Bigfoot in New Mexico


zia_symbol_nm_flagThe Pink Flamingo does not concentrate enough on the culture of New Mexico.  This is one of the times when I am.  If you want to know something about Navajo Culture and some of the most terrifying stories about what happens in this state, please scroll down to the bottom video made by JC Johnson. In the video, the music playing in the background is by Carlos Nakki.

The only reason The Pink Flamingo is covering the latest Bigfoot uproar is because there is a huge New Mexico connection. It’s just one of those only in New Mexico moments.  You gotta go with the flow, live and let die, and have at it.  It’s just too much fun.  This said, I also want to continue the really battered cliches and say that I don’t have a dog in this hunt.  I really don’t care what this critter is, only that I’m fairly convinced we’re dealing with an apparently unknown critter.  I also don’t think it is any form of great ape, or long forgotten species of previously extinct creature like a Gigantopithecus.

Having lived in New Mexico long enough, The Pink Flamingo is well aware that, when entering into any discussion that covers flying disks that may or may not be from another world, little green men, Billy the Kid, or Bigfoot, there is one salient question that must be asked.  What has the observer been smoking or drinking?  Here in New Mexico it is always a good thing to determine the sobriety of any individual who has observed anything that might be out of the ordinary.

The New Mexico connection is JC Johnson, who has been doing research into some really weird stuff going on in the Four Corners area for years.  If you are interested in watching some rather spooky videos about what is going on in the wilds of New Mexico, documented by individuals who are sober, then you want to check out Johnson’s work.

“…JC Johnson of Crypto Four Corners has been documenting hominids and other cryptids on the Diné Navajo reservation in New Mexico and the general Four Corners region for many years. The following information describes how the evidence for the study was obtained by his team and Bigfoot investigator Brenda Harris. I talked to JC and Brenda on Weds. February 13th in reference to the release of the DNA study. I inquired about the DeNova Scientific Journal being a recent entity and if it was the property of Dr. Ketchum. JC said that he knew that the journal was new but he thought that is was independent from Dr. Ketchum. As it turns out, the website is registered to someone at the Charlestown AFB in Charleston, South Carolina. The AFB is a military facility that provides forensic and medical support for all branches of the U.S. military. As well, there are a large number of private DNA and forensic diagnostic laboratories in the general area. JC also stated ‘…we are waiting to see how academia responds to the paper. And of course, we are hoping for the best.’ I first became interested in JC’s work after I watched these videos he produced after reports ‘Furry Ones’ sightings in August 2010:…”

This is a very big New Mexico deal, when it comes to weird.  JC Johnson is very well respected.  It’s a little bit about state pride, here!  He’s located around Farmington, which can be a strange area.

Phantoms and Monsters
Phantoms and Monsters

I am not interested in Melba Ketchum other than to say that the woman blew it the way she presented her material.  I also think that there are those who are treating her like dirt because she dared to step out of the shadows and not consult with them first.  The Pink Flamingo can understand how frustrating that is for a person who is trying to do something, and must either bow down and worship those who have gone before or risk being treated like dirt. Case in point is Steve Streufert’s rather patronizing about letting real scientists do their job.  I believe with Dr. Ketchum, Ph.D. that is the case, and Streufert is just a Bigfoot fanatic.  That’s how I felt when doing my Wyatt Earp research.  I’m a trained historian, dealing with mostly men who were hobbyists.  There is a difference.  The woman is a trained forensic scientist.  No matter what you think of her, give her that amount of respect.

Bigfood Evidence
Bigfoot Evidence

Interestingly, Dr. Ketchum appears to have been working with real scientists while doing her research.  One might also think part of the problem is the fact that Ketchum is a fairly young and attractive female who is outdoing the boys.  Their big complaint is that the woman self-published.  I have news for the guys, most of the work out there today, fiction, non-fiction, you name it is self-published.  It is a brave new world, and that’s how it’s done, today.  Ketchum has not handled things the way she should, but that can be explained if she is not familiar with how the world of indy publishing now works.  She should have thumbed her nose at the world and gone at it, instead of being so timid.

Phantoms and Monsters
Phantoms and Monsters

The Pink Flamingo also wants to mention that we are still discovering new hominids.  Case in point are the Denisovans.

Ancient Planet
Ancient Planet

“…According to recent genetic studies, modern humans may have mated with “at least two groups” of ancient humans: Neanderthals and Denisovans.[9] Genetic study indicates approximately 4% of the DNA of non-African modern humans is the same as that found in Neanderthals, suggesting interbreeding. Tests comparing the Denisova hominin genome with those of six modern humans–a ǃKung from South Africa, a Nigerian, a Frenchman, a Papua New Guinean, a Bougainville Islander and a Han Chinese–showed between 4% and 6% of the genome of Melanesians (represented by the Papua New Guinean and Bougainville Islander) derives from a Denisovan population. This DNA was possibly introduced during the early migration to Melanesia.

Melanesians may not be the only modern-day descendants of Denisovans. David Reich of Harvard University, in collaboration with Mark Stoneking of the Planck Institute team, found genetic evidence that Denisovan ancestry is shared by Melanesians, Australian Aborigines, and smaller scattered groups of people in Southeast Asia, such as the Mamanwa, a Negrito people in the Philippines. However, not all Negritos were found to possess Denisovan genes; Onge Andaman Islanders and Malaysian Jehai, for example, were found to have no significant Denisovan inheritance. These data place the interbreeding event in mainland Southeast Asia, and suggests Denisovans once ranged widely over eastern Asia…”

Getting back to Gigantopithecus, The Pink Flamingo wants to bring up the idea of anthropology and wildlife biology.  Great Apes, as we now know, are extremely violent, very dangerous creatures, quite capable of complex and abstract thought.  They are just plain old downright deadly.  The very idea that Bigfoot could possibly be a Gigantopithecus simply is not credible.

Think about it.

Around New Mexico, there are numerous reports about Bigfoot as peeping primate.  Once again, after the sobriety question has been answered, and the victim appears to have been sober, not smoking anything, not hung over, nor stoned, then we must eliminate a true peeping tom.  Once a the human factor has been eliminated then the possibility of a massive primate, spying on women, is terrifying.  From what I have been told, they have a tendency to peep when women are experiencing their periods.  This too is terrifying. If we were dealing with massive primates who were on the prowl for an uptown girl, then they would have been doing a few things that would immediately create a war between us and them.

There are no such tales.  There are legends from the wild west about such things, but they appear to be legends.  There are also stories from up around Chama about these creatures being ‘cannibals’.  If they are not human they are not ‘cannibals’ but are man-eaters.  If this were the case, there would be open season on them, even on the reservations.

Simply because there is very little violence associated with these creatures, The Pink Flamingo cannot subscribe to the giant ape theory.

If you are interested in JC Johnson’s work, try this interview with Chief Dan, who is Navajo.  The Pink Flamingo has heard stories like this, for years.  I’ve also talked to individuals who have told me about some extremely spooky things that go on in the Four Corners area.

This conversation Johnson has with Chief Dan is absolutely fascinating.  There is more information about Navajo culture in it than you’re going to get in just about anything but the wonderful books by the late Tony  Hillerman (my professional idol).  This is pure New Mexico.  It is one of the reasons I love New Mexico, the culture and the strangeness of it all.

Skinwalkers are not good.  This is not something that goes bump in the night, but pure evil.  Even the great Tony Hillerman had a skinwalker story that turned him into a believer.

From what I know about JC Johnson’s work, if he’s working with Ketchum, then I give her work some credibility.  If Johnson has been working with people on the Big Rez, then, as a resident of New Mexico, I think the story is exciting!