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February 14, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-02-13 at 11.02.33 PMThe Pink Flamingo is a science freak.  Let’s be honest here.  I also find the far right approach to science to be disgusting.  It’s science, deal with it and get a life.  First, thanks to Rubio’s own little watergate, we now know why we need expiration dates for water – it’s the plastic stupid.  Hitler and the Ark?

A new supervolcano is forming north of New Zealand.  Don’t hold your breath, it won’t erupt for about 1000 million years – we hope. There are new (old) ideas about what killed the dinosaurs.  Seems like the volcanic eruption theory may be gaining some steam.  The asteroid impact is good, but, the volcanic theory is far more chilling, with serious implications for the human race.  The Ring of Fire appears to be far more active than it was a decade ago.  One or two major really nasty explosions and we are straight into another serious ice age.  That’s my whole problem with global warming.  I still think there is more of a solar, volcanic connection than man-made.

Does matchmaking work?  It’s Valentine’s Day.  How about a little shark sex?  Careful, included in this link are pornographic photos of explicit shark sex.  What about King Tut’s mummy & daddy?  Tutankhamum was the son of Akhenaten and Nefertiti but that Akhenaten and Nefertiti were cousins.  Are out of place children real or imaginary?

Red Orbit

Red Orbit

Speaking of Shark Sex, the big Bigfoot DNA project has been released. The Pink Flamingo has one comment. I thought that political blogging was rough, nasty, and vicious. The Bigfoot industry makes us look like sweetness and light. This is going to be exploding over the weekend. Keep track of the story in a few places. The whole gigantopithecus theory doesn’t work. For one thing, great apes are vicious creatures with a tremendous killing instinct. If there is such thing as Bigfoot, then their behavior, living so close to humans, almost, if some reports are correct, as neighbors. If they were great apes, we would know they were there.
My grandfather and grandmother Froehlich would be married 89 years ago today. Speaking of family, ancestors and genealogy, every once in awhile, when doing genealogy, something hits you in the face.  I had that experience while writing this post.  While on the phone, I decided to play with some genealogy.  I use  I’ve been working on the family tree since about 1988 or so.  I have about 6300 people on the family tree, and can go way back.  I’ve learned that I am about 80% Norman, with very little branching of either side of my family before Edward III.  This said, I was shocked to discover that Richard III was my 16th great- grandfather – on the Reidhead side, via the Watsons.  I’m absolutely blown away with that one.  There was something always said about the Reidhead men, and what I’ve found holds true.

“…The Countess of Desmond reported that, at a royal ball, Richard was “the handsomest man in the room” except for his brother, Edward, and “was very well made.”..”

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 12.48.54 AM  I do think the hair coloring is all wrong.  From what I know about my family history the color should be browner, with a touch of red in it.


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