vulcan logic says what they’ve recently found on Mars is a meteorite of some sort.  That would be the reasonable explanation for what has been found.   It isn’t very big.  It could be oxidized metal.  It could be a quirky shadow, but it sure looks like something has been polished.  It also looks refined.  If it is polished and refined, there are some amazing implications here.  They are the kind of implications The Pink Flamingo has been waiting to hear most of my life.

Universe Today was the first to notice the strange object.

This is the raw NASA image:

 “...So … what is it? It could be iron — perhaps from a meteorite, Planetsave speculates. (The iron seems not to be oxidized, which would track with the low levels of oxygen present in the Martian atmosphere.) The object could also be something that has “grown” on the rock below it, says Universe Today. The the fact that it doesn’t seem to be covered in dust, however — the thing, per this photo, is shiny — would give further credence to the metal theory, since metallic surfaces tend to resist dust more easily than other materials do.Or maybe it’s just a misleadingly lit photo.At this point, we just don’t know. That’s the magic and the frustration of exploring another planet from here on Earth, of making Mars a place that is close to and far from us at the same time: Our evidence itself can be mysterious. Our data are, often literally, rocky. NASA and JPL and their roving little robot will try their best, ostensibly, to figure out what that apparent hunk of metal is. In the meantime, though, we’ll all have to be satisfied with a little Martian mystery. …”

This is all so darn much fun!  Sure, we know that there is a logical explanation for the latest Martian Mystery.  Isn’t it fun that there are these wonderful little mysteries and that we are able to explore another world?   This comes at a time when it has been announced that no alien signals have emerged from the Kepler Seti Search.

The Pink Flamingo will admit, this latest discovery may be the most fascinating.  It sure looks to me like it is refined metal that has been shaped into something.  It looks like some sort of a rod has been anchored into what could also be a foundation of terrace.  If so, it is incredibly old.  I was making this observation to my friend while she was discussing the idea that some idiot Republican in a state wanted to prevent non US citizens from teaching in schools in her state because those non citizens might be Muslims!

Beam me up, Scotty.  There is no intelligent life down here!

Did you think this was NOT going to be a cue for The Pink Flamingo to introduce a little Star Trek?