It’s Rand Paul’s GOP Now (God Help Us All)?


imagesRand Paul, just like his senile old farte of a father, Ron Paul, knows how to play the straw poll game. Because he managed to stack the deck at CPAC, he’s not the ‘front-runner’ in the GOP.  He is now the new face of the Republican Party – God Help Us All!  What is so funny about all of this is the fact that the CPAC straw poll is for losers.

He is becoming so powerful, that, if someone like Lindsey dares t contradict or criticize the little tin plated idiot with delusions of god-hood, then they must apologize or be destroyed.   Of course Reince Priebus is on board with Rand Paul’s filibuster that was more a self-promotional video than anything else.  Priebus is bought and paid for by the Koch Machine.  He does what he is told to do.

“...Right now, it’s Rubio and Paul dominating the show. This wing of the party has its own version of the Republican National Committee: the Heritage Foundation, now run by former South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, a godfather of the new crusade; the aggressive, wealthy Koch brothers; and the Club for Growth, which chafes the Washington establishment by backing firebrands in GOP primaries (including one Marco Rubio).

Together, these groups hold the cards when it comes to the most important political issues facing the party. With their consent, there will be immigration reform, more electable candidates for the 2014 Senate races, and a transformed party for the next presidential race. Without their consent, there’s little chance of success…”

Now that Rand Paul is in power, he is going to inflict his version of libertarian on us all.  He wants a fetal personhood bill – Life at Conception Act, that would outlaw all forms of abortion. The moment an egg is fertilized, according to Rand Paul, that egg is a person, with equal protection under the law, even if it does render the person with that fertilized egg inside them to be less than an equal person under the law.

Or, is it?

The far right is now again’ him.  Seems he mentioned something positive about immigration reform.  Now he must be destroyed.  Or – will the GOP do what he wants?


The most funnest thing of all is that apparently, the little tin god who just isn’t bright enough to do, has turned on Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter for criticizing him.

Don’t you wonder what is going to happen here?  Rush Limbaugh helped create this little monster, who is now biting the hand that is feeding him.  Yep, we’re having fun now!

The Pink Flamingo has been collecting articles about Rand Paul for a couple weeks. It has been interesting to watch as he has become more and more arrogant.  The great irony is the fact that he is being given far too much attention for his gray matter to handle.

For some strange reason, the far right has anointed Rand Paul as their mouth-piece, for a time.  It may be in order to deflect attention from other, more worthy and intelligent potential leaders. It could also be that they have hit rock bottom, bottom of the barrel, end of the road, not flying on all thrusters…I think we all get the picture.

Now that Jim DeMint is no longer the conservative darling of the Senate, the world belongs to Rand Paul… Lord Have Mercy!  How the mighty elephant has fallen.