The Tea Party Shows It’s Hand


Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 10.39.19 PMI have a friend who keeps telling me politics in Oklahoma are crazy.  I now believe her.  We’ve also been discussing just why good, honest, decent Republicans are turning into such jerks, falling for the absurd, almost insane, tea party agenda.  The Pink Flamingo has been wondering why the tea parties, sponsored by the Koch Machine, have such a strong influence over the GOP. Now we know. In Oklahoma, in an attempt to force a Republican in the state senate to do what they are demanding he do, or they will basically ruin not only he but his family and friends. Fortunately, finally, one Republican is standing up to them. Cliff Branan has turned it over to the FBI.

“…“Get that bill heard or I will make sure you regret not doing it,” Gerhart wrote in the email. “I will make you the laughing stock of the Senate if I don’t hear that this bill will be heard and passed. We will dig into your past, your family, your associates and once we start on you there will be no end to it. This is a promise.”

Gerhart told that he sent the email and acknowledged it was a political threat. He denied he intended it as a physical threat.

“We want to know what is going on down there,” Gerhart told “We want to know if his wife has got a criminal history. We want to know everything about him. We want to find out if this man is a responsible citizen, if he’s even got his family under control much less control of his office.”…”

Isn’t this sort of thing illegal?
Isn’t it considered blackmail?

Politicus USA
Politicus USA

Many of us have wondered why the tea parties and the far right extremists of the John Birch Society, basically shilling for the Koch Machine, are managing to force decent Republican lawmakers into abject submission. Now we know the real reason.  It does restore a bit of my faith in the basic decency of some of members of the GOP.  Right now I’m wanting to truly give them the benefit of the doubt.

Now, it seems, maybe they aren’t all doing it just for the money.  It’s one thing to soldier on when you are the one being threatened.  When your family and friends, so many of them completely unconnected to politics are threatened, what do you do?

Is this the way to run a country?  I don’t think so.  I think this sort of thing should be illegal.  How can you have civil discourse and preserve the country when half of those voting for laws are being blackmailed by the forces of two individuals who have a heck of a lot of money to spend buying what they want.

There is nothing wrong with having all that money.  But, what they are doing to influence the political discourse is immoral, unethical, and should be illegal.  Unfortunately, it is not.  Ergo, they have all the power, and we the little people have none.  Contrary to what their so-called libertarian patriot minions spout, I don’t think that’s what the founders wanted.