#IStandWithRand or Stuck on Stupid Rides Again


200px-Fonzie_jumps_the_sharkIs this a matter of #IStandWithRand or just another case of the GOP being stuck on stupid rides again?  Rand Paul, thanks to his adorable little filibuster stunt, is the tea party, far right loon, Koch Machine, FOX Tabloid News Slut de Jour.  We shall soon be required to hear the usual sources wax poetic about this libertarian patriot, tea party hero, and Koch Whore who is stepping up to the plate, to assume the mantle of leadership in the rudder-less GOP (God help us all).  He’s soon to be the anointed front-runner, taking up where Mitt Romney left off.

When Rand Paul was doing his entirely spontaneous and epically heroic filibuster to save al Qaeda from those evil rascally predator drones, his adorable little supporters were gearing up to take their stand with him, the way they worshiped his father.  In other words, they were just as wretched, vile, bullying, harassing, and nasty as they were when they were protecting Ron Paul.

“...The assertions made by Paul that we would suddenly use drones against US citizens is based on the partisan premise that somehow THIS president is different than all other presidents who have had the same set of powers, the same options. Yet nothing Obama has done has even remotely proven that premise.

Put simply…Rand Paul tried to raise an argument for which there is not a reality. The concepts about which he worries have been present for decades, just not the shiny bauble of a drone that is currently so upsetting to many of his followers….”

And so, he filibustered.

And so, he grandstanded.

“… But decrying the administration for possible drone assaults against noncombatant American citizens within the United States is a phony issue, a modern-day equivalent of black-helicopter-phobia. In an unsurprising, it’s-really-about-politics move, Paul distracted from the real concerns, and the quickly written email pushing his Stand With Rand money bomb shows this senator as a crass operator untethered from the truth who’s eager to exploit his own grandstanding….”

It was a well planned, well orchestrated filibuster, complete with hot and cold running tweets, adoring fans, his brave cohorts in the Senate standing shoulder to shoulder with him, through thick and thin.  Oh, but this spontaneous exhibition of patriotic fervor, the likes of which have not been seen on Capitol Hill for millenia, was so stunning, it turned former warmongers into peaceniks. Men and women who had once waxed poetic about the use of predator drones, in order to protect the lives of our brave men and women of the military, were so moved by Rand Paul’s eloquence, they willing betrayed the Boots on the Ground, just to Stand With Rand.

It was stunning, to watch men and women, who were once on the record for doing what ever it took to wipe out al Qaeda, and protect this nation, do a full 180 and change course.   Just what did this humble, unassuming eye doctor who isn’t even board certified do to change hearts and minds?  Did he have the eloquence of a William Jennings Bryant or the fiery genius of a Patrick Henry?  What would make a Republican Senator betray the military to the point that Code Pink would schedule a visit to thank him?

The Daily Beast
The Daily Beast

Even more important is the ever looming question of what did Rand Paul do and say that convinced the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and the like, staunch patriots all, to make fools out of themselves supporting him?  Through their bought and paid for, lying duplicity, they have literally handed the military issue over to Barack Obama.  They have managed to turn their hated liberal enemy into the go-too tough on terror guy, hard as nails, baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, support the troops, and protect the country into a John Wayne – Ronald Reagan clone.  He has managed to earn the admiration and thanks of those wacky wenches of Code Pink, the ding-bats who hated the guts of George W. Bush.

In the wild and wacky world of #IStandWithRand, true patriots like John McCain and Lindsey Graham are the enemy.  Why?  Well, gosh darn it, they support supporting our military and continuing the War on Terror, no matter who is in the White House!  Golly, has it come to this?  If Barack Obama is for protecting our country, our military, and taking out the bad guys, then in order to be a “good” conservative, one must abdicate our role as a world power, let our troops die needlessly, and give those nice little terrorists a break. After all, fighting them with those weally weally bad pwedator dwones isn’t vewy vewy nice, durn it!

Is this a matter of #IStandWithRand or Stuck on Stupid Rides Again.  Everyone with half a brain knows he is using this to kick off his 2016 POTUS campaign.  For those of you, like The Pink Flamingo, who think he’s not bright enough to even think about running for the GOP nomination, I would like for you to remember Michele Bachmann and just why tea party candidates are not only Batsh*t crazy, but have no business being allowed to run for dog-catcher, let alone anything else.

We just went through the single worst GOP nominee in history, Mitt Romney.  It looks like the GOP is getting ready to anoint another total and complete loser to take his place.  Let’s face it, Rand Paul would be lucky to pull 25% of the electorate, let alone win anything.  Then again, the way the GOP had managed to cheat, and is planning additional vote fraud, that just might be enough for him to be elected.

Is the GOP that stuck on stupid?

In order for once “mainstream” conservatives to support Rand Paul, they must betray everything they’ve once held sacred.  They have fallen for what was nothing but a con.

“...Sen. Paul invents a response from Attorney General Holder that bears no resemblance to what he actually said. Paul didn’t force a change in policy. Holder’s second letter was a two sentence smack down that repeated the original point that the AG made to the Kentucky senator in his first letter.

After making a complete fool out of himself by filibustering against something that won’t ever happen, Rand Paul threw his arms up in the air and declared victory. Now, Rand Paul wants money for his raging fail.

After successfully duping his marks, it’s time to get paid. Getting paid and raising his profile for 2016 is what this filibuster was all about. Since his father retired Rand Paul is now in charge of the family business, which he apparently intends to use to separate fools from their money.

Sen. Paul pulled of a giant con, and got the country to buy into his first filibuster for cash stunt. Despite these facts conservatives everywhere will be emptying their pockets, and readying themselves for Rand’s next big con….”

In order to #IStandWithRand, formerly conservative individuals who stood behind the military, were required to betray their principles.  American Spectator has castigated Lindsey and John McCain for supporting our military. Naturally Jennifer Rubin is against John McCain and Lindsey, StandingWithRand. National Review is betraying William F. Buckley’s legacy.

Picture this, the right is now snuggling up with Van Jones, the devil incarnate, according to them.  Just think, Glenn Beck is snuggling up with Van Jones!

According to Rand Paul, this is just the beginning.

God help us all!

If the far right is already betraying their principles to stand behind the Koch Whore, just what are they going to do when he decides to run?  This is idiocy.  He’s becoming arrogant, determined to destroy anyone who is in his path.  The irony is that Rand Paul was ranting on and on about the horrors Barack Obama and a Democrat could inflict on their enemies is exactly what he is threatening to do to those who oppose him, like Lindsey.  If the actions of his supporters on Twitter is any example, this is a man who is to be feared.  Then again, he’s supported by the John Birch Society, which is empowering the militias.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid.



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