Hating Fat People the Fat People Stink Edition


imagesSomething sent me over the edge of reason today.  I read an article that ‘obese’ people don’t smell the same as normal people.  You can imagine what that is going to start doing.  So, The Pink Flamingo decided to check out the internet for how well people my size are treated.  I hope it shocks you as much as it did me.

“...They all smell bad. I mean fat people reek with body odor from the bowels of hell. Think about it, normal people have two armpits and one butt-crack. Fat people have the equivalent of 50 armpits and 20 butt-cracks because of all their fat rolls which trap stink and sweat just like an armpits and asses.

Fat people make obscene and irritating noises. They constantly breathe hard, like they just ran a mile. Even just sitting at a desk, they are always out of breath and gasping for air. They also make disgusting sounds when they eat. They crunch, chew and lip-smack as they shovel food in their mouth. Most of them have no manners either and chew with their mouth open, burp and leave food all over their face without using a napkin. Food is like sex to fat people so they eat with way too much enthusiasm. It’s like they’re having an orgasm when they eat and they grunt, moan and oink like a pig in ecstasy…”

The Pink Flamingo was a little shocked to read that people have some truly nasty prejudices about those of us who are not thin.  I didn’t know people who were ‘fat’ stink.  Granted, when I was a kid, I was told by my mother that I needed to adapt certain grooming habits, but I’ve not been told that I have an odor since I was in the fifth grade.  It truly comes as a shock that people think this way.  I come from a family where thin is the exception rather than the rule.  In my family, women my size live well into their 90s.  Women who are thin, the size of my mother, who almost has an eating disorder, have serious health issues, and serious cardiac problems.  The life expectancy of thin women in the family – both sides – is about 65-70 years.  My mother is beating the odds at 82.  She has been told, though, that her lack of eating and her non diabetic hypoglycemia could kill her at any time.

“...people in position of power are not fat. who exactly are you referring to? Chris Christie? most people in a position of power are healthy normal weight people not fat undisciplined slobs. nobody respects fat people therefore theyre unable tobe in a position of leadership….”

The comments on this site are quite rude, nasty, and use language that I don’t use.  This is a thin woman’s opinion of women like me.

“...I consider myself a kind person, but I have had it with fat women constantly being cruel to me because I am a physically fit, attractive woman. My disgustingly obese sister-in-law is as mean as she possibly could be to me. She first started making fun of my weight, calling me “anorexic,” or “way too skinny.” According to her, “she has more to love,” lmao! Who really wants to love that? She’s married to a developmentally challenged man…I think that sums it up. When her comments about my (healthy) weight didn’t bother me, she started stooping even lower and began calling me even worse things, the worst of all was that I was a bad mother. This is coming from a woman who has two young children (also both extremely over-weight). She has the nerve to call me a bad mother, yet this disgustingly obese slob could drop dead at any moment b/c of her weight. Good mom? I think not.

The way I look at it, she or any other fatass would think I was evil if I were to call them fat, yet these obese women think it’s ok to call thin women anorexic or too skinny? If you’re going to be fat & are too lazy to do anything about it, then you better at least be a nice person b/c if you’re a fat slob & you’re mean, you’re pretty much worthless. Honestly, I don’t know why people give fat people the time of day, to me they’re just a HUGE waste of space.

Oh, and my whale of a sister-in-law is in college (when she’s able to get her fatass off the couch to go) & she’s always talking about how she’s going to get a great job when she graduates (w/ an associates in social work, lmao), I’m dying to tell her that NO ONE will ever hire her looking the way she does (she may bathe once a week), let alone provide her w/ a chair that could support her!

Oh, and when you’re a fatass like she is, NO ONE cares about all your medical problems…you brought them on yourself. Lastly, I can NOT stand it when I go out to eat & there are fat people eating nearby, my appetite is ruined, so please, if you’re a fat piece of lard, eat in your own home, no one wants to watch you nasty fat people feed your fat faces. Fat people SUCK, period….”

How do fat people paint their toenails?

“…If people are obese, sometimes they will get other people to paint their toenails. Usually, lifting the feet will make it easier to paint toenails. ChaCha on!..”

It’s called a pedicure, you stupid bigot.

Is It Normal? (You think this is normal?)
Is It Normal?
(You think this is normal?)

According to the latest studies on weight, those of us who have been over-weight all our lives, live longer than those who have been quite thin.  Go figure – I guess we smell so bad, we keep the grim-reaper from haunting us.

How about this?

“…Are Fat people useless, lazy and a burden to society? I mean, they dont contribute much. They cant stop eating and exercise!! And they have to tale up two seats….and you always seem to be waiting on them in line to get things straight or to …i donnnu…..freaking move!!! Should they all be sent to some kind of fat camp for reeducation or something? and not allowed to leave until the weight comes off and it is demonstrated they can keep it off??

they’re a burden to so society because they’re an eyesore. nothing more disgusting and depressing than seeing an unattractive person with no self respect eating at wendys sipping the half gallon guzzlers of soda. but but they exert ised yesterday. ughh.

2/3 of Americans are overweight. Most are contributing members of society – they just eat the wrong things and/or too much in general. Are you telling us that only scrawny people are worthwhile? Let’s just fire all those people who are overweight and fill their jobs with the crackheads – hey, they are skinny.

you’re wrong. most obese people are on disability. partly because they cant get out of bed unless papa Johns is at the door. where do you think fat people get those wheelchairs 100% percent free? or those pure steel canes that can support a hippo? who do you think pays for this things? you guessed it the government welfare and soon to be obamacare….”

Can you imaging asking why fat people cry?

Cha Cha
Cha Cha

Did you know…?

“...Brad Pitt was selected as one of the least hygienic stars in the world, reportedly by a Swedish showbiz expert, Mikael Jagerbrand. Supposedly, this comes after years of comments said to be received by co-stars complaining about his body odor. It also stated that rather than “merely taking a shower”, Pitt purchased a $3,600.00 Calvin Klein shirt to correct the problem.

Call me crazy, but I can’t imagine the news value of a negative piece like this. I really don’t understand why a “Top 10 Smelliest” list would even merit publication. Included on the list were other famous folks like Cameron Diaz, Davie Bowie, Christina Aguilera, and Russel Crowe, to name a few….”

This comes from an alleged college graduate.  The truly disgusting thing is that THIS is acceptable.  There is nothing wrong with what is said.  BUT….  Well, this is quite common, what you see online.  There was one site where a man wrote that he constantly yelled at the fat people in his office, telling them how fat they were, because he couldn’t stand the sight of them.  There was a footnote to his commentary.  He lost his job.

“...Hey all, Fat Slayer, Aristodemus, and I decided to return.  It’s apparent that our efforts last time around did not achieve any success, you lardos didn’t seem to get the point.  America is still getting fatter by the day.  It’s disgusting to think how, just in the last year, how many more people here became fat.  It’s fucking revolting, so I’m going to remind you what the central message of this blog is all about because you f**** idiots can’t seem to figure it out.

Fact of the matter is that fat people is a bit of a misnomer.  They’re not really people at all, as Aristodemus brilliantly pointed out.  They are sub-human filthy pieces of shit.  They are f****** pathetic, monsters in human disguise.  They are disgusting and vomit inducing in every way imaginable.  There is nothing redeeming or noble in the life of a fat sub-human filth.  They live a life of decadence, a life devoted to their passions of stuffing their ugly and disgusting faces with the most unhealthy and awful foods possible.  They are addicts to their demise.  This sub-human filth deserves no respect, no sympathy.  Even derision and shaming is more than they deserve.  We should be eradicating sub-human filth from our society at every turn.

These fat pieces of shit piss me off so hard.  They cause world hunger with their gluttony and overwhelm our medical system with their obesity.  They create engineering obstacles given their need for wide spaces, bigger gas guzzling cars, wide seats, wide pathways to walk.  They inconvenience us, the healthy, for being healthy.  We are expected to subsidize their destructive, disgusting, and pathetic behavior, and to do so happily.  F*** them.  Those f****** selfish sub-human filth enjoy all the perks of a healthy society at their very beck and call, and they actually think they are entitled to it.

You know what?  If there was a fatty right next to me at this very moment, I’d f****** murder that sub-human filth.  FAT SUB-HUMAN FILTH DO NOT DESERVE TO LIVE.  It is better for us all that they die and their putrid bodies destroyed before they can inconvenience us more with disease.  Oh how I relish a fat disgusting piece of shit screaming, begging for mercy, while I bind them and slowly disembowel them.  I’d fucking cut open their huge stomach and rip out all the fat.  They’ll be screaming in agony, and then I’d have Fat Slayer beating it senseless.  Then I’d f***** make that filth eat its own lard.  Then I’d gouge its eyes out and piss all over it while they die a slow and agonizing death as they cry and beg for forgiveness which they shall never receive.  Sub-human filth can never be forgiven, they are a treachery to our society.

Heed these words well you pieces of shit.  The day will come when we will be free of fat people, and until then, you need to remind yourself to never sympathize or empathize with them.  They do not respect themselves, thus neither should you.  They are worthless, disgusting, and death is more than they deserve…”

But…. This is not acceptable.  Is there any difference?


“...I feel so much anger towards fat people, it’s ridiculous. Not only are they becoming an economic drain on the country (my country = The Netherlands), they stink, take up too f***ing space in public transportation (or… the world), the are just so incredibly UGLY! I mean seriously, let’s take some average teenage fat girl; fat f***king head with at least three chins, pink/reddish complexion with a sweaty forehead, a huge upperbody with ginormous arms and loose skinflaps, saggy tits, a stomach that will never fit into a normal shirt, hips with so much fat on them that it bulges out above their pants, an ass the size of a planet and legs of a freakin’ dinosaur.

Isn’t that the most hideous thing? I know i may seem superficial but i don’t care. If you’re fat, you’re ugly and it’s the fact that i have to look at your ugly ass that makes me so angry. If you’re fat i beg of you; please, please stop eating and taka a look at yourself! Do you really want to impose your ugliness on your fellow earthlings? I just can’t stand to look at you! You’re fat, you stink, you DO NOT DESERVE TO LIVE! I really mean that… Stop eating…..”

Or, how about this question:  Why are fat people so nasty looking?

“...Not everyone thinks that obese people are nasty looking. On the contrary, many people find obese people quite beautiful. Being overweight at one point in history was a sign of beauty and wealth….”

Yahoo Answers
Yahoo Answers

“...I can deal with their disgusting smell, I can live with their filthy rolls of flesh spilling out of their too-small tank tops; hell, I can even forgive their sometimes total disregard for other peoples’ feelings. But what I can’t understand is how they just happily take away government funds from disabled people who really need it. Everyone’s heard of and seen the whales who take up handicapped spaces at Wal Mart and hog the motorized carts that others actually need. I don’t know how they live with themselves, when they roll by easily on their little cart and see an octogenarian who, even with a walker, can barely stand upright. And I don’t understand how they can buy and eat MASSIVE amounts of junk food, KNOWING that it’ll definitely land them in the hospital one day. And their bills? The bills that they can’t pay because they’re too fat to work? Guess what, fatso? WE pay them, because you lazy f***s are too fat to work. Because you’re too fat to work, you can only afford cheap food. Because you can only afford cheap food, you get too fat to work. It’s a vicious cycle, and guess what? It’s all. Your. Fault.

People who have to work 70 hours a week just to support their family have to give away a chunk of their hard-earned salary to pay for your deep-fried butter and the bypass surgery you’ll have to get after you OD on corn dogs. Seriously, how do you live with yourselves? It’s not even that hard to lose weight. I’m sure you’ve heard of Bree Boyce; she lost 110 pounds- around half of her body weight- in less than three years.

Wonder why everyone hates fat people? Well, there you go. You can quit lying to yourself and you can stop hanging around yahoo answers, begging strangers to tell you you’re not fat. Because you are. And you’ll stay that way until you get off your lardy ass and start either eating right, or exercising….”

The prejudice and ignorance shown about people who are overweight is astounding.  I think this one is best of all.  If nothing else explains the ignorance about weight and people this single answer given to someone says it best.

Cha Cha
Cha Cha

Oh… really?

Dmitri Hvorostovsky Barihunk
Dmitri Hvorostovsky


Dmitri Hvorostovsky is one of the greatest baritones in the history of opera.  Arguably the greatest baritone in the history of opera is Sherrill Milnes.

Sherrill Milnes  The Original Barihunk Beverly Sills Greatest Soprano Ever!
Sherrill Milnes
The Original Barihunk
Beverly Sills
Greatest Soprano Ever!

The Pink Flamingo may not be thin, but I don’t like stupid, wretched, disgusting ignorance.  I also love my barihunks.  I think this little exhibition of barihunks should prove that the comment that opera singers must be obese in order to properly sing is one of the dumbest, most ignorant things I’ve ever heard.

Sherrill Milnes as Jack Rance
Sherrill Milnes
as Jack Rance
Simon Keenlyside  as Don Giovanni
Simon Keenlyside
as Don Giovanni



In opera, these excellent specimens of male perfection are known as Barihunks, for obvious reason.








There is even a calendar dedicated to Barihunks. It is quite tasteful.  The Pink Flamingo has the 2013 edition.

Dmitri Hvorostovsky
Dmitri Hvorostovsky
Beverly Sills Sherrill Milnes in Thais
Beverly Sills
Sherrill Milnes
in Thais
Erwin Schrott Don Giovanni
Erwin Schrott
Don Giovanni

It should be understood that there are some tenors (most?) who do not achieve the masculine perfection of our beloved Barihunks, but they are tenors. We are not to expect much more from them.  There are a few sopranos who are The Pink Flamingo’s size – and they are leading ladies of the opera.  There are some sopranos who are quite thin. But, they are not pictured because The Pink Flamingo is highly prejudiced and is a confessed baritone junkie.


This well illustrated post is about steriotypes, cruelty, bigotry, and how nasty people in this world can be.

“…You see if you’re overweight, you are immediately a bad role model. You are a bad parent. You are a walking diabetic, heart attack. It is assumed you never exercise, nor do you eat healthy food or manage your stress levels. It is assumed you hate yourself and have no self esteem. If you’re overweight, you don’t live adventurous, fun, fulfilled lives full of love. You are nothing, but the flab on your belly. You are just fat. For many of us fatties, there’s nothing further from the truth.

It’s become accepted among people to comment openly about other people’s weight because we’ve been told time and time again that fat people are a drain on the tax system. Us fat people take valuable resources from the skinny elite. And because we cost people money, we are fair game. People on forums, in offices, on buses, at the school gate, on television, in news segments, online, at coffee shops and shopping centres have the right to pass judgment on us because of the size of our arse. We deserve it.

We are so fat we shouldn’t be allowed to fly in planes or ride on buses. We should have timed lunch breaks because, let’s face it, we eat so much more, we take way longer than other “normal” people. It’s time we were all sent to live on Fat Island.

I mean you have looked in the mirror lately haven’t you? You have taken a good hard look at your fat self haven’t you? Because it’s fat people like us that shame our country. We are a blight on the nation’s reputation. We walk around thinking we have equal rights as other people, but we don’t deserve to because we are too fat to deserve anything. We should just sit at home eating ice cream from the tub and smell our own fatness. Fat people smell too, did you know that? I read it in the comments of a news story. I unsubscribed to the news service, it angered me so much….”

Those comments all come from Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, and tea partiers.  On Twitter, I’ve yet to have one liberal, progressive, or Democrat be insulting about size and weight.  The far right does it to harass and intimidate.  They also use death threats.  I’ve had a few of those.

Ironically, while I was working on this post, a friend sent this to me via email.  I think it says it all.

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 10.12.56 PM

I saw a question – do fat people cry?  Are people that insensitive?  Have people my size been dehumanized to the point where they don’t know if we are human enough to cry?  When people ask that sort of a question, I question their humanity, and the lack of it.

Do fat people cry?

We cry a heck of a lot of the time.  We cry because we are treated like dirt, can’t find clothes that fit us, are the subject of rank discrimination on the job, and are treated like we have a low intellectual capacity because we aren’t so thing our heads are too big for our bodies.  We are despised, to the point where there are days when I don’t even bother with people.  I have been made to feel hideous, like a monster, and sub-human.  So, yea, the answer to that bigoted question is fat women probably cry a heck of a lot more than our thin counterparts.

Our lives are treated as if they are worthless. The medical profession despises us.  We are looked upon as a drain on society and the health care system in general.  Want to know a dirty little secret?  The reason vile fat people like The Pink Flamingo end up costing more is because we don’t get the proper medical treatment to begin with.

About six years ago I was having a problem with tachycardia.  My underweight mother, with the pacemaker, who had her heart stop, twice, was determined that I was having serious heart problems.  I was forced to see an internist.  Instead of asking what was bothering me, I was told I needed bariatric surgery, which is the DEADLIEST elective surgery there is.  They never bothered with the fact that I have acid reflux.  The cardiologist told me I wouldn’t live more than five years because I was so obese and did not exercise three hours a week.  Never bothered with a family history. He castigated me for all the bad things I ate, never bothering to ask what I eat.

I am 90% of the time a vegetarian, do not eat any form of seafood, very little poultry, no lamb.  I do like chili dogs.  I will eat bacon, which many vegetarians do.  I am extremely allergic to eggs, so there is no cake, ice cream, cookies, many pies, most desserts, and anything with eggs.  I am allergic to sunflower products, so I am very careful if I eat anything fried out – not that I often do.  I live on unsweet Sonic iced tea. I drink very little alcohol. Grain products give me indigestion.  I eat a heck of a lot of veggies, most of them raw.  My bad habit is cheese enchiladas with salsa – and nothing else on them.

The cardiologist told me that I wouldn’t live long if I did not start exercising three hours a day.  I have and irregularity in my heart beat.  Finally, at the end of telling me how lazy and slothful I am and that he doesn’t like overweight people, he told me that it was obvious the problem was due to a  near fatal bout of rheumatic fever when I was a baby.  Since that was the case, he recommended walking, but that was about it, and not to over heat myself because I had a history of problems that way.

My blood pressure is normal.  I am not a diabetic.  I have a tendency to thyroid problems, which run in the family.  I also have a tendency to trip over my own feet and break things.  Aside from my mother’s hysteria, the only reason I’ve had medical attention in 8 years is for a broken right elbow so badly broken I have difficulty using it at times.  I then tripped coming into my condo and scraped my leg, getting a severe skin infection.  The tachycardia I was experiencing was caused because I was dehydrated and was not getting enough salt.  I’ve twice had to go to the ER to rehydrate.  So, I now live on Sonic Iced Tea, in the large sizes.

We are all different.  I am far healthier than my thin mother and a few other thin relatives.  You wouldn’t know it, to hear how I am berated at times.  That’s okay, fat people don’t cry like normal people.  We don’t smell like normal people, and are destroying the eco-system.  Why not just dispose of us all, now.  If you were to do that, it would take out half the country, just about.

I guess we aren’t human.


2 thoughts on “Hating Fat People the Fat People Stink Edition

  1. It is really pathetic that our culture is so obsessed with the outward appearance. People spend thousands of dollars each year on lipsuction, facelifts, cool clothes etc. Every flaw is considered a defect that must be corrected. If that is not enough, we have the Food Police on our tails telling us we have to limit sugary drinks and that we should pay a fat tax on anything containing more than a certain number of calories. The more obsessed one becomes with the outward appearance, the higher the level of anxiety. When are people going to learn to live a little, let go and laugh? The world is not going to come to an end if you are a few pounds overweight or if your clothes are not in the latest style. Other people can make you feel miserable only if you let them. It is really sad that people are so engaged in such a shallow lifestyle that they have failed to realize that they are unique creations just the way they are.

  2. We must have love and compassion for each other. It’s sad if you don’t. When you see someone riding a motorized scooter, you don’t know if they have just had surgery, or have severe nerve damage or arthritis, or Lupus etc. You might see they’re overweight and think they are just being lazy. How does anyone know what pain and limitations that person has????????

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