Dumb & Dumber Meets Clueless at the GOP


Picture 3On Monday, GOP National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus made an awesome announcement.  He is going to spend millions rebranding the GOP and attracting minorities.  Lord Have Mercy, it’s like Dumb and Dumber meets Clueless!  Evidently the whole idea is to stop insulting minorities, young people, immigrants, and gays.  If they do that, then they risk annoying the John Birch libertarian end of the party.  The problem with insulting the John Birch end of the party is they are the ones with the very deep pockets and all the money.  It also looks to The Pink Flamingo like Priebus wants to top load the primaries in order to keep someone like Mitt Romney from losing.  It also leads to my question about Mittens planning another run.

“...So drastically shorter primary phase, much earlier nominating convention, many fewer debates. Aren’t all of Reince Priebus’s structural reforms basically aimed at dramatically reducing the time period in which the actual Republican party base is on display for the public at large?…” Josh Marshall

There is no real Republican base remaining.  Oh, there is a base, but not made up of ‘normal’ Republicans, or those of us who are still holding out hope that something near miraculous may happen to save the Grand Old Party.

Voices from the Heartland
Voices from the Heartland

All maudlin emotions aside, it is just way too much fun to watch. We’re watching the pending train wreck that is the incompetence and corruption of Reince Priebus, get ready to blow up the way Gomez Addams would do it, with lots of TnT!  The Pink Flamingo has heard that Rick Santorum is ticked because this is going to hurt him.  Never mind he ruined any possibility of being taken seriously when he became a ‘columnist’ for World Nut Daily.

None of this really  matters.  What is is all about is just another attempt for big money to continue their assault on the dying elephant.  The vast majority of the big money is libertarian and John Birch.  They are basically racist, and seriously dislike women.


The current chair of the GOP defies explanation.  As Charles Johnson wrote:

“...Priebus seems to think the only response needed is to pay people to go out and promote the GOP to “minority communities” — but he completely ignored the question. And there you have the GOP’s problem in a nutshell. They believe they can fix things by just hiring more PR shills, but can’t even be bothered to address a real incident of very real, very ugly racism, at the premier right wing conference.

ON CBS today, Priebus said, “We’ve done a really lousy job of branding and marketing who we are.”

I have to disagree. With “death panels” and “self-deportation” and forced vaginal ultrasounds and insane comments about “legitimate rape” and creationism and climate change denial, the Republican Party has done an absolutely smashing job of demonstrating exactly who they are. The best marketing in the world isn’t going to help you if your product sucks….”

We’re dealing with a group of extremely wealthy, extremely white men who are only interested in furthering their own agenda.  There is nothing wrong with rank selfishness.  We’re all like that.  We look out for our own interests.  That is basically what government is.  There is nothing wrong with looking out for one’s interests.  What is wrong is the amount of money being spent to control the issue, and the fact that the RNC chair seems to think there is nothing wrong with it.

The problem, though, with this agenda is that it is not in the best interest of the country.

  • eliminate the minimum wage
  • eliminate all rules and regulations for business, trade, banking, Wall Street
  • eliminate all safety regulations
  • eliminate all environmental regs
  • do away with contraceptives, entirely
  • force women back into a world resembling the Taliban
  • women become incubators for little white babies to repopulate the earth
  • end public education
  • end all forms of public assistance including Medicare & Social Security
  • do away with unions, entirely
  • maintain their very low tax rates
  • force a plutocracy on the country
  • turn the country into an Ayn Rand paradise

In other words, this would transform this nation into something we won’t even recognize. Reince Priebus, abjectly corrupt and incompetent, is the pawn of these special interests.  They want to change the way the party works.  The nomination process will ultimately be destroyed, with the candidate being selected by a corrupt few in a smoke-free room.  We the Little People will be told to applaud the choice.

Don’t worry, they’ve already made their choice.  The Pink Flamingo is willing to bet my toy poodle that their nominee for 2016 will be…. drum roll please – Mitt (the loser) Romney.


10 thoughts on “Dumb & Dumber Meets Clueless at the GOP

  1. Are you serious in your comment that they’ll roll out Mitt again?
    I ask in all serious myself, because a couple of people I consider to be no fools said the very same thing within the last 3 weeks.
    Needless to say, the coincidence of it all is rather unsettling — especially so because it sounds so preposterous (but three times is charm the old wive’s tale goes, thus the unsettling quality).

    PS. As a card carrying member of the “hillybilly, white trash” contingency I would like to point out that I am very well aware of Beverly Sills…and the Tea Party thinks very little of my kind because we aren’t rich enough. Most of those so-called “hillbillies” are actually quite well off monetarily, although admittedly they have not a clue as to Ms. Sills or actual American folk music/culture (in all of its varieties), nor anything else that isn’t easily bought at the local WalMart or Gap.
    Then again, to be fair, many on the left are quite a bit like their Tea Party opponents — having little to no knowledge of anything beyond what is mass marketed…therein lies the problem for conservatives, moderates, and liberals alike who just happen to have some knowledge of things…

  2. I’m serious about the Mitt thing. Couple of us were talking about it last night. I have a friend who thinks he has begun the tour to rehabilitate his image.

    The other is tongue in cheek. The man who literally wrote the book on you might be a redneck…was a friend of mine, Ph.D. loved opera, incredibly well off, laid-back, urbane individual who had unsuspected depths. I was trying to point out that, while some considered the tea party types to be of that affiliation, they were not, and were an insult to them. (Actually they are an insult to any group). I grew up in South Carolina, and have a tremendous affection for the ‘ilk’ of which I wrote. It is a specific American culture and needs to be appreciated as such.

    What set me off was the fact that, have you noticed how abjectly pathetic the choice of music is for conservative and GOP gatherings? If it is not patriotic based, quasi-religious, they don’t bother. Just disgusting with no lack of understand of the arts.


    P. S. I don’t think my sister even knows who Beverly Sills was. She was one of my ‘idols’.

  3. It isn’t even good patriotic/quasi-religious music — that I could get inspired by. It’s just cheap pop junk…they do have a problem with that. It’s like Ward Cleaver…except a dumb, venal Ward with no sense, and they want the whole country like that.

    And yeah, that’s what triggered the two folks I know to say “just you wait, that dork Mitt’s going to run again”. Now I see that they were not alone, which is deeply disturbing to me. What I fear most is that anyone with any amount of sense (let alone true patriotism and regard for just law and thus their fellow man) is going to be run out of both parties, and we’ll be left with the dregs to choose from…dregs who have control of what is still the most powerful military on the planet and what is still a powerful nation filled with an energetic people.
    Or we get a real cult of personality type (which eventually, if things keep going this way, will happen).

    And ok…I am getting a bit sensitive to the “hillbilly” term — oddly enough, many of the Tea Partiers are as quick or quicker to use it as the snotty liberals. But both do like to look down their noses at “lesser mortals” when they think it is safe to do so (aka. when they aren’t pandering for their votes). There are too many people on both sides who now feel abandoned by their respective parties (where I am at the disillusionment from both Republicans/conservatives and Democrats/liberals is palpable…the only ones who seem really happy are those who are cool with libertarianism, and the moderate ones of them are starting to feel uneasy).

    My dad was more of a Sutherland and Tibaldi fan, but he liked Beverly and thought her quite good as well ;)

  4. I saw Sutherland one time at the Met in the mid-1980s. I’m trying to remember what it was. I was never really a fan of hers. It was late in her career, but she was memorable. I just never cared that much about her voice. Bubbles was my favorite soprano, even have a cat named after her. I’m a baritone junkie. There is a performance of Puritani the Met with she, the great Luciano and the greatest barihunk of them all, Sherrill Milnes. When she would sing, Bonynge would lower the volume of the orchestra to fit her voice. When Milnes would sing, he would pump it up, almost to sand-bag him. I think it was a Puritani performance I saw her in at the Met. Milnes was in it. I wouldn’t have gone to see Sutherland on her own. My travels to the Met revolved around Milnes.


  5. My dad liked Sutherland because of her imperfections — he used to say she had a very uncultured voice, but she had such a no holds barred approach (and a strong voice) that there was something sincere in it.
    My dad was like that with singers: he really liked people who took the time to be polished and well trained, but someone who was rather rough around the edges yet brave in their approach he admired just as much for different reasons.

  6. Your father sounds like he was a real opera freak! I love that in people. A real opera person is so opinionated it is disgusting. I had a history professor who declared a holiday and gave everyone in his classes an extra “A” as a test score to celebrate Bubbles debut at the Met. We walked into his class. He had a huge picture of her on the wall, with a note on the board about the historic ramifications of the day and the “A”. That was it. Somehow he had scored a ticket, and had flown up to NYC to see her.


  7. My dad was the son of Italian immigrants — back when Italians followed opera the way they follow soccer now ;)

    Ok, this is scaring me: now I’ve heard it from a few more people who are no fools — Mitt’s going to run again.
    The reality disconnect of it all appalls me nearly as much as the thought of “what if Mitt actually won?”. That’s nightmare inducing.

  8. If Mitt runs, the GOP is DOA. Opera was a contact sport for Italians. It’s in their blood, at least in Italy, I hope. I’ve been reading how they are no longer training opera singers properly, in Italy, losing the art of singing to Americans, Canadians, and the Russians.


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