The Bachmann Politics of Alzheimer’s


imagesThe Pink Flamingo thinks that Michele Bachmann is an idiot.  She and the tea parties are a perfect fit, a perfect blend of insanity and abject ignorance. Abjectly corrupt, she is, at times, a cruel, vicious, and stupid person who is not fit for the august office she holds.  At CPAC, she out did herself, this time, with a speech on why cutting taxes will cure Alzheimer’s Disease.  Considering she thinks you can pray away the gay, I don’t put any superstition past her.

“...We have another disease, though, that’s hurting us today. It’s called Alzheimer’s. Five million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s and we’re learning that that number’s expected to triple in the next 40 years.

The cost to deal with Alzheimer’s today is about $172 billion. The cost in 40 years, cumulatively to take care of Alzheimer’s, is projected to be $20 trillion. That’s a figure that’s greater than our entire national debt today – and by the way, there is no known treatment for Alzheimer’s on the horizon.

So, all of that $20 trillion will be spent on care because it’s a humanitarian necessity. We must take care of people, but a smarter strategy would be to develop a cure, that’s caring! Scientists tell us that we could have a cure in 10 years for Alzheimer’s if we’d only put our mind to it.

So why aren’t we seeking to cure diseases like Alzheimer’s or diabetes…juvenile diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Parkinson’s disease. How did we possibly get to this point of political malpractice? Because our government, proclaiming to care so much, has created a cadre of overzealous regulators, excessive taxation and greedy litigators. That’s not caring! It’s time we cared….”

Unfortunately, The Pink Flamingo knows far too much about Alzheimer’s Disease.  My farther is well into Stage 4. I was just reading over the warning signs of Alzheimer’s, from the Alzheimer’s Association, and, let’s face it, they have it wrong.   That isn’t what this article is about.  It is about Michele Bachmann’s politics of Alzheimer’s.  The woman doesn’t give a damn, or she would not constantly vote against funding for scientific research.  She wants to gut Medicare.  Face it, with today’s ‘epidemic’ of the disease, we, unfortunately, need Medicare.

The Pink Flamingo doesn’t agree with the liberal version of events, either.  I don’t think stem cell research is all it has cracked up to be.  No, my reasons aren’t religious.  I just think it is, in many ways, a waste of money that could be used for other purposes.  Alzheimer’s is not going to be cured via stem cell research. If there is a cure, and The Pink Flamingo thinks we are basically on the cusp of a cure, it will probably be via diet, supplements, vitamin therapy, and early detection.

As with any disease, early detection is critical.  It is just as critical for someone suffering from Alzheimer’s as it is for melanoma.  There is more than anecdotal evidence that, if caught quickly enough, B-12 shots have something like a 40% rate of slowing the disease. There is also evidence that, if caught at the very beginning of the disease, before symptoms begin to show, that it can stop the disease in its tracks.

We have been giving my father B-12 shots, without fail, every 3 weeks since his diagnosis in May of 2010.  With Alzheimer’s, a person experiences regression on what is an average of about 6 months.  We have greatly slowed the progress of the disease to the point where there is a difference between my father’s condition and those individuals we know who are not being treated with B-12.

One of the things we eventually learn is that most of the new meds don’t work all that well.  There are some tales about some really nasty stuff being used by the VA for experimentation therapy on Alzheimer’s patients.  From what I’ve heard, patients regress much quicker when taking the meds, than when dealing with B-12 and diet.   Also, anti-depressants are a disaster for an Alzheimer’s patient.  Medications do not interact the same way they do with someone who does not have the disease.

There are some indications that one of the primary causes of Alzheimer’s Disease is Lyme Disease.  My father had the first diagnosed case in the southeast, nearly 30 years ago.  I do know that one Lyme specialist is now putting his patients on B-12 shots in the hope of warding off the onset of the disease. No, not all Lyme patients develop Alzheimer’s, but in a brain study done at Harvard, a few years ago, there were 10 donated Alzheimer’s  brains.  Seven of them, with Alzheimer’s, were infected with Lyme Disease.

The real question is if the disease is epidemic, or an effect of living longer.  Right now, I’m inclined to think the primary cause is people simply living longer, so they begin exhibiting signs of the disease which they would never show, had our live spans not been increased.  That sounds cruel, but it is reality.

There are also indications that the problem is environmental. I think we are going to start finding pockets of the disease that will be connected to chemical pollution the same way Parkinson’s Disease can be caused form exposure to chemicals.

The good news is that only a small percentage of the time is the disease hereditary.  Once we get over the horror that it is going to be passed down through families, you then start thinking clearly.  When it is hereditary, it is a very frightening thing – almost a familial curse.  It becomes a ticking time bomb.  If it’s not in your family, as it isn’t in mine, the odds are that it will not attack either my sister or I.

If there is an epidemic, The Pink Flamingo thinks it is going to be caused by this constant attention to diabetes, pre-diabetes, and the lack of sugar in our diet.

It sounds strange, but there is some experimentation being done by family members, on their Alzheimer’s suffer.  What we have found with my father seems to be the norm rather than the exception.  He is a diabetic.  When his diet is carefully regulated for his diabetes, his thinking process basically ceases. He goes from being a fairly cognizant individual (about 70% of the time he’s okay) to someone who doesn’t know where he is, or much of anything.  Once we hit him with sugar and caffeine, he has a 20 minute lull, then he’s back!

Complex carbs are a total disaster.  He eats them and he doesn’t function. Give him a very sugary dessert to go along with it, and he’s functional.   His breakfast, based on an experimental breakfast they are doing in the UK, consists of old fashioned oatmeal, a teaspoon or so of coconut oil, butter, heavy whipping cream, half a cup of fresh berries soaked in sugar, toast, and orange juice.  If he gets this for breakfast, he naps afterward (he’s 89) and then is good to go.  If he doesn’t, the day is hit or miss.

It is entirely possible our weight obsessed culture, where everyone who is ‘obese’ is a potential diabetic, an Alzheimer’s patient is literally damning us with Alzheimer’s because of the hatred of sugar.  Anyone who takes the whole ‘pre-diabetes’ scam seriously and begins to regulate their life around it, if it isn’t a serious problem in their family – genetically – is dooming themselves to becoming a ticking time bomb with Alzheimer’s.

The brain needs sugar to function.  Our bodies need sugar.  This week, if you have read The Pink Flamingo, you know that my mother had either a TIA stroke or a major glucose incident.  On Thursday, when she and my father went in for their B-12 shots, she had another incident.  They caught it, and hopped her up on chocolate.  If a person has hypoglycemia as severe as she does, it can be an almost instant killer.  How many brains are being destroyed, in order to sell medication and keep people from being a blight to those who find obese individuals to be distasteful to their aesthetics in life?

FYI, do you know the earliest warning signs of Alzheimer’s?  Watch for problems with coordination, getting up and down from a table, going down stairs.  There are specific CT scans that can highlight the problem, years before symptoms might begin to show.  There is hope for this disease, as long as you tackle it very early.


2 thoughts on “The Bachmann Politics of Alzheimer’s

  1. The Pink Flamingo “thinks” Michelle Bachmann is an idiot??? Please! Interesting post! I am sure the Pink Flamingo knows more about Alzheimer’s than I do, but my mother was nearly 101 when she died and she did not have it. My grandparents lived to be in their eighties and they didn’t have it. Neither does my sister, who is in her nineties. My aunt lived to be 97 and she didn’t have it. It is hard for me to believe it is caused just by living longer. I am inclined to think it is environmental. Of course, I have had some friends who suffered TIAs and were never as sharp afterwards. Interesting about the sugar. I have also heard that white fleshed fruits and vegetables give some protection. You hear so many things. A few years ago they thought is was caused by aluminum, which is also in medicines and lipsticks. Glad your father is stable.

  2. I do suspect one of the causes of Alzheimer’s is simply old age. Until ‘recently’ – say the past 25 years or so, much of what we would consider Alzheimer’s was simply old age with some dementia. I can remember various and sundry senior citizens who were ‘dotty’. We never thought much about it – just a part of growing old. In my family, the most common cause of death, besides extreme old age is death from execution such as beheading, this sort of thing for various political stances. My grandfather Froehlich had untreated TIAs that should have been stopped, and treated, but they weren’t. He developed dementia. So did my father’s mother, for the same reason. That’s it with any sort of dementia. My father had Lyme Disease. You get Lyme Disease and just start planning for Alzheimer’s because it’s probably going to happen.


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