Rand Paul Droning On Into a GOP Civil War


images…“I don’t remember any of you fellow Republicans coming down here and saying President [George W.] Bush was going to kill anyone with a drone. But we had a drone program back then … so what is it that’s got you so spun up now?”…  Lindsey Graham

Once upon a time, in the GOP, Drone warfare was considered a very good thing. In fact, back in 2007, in a column by David Hunt, at FOX he basically endorsed drone attacks – on FOX.  The Pink Flamingo and another associate have spent a bit of time trying to locate members of the far right talking heads who once thought that predator drones were the cat’s pajamas, but there’s a whole lot of web scrubbing going on.  It’s all just way too much fun watching the usual suspects on the loony right make fools of themselves over the latest FOX Slut de Jour, Rand Paul.

Rand Paul pulled a stunt on Wednesday.  It was designed to promote Rand Paul, by Rand Paul for Rand Paul, nothing more and nothing less.  Those of us who have and the misfortune of watching him grow in political power, have been warning that he is seriously anti-war, anti national defense, and doesn’t give a damn about protecting this nation.  All he cares about are his so-called libertarian principles.

We watched as one conservative talking head after another, from Rush Limbaugh to Laura Ingraham stood up for Rand Paul, and against our military.  They stood against our country, and the on going battle against al Qaeda.

“…Rush Limbaugh said, “Senator McCain just went to the floor of the Senate and blasted Senator Paul saying the filibuster was not helpful. Senator McCain, and I tell you, this illustrates the contrast between the new stars of the Republican Party and yesterday’s mashed potatoes. McCain said that Paul’s filibuster (imitating McCain), “Let me tell you what’s wrong with it, Limbaugh. It’s gonna give ammo to those who think the rules of the Senate have been abused.” Senator McCain, there’s not a person in the world who cares about the rules of the Senate right now. And if the rules of the Senate were abused last night for the American people to hear the truth, then so be it.”…”

I need a score card here.  Prosecuting the War on Terror is good if a Republican is in office.  If Barack Obama is in office, what the heck, just let al Qaeda win.  That way they can blame Obama.  That’s all that matters, trying to blame Obama.

The Pink Flamingo will admit to being a little annoyed with Lindsey, as of late, but when it counts, he’s right there, standing up for his country.  He’s a good man, a patriot.  He’s standing tall for our men and women in uniform.  He’s also standing tall to protect this nation.

Business Insider
Business Insider

Listen to Lindsey on this one.

One of the reasons I voted for Barack Obama is because he has been carrying out the Bush War on Terror.  He has been stalwart in his support of our military, and the elimination of al Qaeda.

We have a very strange world.  The whole Koch Machine is demanding both Lindsey and John McCain apologize to Rand Paul for pointing out what a total ass he is.  So, nasty little Rand Paul is vowing to destroy Lindsey next year in the primary.

The GOP has sunk to a new low.  So has the far right.  All that matters is supporting Rand Paul.  If he were to stand up and declare that anyone in the US who disagreed with the Koch agenda be eliminated, then that’s what his supporters would do.  The man is a fool, and he is leading the part of stupid to ruin.

The Pink Flamingo hopes and prays that good and honorable men like Lindsey Graham will still have a place within the GOP.  I’m not holding my breath.  The GOP is no longer a party of honor and decency.  It is a party of whores who do the bidding of the Koch Machine and the tea parties.

I don’t get any of this.  Is the hatred of Barack Obama so great, that the far right will literally betray the safety of this nation, in order to oppose him?  When this happens, they’ve become a danger to themselves.

Now, if you support continuing the war against Islamic terror, you are a RINO.  The far right is slamming anyone who dares point out what a total fool Rand Paul is.  In doing so, they’re proving how abjectly pathetic they have become.

Don’t expect me to be supporting them, any time soon.

The Pink Flamingo believes in a strong national security.  I believe in protecting our country.  I find the idea of using predator very acceptable.  They protect the lives of our brave men and women in uniform. Once upon a time, talking heads like Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham believed the same thing.  Now though, they will allow our boots on the ground to be sacrificed, slaughtered in order to make Barack Obama look bad. They would sell their own souls to make him look bad.  In doing so, they only make themselves look like fools.


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  1. When I returned from the doctor Weds and turned on C-Span 2 the filibuster had been going on for about an hour. It was hard to believe anything like that was really happening. It was ridiculous. I have to agree with John McCain. It was like the antics of a college dorm prank on the floor of the US Senate…… I do think Rand had a point with the drone attack. I really don’t relish the idea of a drone coming down in my neighborhood targeting somebody involved in terrorist activities. Lindsey Graham had pinned down Eric Holder the day before in the Judiciary Committee and he admitted that under certain circumstances an American citizen could be targeted in a drone attack. Rand went wild. In my opinion this needed clarification. What Rand should have done was to introduce the proper legislation against this. He chose to filibuster instead, which didn’t accomplish a thing…… Right now, Fox News really has it in for Lindsey for blasting Rand. Michelle Malkin is going crazy. It will be awhile before they forgive him…….. I don’t like Obama. I am disappointed in his leadership, so nobody really has to go out of their way to make him look bad. I felt I didn’t have much choice in the last election. We needed an executive, but the choice was between a community organizer and a CEO. But Obama is trying to reach out to the GOP, so I will give him credit for that.

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