Why Conservative Resentment Matters


Picture 4The Daily Beast had an interesting headline:  The Peddlers of Resentment.  On the surface, it is entirely accurate, below the surface though, once you start digging into what is going on, they should be so lucky to be the party of resentment.  Resentment would be good, but it isn’t even that.  Resentment is the marketing tool.  It is reflective of a party, a movement, a conservative movement bound up in CPAC, where there are no new ideas.  It is emotionally, intellectually, and morally bankrupt.  There is nothing there.  The formidable elephant is DOA.

All that is left is resentment as a marketing tool.  There’s nothing left for them.  By reaching out to create the so-called Tea Party base, the far right has basically aligned themselves with the political equivalent of the Jerry Springer Show with the tea parties as audience and low-life, trailer-park, low-rent, big gulp chugging, WalMart shopping, first-cousin marrying, Waffle House eating, wrestling watching, eighth grade educated, beer belly, red- neck, white trash, racist, bigoted, white supremacist, gun-toting idiot, and all that it implies.  The Pink Flamingo wishes to put a caveat on this statement.

I am not trying to insult those who are good, honorable trailer-park, low-rent, big gulp chugging, WalMart shopping, first-cousin marrying, Waffle House eating, wrestling watching, eighth grade educated, beer belly,  red-neck, white trash by comparing them to the Tea Parties.  These people aren’t bigots, white-supremacists, and racists.  They are just good, ole’ American citizens who have their own cultural diversions that aren’t the same as those of us who know that Beverly Sills was not a suburb of LA and prefer our opera out of New York and not Nashville.  They are a wonderful and unique emerging American ethnic division, who have nothing to do with Tea Parties.  True Red-Neck culture is surprisingly well educated, diverse, and enlightened. The Tea Parties are not.

The average tea party recruit, member, and stalwart has become synonymous with something that is truly rank in this country.  It is an underbelly of bottom feeders. They are individuals who are incapable of playing well with others.  They are the sore-headed disenfranchised losers of America. They are Jerry Springer guests on acid and meth. (Oh, wait, Jerry Springer guests probably are on acid and meth). The tea party individual has yet to rise to that level of cultural diversity.  They can’t.  It is impossible.  Their anger and resentment at being left behind in life is destroying them.  By the far right and the GOP marketing to them, exploiting and manipulating, glorifying this anger, it is now in danger of destroying our country.

They have nothing else but anger and resentment.  They don’t know any other way of life.  It is fueled by get-rich quick carny scam artist who pretend to be religious and political leaders. It is a movement fed 24/7 by the gushing hysteria of FOX Tabloid News, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Michael Medved, World Net Daily, News With Views, incest peddling far right preachers, homophobes, and professional haters.  After all, they are all Breitbart, are they not?

In the old, normal Republican party, pre-tea party, the following is something you would never ever hear.  If you did, the individuals involved, the racist bigots who now represent the tea parties and their increasing dominance within the GOP, would have been given the boot, immediately.

“…After the brief exchange, the racist muttered “why can’t we just have segregation?” When the racist was asked if he supported an America where African Americans were subservient to whites, he said “I’d be fine with that,” and continued that African-Americans “should be allowed to vote in Africa,” and that “all the Tea Parties” were concerned with the same racial problems that he was. When a woman confronted the man on the GOP’s racist roots, he said “I didn’t know the legacy of the Republican Party included women correcting men in public.” Republicans still contemplating their loss in November can look back at the conversation on the benefits of slavery and subservient women, and consider that if that is their ideal of America, it is no wonder they lost women’s vote, the minority vote, and the election.

The interchange, although not part of the scheduled program, highlighted Republicans’ racism that the election of an African American as President has brought to the voters’ attention and alienated minorities in November’s election. To reinforce the point, Tea Party Patriots blamed the racist’s remarks on an African American woman reporter for asking a question they said was “disruptive and coercive;” she asked, “How many Black women were there?” The Black reporter also took exception to the contention that Democrats are to blame for the existence of the Ku Klux Klan, that enraged the crowd who shouted the woman down with cries of “We don’t want your question,” and “we don’t want to hear it.” One teabagger regaled in tri-corner hat, waistcoat and breeches typical of a Revolutionary War soldier shouted incessantly at the Black reporter and finally stormed out of the room.…”

In today’s GOP, this sort of outburst is the new normal.  It is a world occupied by Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, Mark Kirkorian, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin, Peter Brimelow, Mark Steyn, not to mention the Ted Cruz mentality of the world.  This is the new normal for the GOP. Fortunately for us, it is not the new normal of the USA.

Fear is the game, and resentment is the face of that fear.  They are going to lose their guns.  Minorities are going to disenfranchise them.  They’re going to be raped by gays and lesbians.  So many white babies will be aborted that they won’t be able to repopulate the species.  Obama is a socialist.  Obama is a Marxist.  Nancy Pelosi is a bitch.  Joe Biden is an idiot.

Only life’s losers allow themselves to be owned and manipulated, to be filled with a dangerous and self-defeating love of greed and the almighty dollar as promoted by Ayn Rand.  Unlike Trekkies who finally grew up, moved out of their parents’ basement, got a job, and made millions, the Tea Partiers have embraced an ideology promoted by the ultra wealthy for the ultra wealthy by the ultra wealthy.  They have become their foot-soldiers in an army to destroy what is great about this nation.

“…At NRA University, National Rifle Association grassroots organizer Miranda Bond told a group of young conservatives fresh from Sarah Palin’s fiery, lead-barreled CPAC speech Saturday afternoon that encouraging pro-gun friends to register to vote was a good start—and even better would be discourage “anti-gunners” from casting ballots….”

In other words, the manipulated are now being told to discourage those of us who don’t agree with the NRA’s insane position from voting.  Just how far will they go to discourage us from voting?  That’s the real problem here.  The Pink Flamingo is well aware of the mind-set of the tea party individual.  They practice deception, manipulation, harassment, and excel at making all manner of threats, including death threats.  They only care about their own personal agenda, which is what they are told to care about.

Why should the tea party mentality care?  They have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  They can keep their guns.  They can preach Rand.  They can demand that a woman’s body is nothing but an incubator for the pre-born. They can destroy anyone who is not as macho heterosexual as they are. They will, in the fantasies of their pathetic little brains, rise to power.

These are the kind of people who rose to power in France in the 1790s, encouraged by Jefferson.  They are the same sort of mind-set who aided and abetted the power shift in Germany in the 1930s. They are the failures in life who are always behind every pathetic little attempt at revolution, be it right or left.  It really doesn’t matter.  They want to destroy, in order to maintain their pathetic little hold on their pathetic little lives.

This is what is being promoted by the GOP.  It is the re-branding of the party to cater to the failures of this world.  All these individuals are capable of understanding and feeling is resentment.  It doesn’t matter if that resentment is liberal or conservative.  All that matters is that it is resentment.  These people don’t know if they are liberal or conservative.  They don’t even know what conservative is all about.  They have no grasp of the reality of a Ronald Reagan.  They worship the Pauls, father, son, and holy sh*t.

It’s a libertarian world for them, without government interference.  That way they can own their guns, rape their neighbors, beat their wives, enforce segregation, and live life the way Ayn Rand envisioned it.  That’s fine, as long as they have no real political base.  The bad part of all of this is the GOP is their new home. We, the good guys lost, and the idiots won.


2 thoughts on “Why Conservative Resentment Matters

  1. I’ve had enough. As far as I’m concerned the GOP no longer exists. Rand’s idiotic filibuster and CPAC ended all the respect I ever had for them. I don’t want to waste my time reading anymore posts about them. I only hope some third party will challenge them, but if there is no change a democrat will be president in 2016.

  2. In a weird way, we don’t have to worry about them TOO much for much longer. They’re trying to build a skyscraper on top of a sand trap. It’s architecturally impossible. It simply can’t be done.
    1. Its a dwindling demographic. White/ Male/ Middle aged/. I actually hit all three of those points, however, I’m as prog-liberal as they come.
    2. America is FAR too diverse even now for the partier’s awful distopian version of the U.S.A. to take hold nationally. If you’ve noticed, all this kerfuffle, since at least 2008 is heavily couched in notions of ‘state’s rights’, which, ironically will be the end of the teaparty altogether . ‘State’s rights’ can be used to create petty fifedoms that do real harm to their residents, however, with issues like marriage equality and burgeoning marijuana law, they can work as a ground-up grass roots phenomenon that can’t be reliably implemented on a federal level all at once. Even the ACA is being played out more on the state level than the federal level.

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