How Many Dems Must Far Right Loons ‘Bag’ Before NRA Is Shut Down?


Screen Shot 2013-04-04 at 10.18.49 PMThe Far Right is upset over guns.  Why not?  They’re paid big bucks to be upset.  They’re pandering to the NRA and their Koch Machine munitions manufacturing big donors.  Don’t worry about the NRA, they’re now embracing far right loons they kicked out of the organization well over a decade ago.  If nothing else proves how intellectually dishonest they are, this should, but it doesn’t.  The far right just doesn’t care.  They’re in the middle of a Borderline Personality Disorder 8 year hysteria plan.  Don’t bother them with facts, reasoned conversation, or anything that might stop and make them think.  They don’t want to do that.  They want to suck up all that nice money like a junkie sucks up cocaine.

Obama wants to constrain the Constitution, ergo Dems who oppose the NRA must be threatened.

“...One last thing I’m going to mention is that during this conversation — I hope you don’t mind me quoting you, Joe. Joe Garcia, I thought, also made an important point, and that is that the opponents of some of these common-sense laws have ginned up fears among responsible gun owners that have nothing to do with what’s being proposed and nothing to do with the facts, but feeds into this suspicion about government.

You hear some of these quotes: “I need a gun to protect myself from the government.”  “We can’t do background checks because the government is going to come take my guns away.”

Well, the government is us. These officials are elected by you. (Applause.) They are elected by you. I am elected by you. I am constrained, as they are constrained, by a system that our Founders put in place. It’s a government of and by and for the people.

And so, surely, we can have a debate that’s not based on the notion somehow that your elected representatives are trying to do something to you other than potentially prevent another group of families from grieving the way the families of Aurora or Newtown or Columbine have grieved. We’ve got to get past some of the rhetoric that gets perpetuated that breaks down trust and is so over the top that it just shuts down all discussion.  And it’s important for all of us when we hear that kind of talk to say, hold on a second. If there are any folks who are out there right now who are gun owners, and you’ve been hearing that somehow somebody is taking away your guns, get the facts. We’re not proposing a gun registration system, we’re proposing background checks for criminals.  (Applause.)

Don’t just listen to what some advocates or folks who have an interest in this thing are saying. Look at the actual legislation. That’s what happened here in Colorado.  And hopefully, if we know the facts and we’re listening to each other, then we can actually move forward. …”

They’re out of their minds.

Do you know that 72% of hunters want criminal background checks for gun purchases?

“…You’d think that since 83% of Americans want stricter gun laws — including a majority of gun owners — that we’d actually have them by now. But of course we don’t, thanks to the Republicans on Capitol Hill. Instead of putting their thinking caps on towards preventing gun violence, they’re donning their tin foil hats and parroting paranoid talking points fed to them by the NRA.Timothy Johnson from Media Matters reports that on April 3, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee promoted the latest conspiracy on his radio show: That President Barack Obama is planning to confiscate all of our guns and — after rendering Americans defenseless — install a Nazi dictatorship. He then conjures up lurid images of dystopian subjugation and freedom fighters fatalistically dying in the streets in their futile attempts to fight the power….”

In the past couple of weeks we’re up to something like five or six law enforcement officials being murdered, by far right criminal prison gangs. How far does this go, and do the far right talking heads, NRA supporters, and leadership of the NRA have any responsibility here?

In Colorado, a former NRA Lobbyist, and founder of the Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, basically compared deer hunting to hunting Democrats.

“…Brown complains universal background checks are just a step towards identifying gun owners so the government can seize their weapons, and he calls the 15-bullet limit on ammunition clips arbitrary. He’s promising political payback in next year’s election that could cost Colorado Democrats their majorities. “I liken it to the proverbial hunting season,” Brown says. “We tell gun owners, there’s a time to hunt deer. And the next election is the time to hunt Democrats.”…”

At one time, in the 1990s, Dudley Brown’s group was considered far too extreme for the NRA.  Now, though, the NRA is aligning itself with Brown’s group.  Both the NRA and now mainstream Republicans are warning that Obama is a tyrant to be compared to Hitler and Stalin.

Unfortunately, it is more than just rhetoric.  In New York, Dem Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney has received death threats for not supporting the NRA.

“…“They said they were going to kill me,” she told the newspaper, adding that she received three warnings about an hour apart. She avoided attending a scheduled dinner that night with the Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districts: “I couldn’t go. Who knows what could happen? I think any member of Congress would be scared after what happened to my good friend Gabby Giffords. You have to take these things seriously.” Ariz. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was a wounded victim of a shooting near Tucson in 2011….”


In California, Leland Yee has been threatened.  In Minnesota so has Rick Nolan, and Sherry Appleton of Washington. They are even threatening some lawmakers which have a lifetime A rating from the NRA like Scott Rigell.


NAGR, which is run by Dudley, is supported by Rand Paul.  Now the threats make perfect sense.

No More Mr. Nice Blog
No More Mr. Nice Blog

How far does this go before someone cries enough and reason returns to the GOP?

Just asking.

Mike Huckabee’s show is sponsored by the same far right John Birch lovin’ Koch supporters who sponsor Glenn Beck.

Addicting Info
Addicting Info

“...Rather than correct the caller that in 1938, the Nazi Party loosened gun regulations that had been imposed by the Versailles Treaty in the wake of World War One, lowered the age limit for gun ownership and de-regulated the possession of shotguns and rifles for everyone but Jews, Huckabee chose instead to stoke the caller’s fears.

“People do forget that,” said Huckabee. “And by the way, know that when you bring that up you get people who get crazy on us, and they’ll start saying, ‘Oh there you go comparing to the Nazis.’ And I understand the reaction, but it’s the truth. You cannot take people’s rights away if they’re resisting and if they have the means to resist, but once they’re disarmed and the people who are trying to take over have all the power, not just political, not just financial, but they have the physical power to domesticate us and to subjugate us to their will, there’s not a whole lot we can do about it other than just plan to die in the course of resistance.”…”

Does Huckabee even know what is going on in the world today?

“….While no white supremacist gang or organization has claimed credit for the killings, there is a lot of laughing and backslapping going on in racist circles over what most people consider shocking and chilling crimes.

On Stormfront, the nation’s largest racist, neo-Nazi internet forum, a poster named “Magog” found comfort in the idea that white supremacists might be responsible.  “If so, I really like their style,” he wrote. “Covert in the shadows make sure no one sees a thing…”

Elsewhere on Stormfront and another racist site, Vanguard News Network (VNN), racists’ comments suggested Hasse “looked like a Jew.” After his killing, a poster identified only as “John from Canada” wrote: “I don’t even care so much about the dead man’s ethnicity. I would like to think that WN (white nationalists) were responsible and we’ll see more of this.”

“I believe that White traitors are a bigger enemy than the Jew,” the poster wrote.   “The Jew is just a parasite doing what nature designed him to do. The traitor is an opportunist of the lowest order, betraying his own blood for personal gain.”

After McLelland and his wife were gunned down Saturday evening in their Kaufmann County home, another VNN poster wrote: “Ten little prosecutors sitting down to dine, one opened the front door, and then there were nine!”

Other comments included antigovernment sentiments or used slurs to blame Mexican drug cartels.

“He was a prosecutor for the government,” a VNN poster said of Hasse. “In the 300-400 cases per year that he handled, I am more than confident he earned being shot down like a dog in a parking lot.”

In an earlier VNN forum discussion, a poster using the name “Brutus” suggested Hasse deserved to be killed because police and prosecutors are controlled by Jews.

“There are certain ‘gate keeper’ government jobs where the jew appoints only the loyalest (sic) of minions,” the poster wrote. “Prosecutors and police chiefs are two of these important ‘herd control’ positions. They have tacitly understood orders from the jew to seek out and destroy any White resistance.”…”

Look, it’s not just about confiscating your guns, but, according to Mike Huckabee (FOX Tabloid News personality) it is about installing a Nazi dictatorship in the US. This is rather interesting, considering that today’s version of white supremacist, John Bircher, anti-immigration bastion, and KKKers are all part of the new, improved, GOP.

Addicting Info
Addicting Info

Just don’t bother these guys with facts, reason or logic.

They don’t want any.

 The Pink Flamingo has heard that Huckabee, yet again, is going to try another run for the White House in 2016.  In order to keep up with Rand Paul, who is out of his pathetic…. very little mind, Huck must move to the loony right.

“…Ron Fournier has a fascinating interview with GOP Rep. Scott Rigell of Virginia, who is getting hammered with ads by a gun rights group that is well to the right of the NRA — one that is benefiting from the fundraising of one Rand Paul. Why is Rigell getting hammered? Because he supports a measure that would make gun trafficking a federal crime. Rigell doesn’t support the assault ban or expanded background checks, but his support just for the trafficking legislation was enough to merit ads hitting him as an Obama clone. He is similarly being targeted by conservative critics because … he rode with Obama on Air Force One.

Meanwhile, the “gun rights” group, the National Association for Gun Rights, or NAGR, is also running ads against GOP Rep. Eric Cantor. Why? Because Cantor has said he’s open to beefing up the current background check law. Not expanding it, as the president’s proposal would do; merely improving the quality of information that the system is supposed to have access to already….”

What a mess, a stupid mess.

The far right is playing with fire.  Their handlers are playing with fire.  They are  encouraging the militias and other forms of rank stupidity.  The Pink Flamingo wonders if they even know what they are doing?


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  1. Sometimes I enjoy watching Mike Huckabee’s show, but I am not a regular viewer. In fact, I like Huckabee a whole lot better than some of the rest of them on Fox News. I think he has a good TV personality, but I wouldn’t vote for him for POTUS- in fact he came down to our area campaigning for a representative several years ago. I didn’t vote for the representative. The one I really can’t stand on Fox News is that pompus Bill O’Reilly.

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