The Great Sugary Drink Debate & Fiasco


twinkieAs of a year ago there were something like 7 billion people (SEVEN BILLION) people living on the face of the earth.  That is seven billion people.  Count ’em if you willAccording to an unvetted Harvard paper, something like 180,000 of these individuals will die, each year, from consuming sugary drinks.  There are approximately 350 million diabetics in the world today.  The greatest risk from dying is not from sugary drinks but hypoglycemia.  Something like 1 in 20 diabetics will die, annually, because they DO NOT have enough sugar in their system to sustain life.  That’s around 20 million people.  Compare that to 180,000 and you see what a fraud the blasted paper is.

There are 7 billion people in the world.  Of that, about 350 million are diabetics.  A person who is a diabetic has a 1 in 20 chance of dying from hypoglycemia, NOT from drinking too much sugary soda.  When you look at the numbers – 7,000,000,000 and 180,000 you see what a joke this study is.  When you realize that there are about 350,000,000 diabetics in the world and something like 17,000,000 of them will die because they’re NOT drinking a sugary drink, it makes the study even more absurd.

Last Wednesday, I spent 6 hours in the ER with my 83 year old mother who has a serious heart condition.  She was having symptoms of a stroke that we discovered was not a stroke but blood sugar – hypoglycemia – low enough to kill her if we had not caught it.  This entire battle against sugar is a ticking time bomb, that is going to start killing people, who need to be consuming sugar, not spurning it.  My mother has been told she will probably die, not from congestive heart failure, which she has, but hypoglycemia.

The reason you avoid sugary drinks is the calories, plain and simple.  I drank a Coke this afternoon.  It had 200 calories in it.  So, that’s 200 calories I won’t consume somewhere else.  That’s life in the fast lane.  You make your choices.  I looked on the bottle.  It has 55grams of sugar.  A Carvel ice cream thing has double the about of sugar, but do you see anyone marching off to ban them?

People are dying because they are not getting enough sugar.  If you have a family member who is hypoglycemic and is hospitalized, they stand a greater chance of dying than from what they are probably there to treat.  The Pink Flamingo has been told that this is one of the things I must watch with both of my parents, if they are hospitalized.

The diabetes industry is in it for the money, not for saving lives.  This entire “prediabetes” scare is nothing but a scam that is going to destroy people’s health and their minds.  People who are perfectly  normal are having their health destroyed by depriving them of sugar.  It is also going to start destroying minds.  I suspect we are going to discover the correlation between depriving someone of sugar and the development of Alzheimer’s in some people.  From personal experience, I know that someone with Alzheimer’s needs more sugar to function, not less.  I’m talking cheap, white, refined, evil sugar.