Still Stuck on Stupid, Terminal Stupidity


Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 10.54.06 PMThe Pink Flamingo has been emailing back and forth with Voices from the Heartland.  The basic conversation, edited for brevity is basically, can they be that stupid?  Unfortunately, they are.  It seems to me, the more they snuggle up with the Koch Machine and worship Ayn Rand, the dumber they become.  Then again, The Pink Flamingo doesn’t think anyone who hangs out with the tea party types are very bright.

Case in point is Breitbart.  Not only is the site morally bankrupt and a pack of useless mangled tripe, but their’s is a self-righteous agenda that is far more annoying and sacrosanct than anything so-called liberal, so-called Soros funded sites could possibly be.  They are vicious, working with lies, half-truths, innuendo, and are about as any tabloid you find at the check-out counter at the grocery store.  No, grocery store tabloids are more reliable.  They do at times, try to source check.  After all, they are held liable for anything they publish that isn’t true.  Breitbart, though, is sacred.

From Voices of the Heartland:

“… was also one of the sites touting Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel speaking to Friends of Hamas along with accepting money for his speech which Ted Cruz used in his attacks on Hagel.  It was another false story this time from a reporter at the NY Daily News who was joking with a Senate aide who took it seriously,  Why check facts when a story fits your narrative?  This is more examples of the sad state of the media puppets on the right who think Fact Checking is a dirty word. …”

Now the darlings at Breitbart were caught trying to smear Paul Krugman, genius.

“’s Big Journalism website on Monday fell for a fake report on a satire website which claimed that Nobel Price-winning economist had filed for bankruptcy. Business Insider reported that Big Journalism’s Larry O’Connor ran with the satirical report from The Daily Currant in an effort to smear Krugman.

Although deleted the story — without posting an explanation — a copy preserved by Media Matters did not indicate that O’Connor had attempted to verify the report. “Apparently this Keynsian [sic] thing doesn’t really work on the micro level,” the Breitbart columnist snarked.

In a tweet, O’Connor blamed a March 7 report by The Boston Globe‘s website, which linked to a report in Austria’s Format website that cited the satirical Daily Currant….”

From LGF:


“...A editor fell hook, line and sinker for a satirical story that claimed economist Paul Krugman had filed for personal bankruptcy after accumulating more than $7 million in debt. In a since-deleted March 11 post, editor at large Larry O’Connor ridiculed the Nobel Prize winner for handling his own finances so poorly, evidently unaware that the article had originated from the satire site The Daily Currant.

“In his post, O’Connor jabbed Krugman for supposedly spending ‘$84,000 in one month’ on Portuguese wines and ‘a dress from the Victorian period,’ and concluded that ‘apparently this Keynsian [sic] thing doesn’t really work on the micro level,’ ” Media Matters reported Monday….”

Business Insider
Business Insider was caught with the goods.  Naturally, the W.Post is enjoying the situation, immensely. Krugman responded beautifully:

NY Times
NY Times

Paul Krugman is genius enough to have made complete fools out of anyone who ran with the story.  On the far right, though, there is some disappointment that the tale is not true. This is not really about Paul Krugman.  It is a Rorschache Test for the far right, and they failed, if it is possible to fail one.  What they have revealed is how bitter and over-come with anger, bile and hate, that they would much rather destroy than verify.

It is also a rather pathetic commentary on the state of journalism today. Even the best can be suckered, once in awhile. But with Breitbart’s alleged ‘journalism’ it is happening far too often.  They’re also being used and manipulated to destroy.  They don’t even mind destroying their betters.

Something else is going on here.


You’ve guessed it.  The Koch Machine owns the tea parties.  The tea parties are represented by Breitbart’s brand of insanity.  Ergo, Paul Krugman must be destroyed.  He has the goods on them. He knows who they are and what Charles and David Koch are doing to destroy this nation.  He is also the one economist who can try and turn us from the disastrous course of austerity.  Krugman has been preaching against the Koch Machine’s love of Ayn Rand’s economic ‘philosophy’ and how it will destroy this nation.  When you have billions and no one around to tell you how to behave like decent human beings, you destroy.

Anyone who gets in their way must be destroyed, ruined, or turned into a joke.

I’m waiting for the joke to be on them.