Not Conservative Enough?


imagesRush Limbaugh says the problem with the GOP is the fact that it is not conservative enough.  The Pink Flamingo wants to know if Rush Limbaugh is flying on all thrusters.  The GOP has become so conservative, the once Party of Reagan now has minions who frequently denounce him as too liberal.  One wonders what Rush Limbaugh is going to do when he is told that he must also renounce Ronald Reagan as too liberal.

It’s coming.

Right now the various factions within the GOP are feuding.  GOP factions never feuded before this, or not much because there were no real factions.  There were a stated set of principles.  One know what those principles were, and there were very few problems adhering to them.  There was no purity test, no sanity clause, no demands for absolutes. With one or two exceptions, there were no Michele Bachmanns.

You rarely found Republicans like Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee.

“...DesJarlais was propped up during his election purely as a tactical thing; if he dropped out, the odds the GOP could have kept the seat would have plummeted. So it doesn’t matter if he had multiple affairs, pressured mistresses into abortions, smoked pot or had been proven to be a smarmy, rotten bastard: He was their smarmy, rotten bastard, and that was enough for (1) the base to ignore his sins and (2) the party to stick by him, rather than condemn him. Now that he’s elected, it doesn’t look like all that past stuff is going to affect his position among his colleagues one bit. They may preach morality, but even among the base it’s mostly a sham—a stated justification for their own perceived natural authority over others.

One of the more remarkable things to hear during CPAC was the near-comical ability of some of the speakers to separate the “conservative solution” to things from even the most obvious implications of those “solutions.” I was hoping to hear solid defenses of conservative ideas, right from the most influential minds (cough) of the movement; instead, many of the speakers spent their time on the decidedly less brain-intensive notion of conservative good, liberal bad. Anything they liked was labeled the “conservative” position, and anything they didn’t like was the “liberal” position. Anything that was the “conservative” position would of course work, past history be damned; anything that was the “liberal” position was obviously dumb and stupid and probably the first step towards totalitarianism. And those were the big applause lines. The value of most ideas could be measured entirely by how much they thought liberals would be pissed off by them, not by whether they were important, logical or even grounded in reality….”

You knew who the GOP was.

They stood for Mom, Hot Dogs, Baseball, and Apple Pie.  It was all about small town America, flag waving, treating people with respect, decently dressed men and women who appeared in public wearing looking half-way decent.  Real Republicans did not march.  They did not protest. There were no signs, banners, ugly athletic shoes, t-shirts, dirty baseball-caps, and scruffy looking losers.  When you went to a meeting,  you were expected to behave with decorum.  Republicans had manners and knew how to use them.  Anyone who was rude, obnoxious, loud, or lacking respect was ostracized. There was honor.  Ronald Reagan was the perfect fit, because he understood how to give people what they wanted.

“...It may not be too melodramatic to say that over the next couple of years, the Republican Party faces a fork in the road. Following one path, the GOP can seek to address what has gone wrong, the narrowness of the party’s appeal, and the intolerance that has alienated so many minority, female, young, and moderate voters that Republicans have a hard time prevailing in federal races outside of carefully drawn conservative enclaves. Taking the other road could lead the party over a cliff in 2016, in much the same way Barry Goldwater led Republicans to disaster in 1964….”  Charlie Cook

Evidently Limbaugh is being propped up by the tea party backers.

“...Now, that’s simple to say, and it’s probably simple for you to agree with, but I’m telling you, that is a major mountain to climb within the party itself, as you well know, because the establishment in Washington, the ruling class, both parties, is not conservative, and in fact they fear it.  They’re very much worried about it because it’s considered an outsider movement.  So they kicked the Tea Party out, they try to deemphasize the Tea Party, don’t use it, let’s put it that way.  They did not use the asset that the Tea Party provided them.  The principles here are timeless, but go back now and redefine your principles and the message, and it’s not it.  It isn’t that hard….”

In other words, he is part of the Koch Machine.  To be part of the Koch Machine is not exactly being conservative in the ‘classic’ sense.  Heck, The Pink Flamingo is still ‘conservative’.  But, because I’m not libertarian, John Birch reactionary, and bigoted.  Rush thinks the GOP lost because Republicans did not go out and vote.  Oh, we did, but we voted for Obama.

Like the rest of the Koch Machine Whores, Rush Limbaugh is unwilling to admit that he is part of the problem.

The Republican party lost because it’s not conservative, it didn’t get its base out,” he said, adding, “People say they need to moderate their tone — they don’t.”…”

He simply does not comprehend the fact that the GOP base is no more.  We’re gone, out of there, rats leaving a sinking ship.  We’ve been kicked out, trashed, threatened, harassed, and called socialist, marxist, and communist because we’ve not changed what we believe, but people like Rush, have.

The problem is the fact that the rules of engagement have changed. What is ‘conservative’ today, was fascist a few days ago.  Now though, it’s okay, I guess.

Breitbart Unmasked
Breitbart Unmasked

The far right is in disarray.  It deserves to be falling apart.  The GOP, that once noble elephant, has been brought down by its association with FOX Tabloid News, Roger Ailes, the Koch Machine, the tea parties, and the extremes of the far right blog-sphere.  A political party needs to be above this, to have some professionalism and some nobility.  Contrary to the crying crocodile tears, the right does control the media message.  They are no longer the bastard step-children, but the power-brokers.  The problem with this is the fact that they appear to be incapable of being able to act like adults.

The conservative message has been corrupted beyond it even being useful, much the same way the far left message has become obsolete and rather pathetic.  The far right is corrupt.  It is not as much the actual RNC, as the inmates running the asylum.  The more you delve into the leading lights of the far right tea party, punditry, and blogsphere, you realize how abjectly corrupt they are.  The Pink Flamingo has had dealings with many of these people in the past few years.  They are part of the reason I have no respect for the movement.

If you want to know why the GOP is in such trouble, just turn on FOX.  Listen to Rush, Ingraham, Medved, Hannity, and Beck.  Read the blogs.  There are no longer any adults in the room.  When this happens, it is disorganized chaos.

The GOP does not need to be more conservative. It needs to be more normal, reflect the valued of real Americans and their problems.  It cannot possibly be doing this when it is the party of the Koch Brothers.