The Idiots on the Right


imagesThe Pink Flamingo has previously stated that any woman who, in this day and age, in our country, becomes pregnant is a fool. I am beginning to think my theory was an understatement.  A woman’s body is no longer her own.  There are even some GOP Senators who think that the Violence Against Women Act is Unconstitutional:  Jim Risch, Rand Paul, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz

Idaho Republican state senator Bob Nonini wants to force all students t read Atlas Shrugs. I love it.  So called “Christian” Republicans making every student in the state read a book by a woman who hated Christ.

Just when you think they can’t get dumb, they become dumber, and then abjectly stupid.  Alabama Republican, Sen. Shadrack McGill thinks that life begins the moment an egg is fertilized.  He also thinks that aborted babies may go to hell.  He wants to give personhood rights to eggs that have been fertilized via in-vitro.

“...The Republican lawmaker hoped that future legislation would force doctors to implant all fertilized eggs in the potential mother. “That union between the sperm and the egg is where life begins, and maybe where God places his spirit inside that child, so to speak,” McGill insisted. “Therefore, I would hope that the legislation that we push in the future would state that all the eggs fertilized need to be placed in the mother’s womb.”…”

The far right loons just keep getting loonier. If it isn’t one conspiracy theory it is another.  The scary thing is that some of these people are serious.  It has reached the point where, if you want my The Pink Flamingo’s Dos Centavos about far right loons and gun control, well, their guns need to be controlled.  If they can’t tell the difference between reality and conspiracy they DON’T need to be having a gun.

Let’s start with the skeet shooting thing.  The reason the far right is up in arms, shall we say, is you gotta’ be a half way decent shot to skeet shoot – a moving target.

“…Hey, you know how Barack Obama is a liberal sissy who is too limp-wristed to handle a gun, so he fears and wants to ban them? So now, to add to that stew, there’s the (actual) true fact that the administration really does believe that it’s totally legal for the President to send death robots to vaporize Americans as long as they are Officially Our Enemies, because shut up is why. Mix in the “mysterious” deaths of a couple of people in January, and you have the makings of the latest nutzoid conspiracy theory: Barack Obama is sending 800 death squads to assassinate prominent gun-fondling friends of the Second Amendment….”

NC’s Virginia Foxx (a Republican) thinks that regulating for-profit colleges is like the Holocaust. Yes, she is stupid.

“…Even if her choice of words is shocking, her willingness to stand up for the industry is of little surprise. Foxx is heavily-financed by the for-profit college industry. As the Center for Responsive Politics reported, “In her first year on the [Higher Education and Workforce Training] subcommittee, Foxx picked up at least $48,668 from PACs or individuals affiliated with for-profit colleges.”

Though Foxx is readily willing to advocate on behalf of an industry that saddles students with debt and leaves them with few employment prospects, she paradoxically dislikes people who take out student loans. Said Foxx on a radio show last year, “I have very little tolerance for people who tell me that they graduate with $200,000 of debt or even $80,000 of debt because there’s no reason for that.” In fact, many of the students with such large amounts of debt can trace their troubles to the fact that largely unregulated for-profit colleges are extraordinarily expensive.

Foxx is no back-bencher in the GOP caucus. She was elected to her party’s leadership last year to serve as Secretary for the House Republican Conference and has been touted as a possible Senate candidate in 2014….”

In Arkansas, if a person aborts a fertilized egg – it is murder.

“...During a Wednesday interview with Denver Bible Church pastor Bob Enyart, Shaw explained that defining a fertilized egg as a “person” in Iowa’s murder statute “just simplifies everything.” “So when anyone has any questions towards us — the war on women, are you doing this, are you doing that? — no, it’s a simple response,” he insisted. “We are only defining who a person is.” …

This puts it in the hands of county attorneys, just like any other murder investigation. A person is a person.”According to Democratic state Rep. Beth Wessel-Kroeschell, the new definition of murder would mean that women were jailed if they had an abortion after being raped or to save their own lives….“This bill would imprison a woman and her doctor for attempting an abortion,” June said in a statement on Wednesday. “A victim of rape or incest would be forced to carry a pregnancy or be put in jail, just like her assailant. Extremists pushing this bill are blinded by their ideology to eliminate abortion, and do not realize how this bill could hurt women and families in our state.”..”

The Great GOP Civil War has begun. Karl Rove has turned on the hand that fed him, the tea parties, Kochs, and anyone else who expected him to perform like the trained monkey that he is. No, it’s not about saving the GOP. It’s not about moderating the far right loons of the House and Senate, it is about scoring more spendable cash for Karl Rove. In many ways it is a thing of beauty to watch.

“...For progressives, there’s something delicious about the prospect of the GOP’s own civil war — so much so that some are joining with Tea Partiers who hope to oust Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., by launching a primary challenge to him. (McConnell’s a wee bit too wily to fall for that one, I think; he’s made a fast friend of Kentucky’s junior senator, Rand Paul, the Tea Party darling who won his own seat through a 2010 primary challenge to a Republican establishment candidate hand-picked by McConnell.)…”


For those of us who have complained about the crap candidates the far right has sponsored, especially for the Senate, all of this is laughable.

Then there is Rand Paul. He is going to offer his own Tea Party State of the Union, rebutting Marco Rubio the GOP’s current ingenue de jour.

“...“Tea Party Express Chairman Amy Kremer said, ‘We are excited to have Senator Paul deliver the 3rd Tea Party State of the Union response next week. Americans are fed up with Washington politics that fail to address America’s fiscal woes. Tea Party Express has called for reducing the size, cost, and intrusiveness of the federal government, and we have stood strongly for pro-growth policies to get the economy growing and job creation increased.’”

With the Tea Party’s approval ratings in the toilet and Frank Luntz desperately trying to get Republicans to sound more like Obama, this can’t be good news for the GOP. Republicans were hoping to use the SOTU response as yet another opportunity for “rebranding”, especially with the Hispanic community. Rubio is even planning on delivering his response in both English and Spanish. But now, Rand I-don’t-support-civil-rights-legislation Paul is going to be reminding Americans of the extremism of the GOP….”

One is left wondering if they are this stupid naturally, or do they become more stupid as they slurp in the Koch pig trough, losing gray matter with each hundred K they collect. Take Sequestration, please! It is now estimated that the GOP could lose at least 10 House seats. Yes, they are THAT stupid.

Politicus USA
Politicus USA

The Pink Flamingo has noticed that my Congressman, Steve Pearce is on this list. I think he’s a nice guy, but, there is no way I am going to support him, again. He has gone far too right to suit me. Something is happening to these good men when they go too far right. They change to the pint where they are almost unrecognizable. This is what has happened to Steve. It is quite tragic.

Sometimes you wonder, what’s the use?