Foot Stomping on Jesus or a Political Attack?


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHow can it be Christian discrimination when the professor who gave the alleged ‘unchristian’ assignment is a Christian, and active in his own church?  Pray tell, how can that be an attack on Christianity.  If he were of a different faith, I might agree, but he is not.  He is an active member of a well-respected church.  The young man protesting is a member of a religion that is based on heresy with a history of bigotry against minorities.

This is a Rorschach test.  Just what do you see in the ink blot?  Is being told, as a class assignment, to write the name ‘Jesus’ on a piece of paper, and stomp on it religious hate, a class assignment, anti Hispanic bias, an insult to the great Jesus Alou, a stupid assignment, or something else, entirely.

It all depends on how you look at things.  The class-room exercise came from a widely used text-book on culture and diversity.  Strangely enough, no one had complained about the assignment until one student, a “devout” Mormon (and one can assume very active Mitt Romney supporter) was deeply offended.   Was Rotela offended because the professor was a Democrat?  Or, what if the evil professor is a born again Christian?  Yikes!

Juan Williams wrote:

“…The intent of the FAU classroom exercise is to promote critical thinking and draw attention to the sensitivity surrounding symbols in religion and politics. The best colleges encourage their students to question authority and challenge institutions – be it government, in business or in matters of religious faith. That is the best way to teach young people to avoid politically correct thinking.

It is worth noting that the instructor got the idea for this class exercise from a textbook on intercultural communication. According to book, the exercise is intended to show students the power of symbols. But the student took the class activity as an assault on his religious beliefs. As a fellow Christian who believes that Jesus Christ is my lord and savior, I strongly disagree with the young man….”

It could be that we are dealing with a very immature young man who is also trying to make a name for himself, politically.  First of all, the professor, Deandre Poole just happens to be the Vice Chairman of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party.  Secondly, Poole is the same race as President Obama.  Thirdly, the bigots of the far right are turning this into an anti-white issue.  Fourth, Poole is an Obama supporter, writing a book about it.  Tea Party governor, Rick Scott, a Republican, is now condemning Pool.


Please, somehow try and explain to The Pink Flamingo, how this is not racist.  Please, tell me this is not political.

Situation Brief
Situation Brief

If you don’t think this is a trumped- up political three-ring circus, look again.  The cause has been taken up by ultra conservative “pastor” Mark D. Boykin  of the Church of All Nations.   Boykin is planning run for mayor of WPB, had a little run-in with the FEC, hates gays, and thinks that evil Muslims are going to take over the country.  He had run for may of Boca. He works with the Christian Family Coalition out of Miami.  Boykin is trying to make a name for himself, and get into politics. The CFC is also dealing in politics, demanding purity of conservatives. They were very involved with Allen West.  Boykin appears to be willing to do anything to get his name into print.

Capital Soup
Capital Soup

Something tells The Pink Flamingo that Poole has been in Boykin’s cross-hairs for some time.  Then again, anyone who knows Palm Beach County realizes that this entire episode with Poole is made to order.  One might even suspect  that someone from the WPB GOP has been waiting for this moment to take the man out.  Considering that Mark Boykin is active in GOP politics and Poole is the Vice Chair of PB County’s Dem Party, I think there is no doubt this is nothing but political gotta’ ya.

The Pink Flamingo is trying to find a link between Mark Boykin and General Jerry Boykin, who is now with the Family Research Council and a Romney operative.


PB Democratic Party
PB Democratic Party

The Pink Flamingo is beginning to notice a few things.  This is now an assault on Dr. Deandre Poole.  The worst assault on him is coming from World Nut Daily and Glenn Beck.  Now, for the fascinating information from an LDS point of view.  It says it all.

“…After Rotela went public, FAU initially responded with this statement to the media: “Faculty and students at academic institutions pursue knowledge and engage in open discourse. While at times the topics discussed may be sensitive, a university environment is a venue for such dialogue and debate.” Nevertheless, the story went viral, with The Blaze and WorldNetDaily picking it up. On March 22nd, FAU finally issued a more detailed statement saying that no student was expelled, suspended, or disciplined for refusing to participate in the exercise, adding that the exercise will not be used again, and apologizing for any offense caused. Rotela accepts FAU’s apology, but still insists he was told he was suspended.

A commenter to The Blaze provided more information on Dr. Deandre Poole. Dr. Poole teaches courses in intercultural communication, ethnicity and communication, leadership and communication, and organizational communication. His research focuses on the role mediated messages play in shaping individual attitudes and beliefs concerning issues of justice and inequality, and examines how leaders, organizations, and other influential authorities dominate and oppress marginalized groups of people. Currently, he is authoring the book, Obamamania: The Rise of a Mythical Hero, to be published by the Edwin Mellen Press.

However, FrontPageMag reveals that Dr. Poole is also the Vice Chair of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party, serving as as a precinct captain for Precinct 7021 in West Palm Beach, as a club officer for the Together We Stand Democratic Club, and a member of the West Palm Beach Democratic Club. His political activities involve community empowerment, and working with community leaders and elected officials to insure the needs of all people. This should be no surprise, since the Democratic Party tends to be hospitable towards anti-Christian and anti-White bigots. His party boss, Palm Beach County Democratic Chairwoman Terrie Rizzo, said Poole was merely following an exercise in a textbook used in the course.

This is why Mormons are better off attending college in the BYU system or at Southern Virginia University where LDS standards prevail. Viable alternatives would include solid Christian schools like Liberty University, or perhaps the secular universities in Utah such as the U of Utah, UVU, Weber State, SUU, or Dixie State. No self-respecting member of our Church should attend a secular university unless absolutely unavoidable; professors are almost overwhelming liberal or progressive, and are incredibly bigoted against people of faith and White males. Some campuses refuse to pursue rape allegations vigorously and blame women for causing rape. Our secular universities are cultural cesspools….”

This was a set-up to take out the enemy, politically.  Please, check this out – again:

Mormonism - Unveiled
Mormonism – Unveiled

Damn… the evil Democrat is a Christian.  Imagine that!  They can’t claim he’s in league with the devil – Islam.  He goes to church!  Oh, damn, oh hell… the evil professor who tried to defame the name of Jesus, probably has a stronger faith in Christ than does the little Mormon who is trying to destroy him.  In fact, as The Pink Flamingo has reported, numerous times, the LDS faith, while admirable is based on numerous heresies.

“...After news of the incident spread Thursday, it came to light that Poole is not only a professor but also a high-ranking official in the region’s Democrat Party. In particular, reports BizPacReview, Poole is vice-chairman of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party.

Poole’s bio blurb on the Palm Beach County Democratic Party website states that he is a member of Lighthouse Worship Center Church of God in Christ who “prides himself in being actively engaged in civic affairs.” It also notes Poole is a “new junior faculty member in the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies at FAU.”…”

Now what does the far right do?

Christians in Action
Christians in Action

Once again, they are doing the usual idiotic pile-on without realizing they are accusing a born-again Christian of hating Christ.


Once again…we’re dealing with a racist, political hit.  Poole is a well respected professor.  His students who did rank him appeared to like him.

Rate My Professors
Rate My Professors


“…However, FrontPageMag reveals that Dr. Poole is also the Vice Chair of the Palm Beach County Democratic Party, serving as as a precinct captain for Precinct 7021 in West Palm Beach, as a club officer for the Together We Stand Democratic Club, and a member of the West Palm Beach Democratic Club. His political activities involve community empowerment, and working with community leaders and elected officials to insure the needs of all people. This should be no surprise, since the Democratic Party tends to be hospitable towards anti-Christian and anti-White bigots….”

Even The Pink Flamingo is shocked at what I’ve found.  This is absolutely racist.  The uproar is being used to destroy an up and coming young minority professor who has a huge future in Democratic circles in Florida politics.  If it were any other place, The Pink Flamingo might check out the student’s story more thoroughly.  The problem is Palm Beach County, which is one of the most racist locations I’ve ever experienced – and I was born there.  I still have family living there.  I also happen to know the GOP in Florida is in serious trouble for being so terribly corrupt.

The usual pile-on of far right loons are attaching themselves to this story, without checking their facts. Poole is a Christian who is quite active in his church.  Would someone please explain to The Pink Flamingo how one can be denigrating to the faith, and persecuting Christians if you are an active member of that faith?  Where is the discrimination?  Perhaps, it is on the other side, maybe?

The Pink Flamingo has been told that some very nasty things happened on Palm Beach County during the primaries and the general election. Deandre Poole is a rapidly rising star in the scandal plagued PB County Dem organization. It only makes sense that the scandal plagued governor of the state would welcome the opportunity to destroy a young Black Democrat in order to make up for his own little political problems with a former Lieutenant Governor.

Deandre Poole is writing a book about Barack Obama.  He did his thesis on Obama. He is a graduate of Harvard.  He is very politically active as a Democrat.  Ergo – he must be destroyed.  He is the future of up and coming young minority political operatives. Destroy him now.

What is truly disgusting is the fact that NOT ONE SINGLE Christian political operative is coming to his defense. They are taking the word of the ONLY student, thus far, to speak out against Poole’s class. He is called a ‘devout’ Mormon.  That’s nice, but Mormons are not Christians.  They are taking the word of one young person, against the word of someone else, without bothering to check the facts.  I think we’re going to find that Ryan Rotela was quite active in the Romney campaign.  The reason I say this is because I know how Romney’s campaign activists operated.   They harassed, bullied, and lied.  The Pink Flamingo has been the subject of their harassment for months.  It is one of the reasons I refuse to vote for Republicans, possibly ever again.  The GOP allowed Romney’s operatives, who could have taught Ron Paul bullies a thing or two, to lie, harass, and intimidate those of us who refused to support him.  In the wording of the disciplinary action against Rotela, I recognized some of the same behavior.

I recognize racism when I see it.  I think that’s what we’re looking at here – abject, blatant racism. If the professor in question had been white, and of a religion antagonistic to Christianity, with an agenda then I would be inclined to give Rotela the benefit of the doubt.

This brings me to something that truly bothers me.  The far right is so darn set on defending a certain agenda that they are forgetting a few things.  They are so busy watching alleged discrimination against just about anything that the far right hold dear that they are not bothering to keep their eyes on what truly matters.

From what The Pink Flamingo can tell, Dr. Poole is as devout a Christian as Ryan Rotela is a Mormon. Why would they take sides, and go after Poole for being anti-Christian when he is not?  Why would they take Rotela’s word for things?  Seems to me, I would check out just who is allegedly the most active and apparently the most ‘devout’ Christian.  In this case, from the evidence I can find, that would be Poole.  If you are going to defend the rights of Christians, then you don’t take sides on this one.

It’s like the Pussy Riot problem in Russia.  With very few exceptions, no one in the far right bothered defending the Church.  Instead they stood up for a group of young women with a history of supporting neo-Nazi and skinhead causes, who were performing lesbian sex acts on the consecrated altar of a Christian church.

Sorry, but The Pink Flamingo stands up for Christ, and the real followers of Christ.  I don’t care if they are liberal, conservative, Black, White, Hispanic, or Neanderthal.  I don’t care if they are American, Russian, or even Floridian.  I’m standing with Christ.  I truly am disgusted by so-called far right Christians who will laughingly destroy someone who appears to be a good man, just because it fits their political agenda.

And – you want to know why I refuse to have anything to do with the far right these days.  This is a perfect example of what is wrong.  It is disgusting. What is even more disgusting is there don’t appear to be many Democrats willing to come to the defense of this young professor.  I would hate to think that he is the one actually being persecuted, because he is a minority, a Democrat, and a Christian, but that’s what it looks like to me.  Like the Great American Philosopher once said, I calls ’em as I sees ’em.

The Pink Flamingo is willing to bet my toy poodle that Deandre Poole has expressed interest in running for more than a local office.  An up and coming young, minority, Christian, extremely well educated man is the last thing the far right wants.  Ergo, take him out, now.

There is nothing wrong with taking out your political opponent.  It’s life in the fast lane.  My problem is the way the far right now does it.  They have phrases, words, secret handshakes on how they are going to do it.  If you start Googling the man, you will find out that he’s also being hit by white supremacists.  Let’s teach this person a lesson now.  Young, ambitious minority men are no longer to be allowed to be successful, they must be destroyed.  Heaven only knows the nation cannot tolerate another Barack Obama, bless those adorable little racists.




2 thoughts on “Foot Stomping on Jesus or a Political Attack?

  1. I am still baffled about this whole incident. What was the outcome of the assignment? How many students participated? I wonder if the textbook suggested using the name of Jesus or if this was Poole’s choice. I wonder what kind of criticism he would have received if he had used the name of Obama or Martin Luther King. If the students were not forced to participate then the Mormon student must have been suspended for another reason. I am wracking my brain, but I think a short time ago some teacher in South Carolina was fired for stamping on the American Flag to stimulate class discussion. I have my doubts about the value of some of these textbook assigments. It seems to me that they are still as crazy as they were when I was a kid. Just because they are in the textbook doesn’t mean they are in good taste.

  2. What I find fascinating is that the far right is immediately jumping to conclusions. The exercise was not to stomp on a piece of paper with the name of Jesus Christ, Christ, or anything religious. The name ‘Jesus’ was used. The name ‘Jesus’ is one of the most popular names for boys in Spain – #35, Italy, as well as with any Latin or Hispanic culture. In 2007 it was the 77th most popular boy’s name. Once source says it is #79 in the US. It is also primarily a Southwestern thing. The top Spanish names, in order are Gabriel, Jose, Juan, Jesus, Diego.

    The class exercise was about reactions to things. The far right sure is reacting. They don’t comprehend that the name ‘Jesus’ is also cultural. To me, that says a lot about them.

    Then again, the more I delve into the story, the more I am positive that this was a set-up to destroy the guy’s promising political career.


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