Only Fools Ignore the Big Guy!


Barnum-Bailey-ElephantsOnce upon a time, Ann Coulter was Chris Christie’s biggest fan.  One of the reasons The Pink Flamingo refused to even consider him for POTUS was because Coulter was such a fan.  I was wrong, she was right.  I suspect, though, today, it’s just the opposite.  I have become a fan of his, because I think he’s his own man, and has yet to prostitute himself to the Koch Machine.  Thus far, he has put his constituents ahead of  political expediency.  Ergo, the far right, many of whom were once orgasmic about him, now detest him to the point where he is no longer welcomed at CPAC.   He is no longer welcome because he put the needs of New Jersey ahead of the demands of the far right demands that he screw his state, in order to be pure. Durn, if that hasn’t endeared him to The Pink Flamingo!  Anyone who thumbs their nose at CPAC is someone who deserves to be hailed as the second coming of something good.

This is choice!

“…American Conservative Union Chairman Al Cardenas tried to defend CPAC’s decision not to invite the most popular Republican in the country, telling National Journal in an email, “CPAC is like the all-star game for professional athletes; you get invited when you have had an outstanding year.” As NBC’s First Read points out, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Sarah Palin and Allen West have all been invited.

In our new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, Christie is more popular than the president—and the Pope. He’s also more popular than Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, often paired with Christie in 2016 speculation. Christie’s overall favorable/unfavorable rating is 24 points in positive territory; 36% view him positively, just 12% have negative opinions. By contrast, Rubio is viewed positively by 24% of respondents, and negatively by 17%.

But Rubio outscores Christie among Republicans, with an impressive 47% positive/7% negative rating, better than Christie’s rating of 39%/9%….”

In fact, the jerks at CPAC have declared Christie finished in the GOP with no political future.  I gather that’s why they are rolling out the red carpet for the usual line-up of has-beens and loosers including Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Allen West, Mia Love and Sarah Palin.  Evidently, because he is not popular with the rancid GOP base, just stick a fork in him, because he’s done.  Even Nate Silver thinks he has no future within the GOP.  According to National Review, Christie was not invited because of his rational position on gun control.

Ed Kilgore wrote:

“…Cardenas chose a sports metaphor for this action; I guess he’d say Christie is in the “penalty box” or has been sent to the minors for a rehab tour. But I think the better analogy, given the conservative movement’s commitment to rigid ideological orthodoxy and CPAC’s informal role as its enforcer, is to the Spanish Inquisition’s practice of forcing non-capital offenders to publicly wear penitential garment, known as the sanbenito, so that his or her shame would be known to the entire community. Indeed, the conical hat often worn along with the sanbenito may have been the original source of the “dunce cap” worn by students shamed for their ignorance or sloth….”

And – that is the problem, the future of the GOP.  If you look at Christie’s numbers, he is the ONLY Republican today, who has the remotest chance of appealing to the general population and not the increasingly isolate loons of the far right.  With the likes of Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, and Rand Paul all pandering and positioning themselves for 2016, Christie is truly the bull elephant in the room.  He’s also the only elephant who can keep the GOP afloat as a national party, and possibly win the White House.

The National Journal’s headline says a lot, to many of us.  You will find that the vast majority of Republicans are now Republicans without a party.  Like Christie, we have been pushed aside, as too liberal, not pure, and not worthy.  I suspect the real reason we are not worthy is because we don’t worship the Koch Machine.

National Journal
National Journal

There is a bottom line here. Chris Christie is now the poster boy for what is wrong with the GOP.  It is about time that those of us who have been marginalized, disenfranchised, and pushed aside because we refuse to give in to the forces of the extreme libertarian and radical right.

These groups are destroying the GOP.  The party is splitting, in front of our eyes. The Pink Flamingo doesn’t know what is going to happen.  I do know that I find Chris Christie far more acceptable than the very small men (literal and figurative) who are posturing to run for 2016.  There is also another very big former elephant in the room and that is Michael Bloomberg.  He fired a shot across the bow of the Koch Machine with the money he donated to Robin Kelly.

The reason, allegedly, that Christie was not invited to CPAC was his stand on guns.  It has been proven, time and again, that the NRA is very much a losing proposition for candidates.  If so, he and Bloomberg are going to be formidable forces to be reckoned with in the next four years.  If I were the pathetic little losers of CPAC, I would be very afraid.