PART I: The Reality of the Really Nasty “Christian” Right


images“…”MSNBC’s Martin Bashir suggested that Republican senators need to have a member of their families killed for them to support the Democrats’ gun proposals. (Let’s start with Meghan McCain!)” …”  Ann Coulter

The Pink Flamingo has been noticing something for quite awhile now.  There are a few of us who have remarked on it, how interesting it is, as a case study in people, fakes, assumptions, and perhaps even reality.  Most of my life, I grew up thinking that conservatives – Republicans were much nicer than Democrats  & liberals.  Talking to a few people today, we’ve all made that assumption.  I have a colleague who thinks the problem, now, is the fact that the very hard, racist right, were, at one time, Democrats, who were pushed out by liberals.  There has been a major change in the GOP of late, and with conservatives, in general.

They just aren’t nice people anymore.

Thursday brought what could only be seen as a total and complete melt-down of the far right.  There is no other way of describing it.  I suppose, if the right were not so intrinsically tied to so-called ‘christian’ values, it might be different.  It has reached the point where The Pink Flamingo is using the word ‘christian’ in a lower case, because these people, to whom I refer, have degraded the entire concept of being a real Christian.  They have degraded the concept of being a nominal Christian. Fact is, they’re acting like Hell.

Politics are a nasty and dirty.  It is a game not for the weak of stomach.  It is a game of chicken with both parties refusing to dodge at the very end.  I love politics.  You never know what is going to happen, who is going to blink, or the human factor.  What is going on with Mitch McConnell is simply political.  It is how the hardball game is played. You fight dirty, and end up in the mud.  Aside from some rather interesting ethical concerns, no one would be paying attention to what happened if Ashley Judd, his potential opponent had not been a very attractive woman. That’s the other factor here.  No quarter should be given for gender.  If you hit a man hard, hit a woman the same way – figuratively, of course. That’s one of the things I admire about Elizabeth Warren.  She played hard-ball with the big guys and won. No tears, running home to mommy, or complaining that she was a woman.

This said, there are other things that have happened over the past few days that just make the entire so-called ‘christian’ Right look like Hell.

Barronelle Statzman refused to sell flowers for a same-sex wedding because it violated her relationships with Jesus Christ. It makes me wonder about her relationship with Christ.  She must not have the same Bible I do.  Christ hung out with sinners and had a tendency not to like self-righteous jerks.  Neither do I.   The woman has a right to refuse service to anyone she wishes to refuse service too.  Considering the couple in question were regular customers, it does add insult to injury.  They were good enough to take their money when they weren’t getting married, but when they decided to marry, she had to go all far right activist on them.  It is a free country.  She is free to refuse service and they are free to go elsewhere.  Religious liberty is NOT at stake here.

…According to her lawyers’ response to the state’s suit, she intends to fight and her legal team has already reached out to “a number of national non-profit organizations that are ready for the fight.” Indeed, the Family Research Council expressed its support for Stutzman, claiming that “religious hostility is in full bloom.” Joseph Backholm of the Family Policy Institute of Washington, FRC’s state affiliate, opined that “liberty is at stake for all of us,” encouraging supporters, “Don’t ignore the bully just because he hasn’t punched you in the mouth yet.” Neither group expressed concern for Ingersoll and Freed’s liberty….”

Rand Paul, who is now the titular face of the GOP, gave a less than fact based lesson about his version of why he has always embraced the Civil Right’s Act, even when he hasn’t.  He lied.  If Rand Paul hadn’t been so damn self-righteous on CBN and said the American needs a spiritual cleansing, which is absolutely chilling, coming from someone with his quasi fascist, John Birch leanings, the simple fact that he lied about his racial tendencies is revolting.  His father, Ron Paul, has out and out racist tendencies.  If you are a racist, then be a racist.  Quit lying about it.

In Missouri, a gay man was arrested for leaving the side of his hospitalized partner.  The hospital in question would not acknowledge that he had a legit Power of Attorney.  Neither would his partner’s family.  The Pink Flamingo has been studying up on POAs.  They are, at times, worth the paper on which they are written and nothing more, but they are legal and hold up in court.  If the family was given precedence over the legal POA, the hospital is in deep you know what.  This isn’t even a same-sex marriage thing.  It’s a legal thing.  It is also a very serious problem.  Speaking as someone who has POA for my aging parents, one of whom has Alzheimer’s, is this how I could be treated if I did not approve of what was going on in a hospital?  There are major legal implications for this one.  The hospital is in deep you know what.

In Tennessee, the state is basically going Ayn Rand with the way that the poor are treated.  The state is a little different from very liberal Memphis, where there is something of a safety  net.  It is at this point where The Pink Flamingo must state that there is very much a drug sub-culture there, where it isn’t going to matter what you do.  It’s very difficult for small business to deal, not only with the usual foibles of trying to be a small business person in a Randian world, and the drug sub-culture that is terribly pervasive.   It is also at this point, when mentioning withholding assistance for families where children are not making progress in school, that I might want to point out that those I know of, in the Memphis area, who did not make progress in school, were the wealthy upper class.

Why are the poor treated like they are some sort of evil drain on society and why are the greedy, corporate fat-cats, who lie, cheat, steal, and avoid taxes get all the breaks?

“…These attacks on the poor, rather than on poverty, are not peculiar to Tennessee. In fact, similar concepts circulate among political and policy elites in Washington. For Ayn Rand acolytes, Wall Street’s reckless, greedy casinos couldn’t possibly be the real reason the economy crashed. After all, the rich get rich because they are terrific at what they do. We should reward these creators, not blame them for their foresight, their ingenuity and their obvious success. The blame instead should fall on the poor — the takers — and on the collectivist government liberals who cater to them. Didn’t the government force banks to put unqualified poor people in homes they couldn’t afford? (It doesn’t matter that the data shows that low-income buyers who gained loans through the Community Readjustment Act didn’t default in higher numbers than anyone else. The idea of blaming the poor has power.)

Blaming low-income people for chronic unemployment is the next move. As the rate stays stubbornly high (precisely because all Republicans and even a few Democrats don’t want the government in the business of job creation) we hear talk of “structural” unemployment. That’s code for the jobs would be there if only the workers were qualified. But you know, those lower-income workers just don’t have the skills and work habits to compete in our globalized economy. Even older middle-class workers are hopelessly out of date. So there’s really nothing government can do about it.

The final twist is to claim that the richest country in human history doesn’t have the means to eradicate poverty. Instead, we are told, rising debt is forcing us to tighten our belts — rather, we need to tighten the belts of the poor by taking away a few more dollars from Medicaid and Social Security.  …”

How could it possibly get any worse?

The attacks get personal, and irrational.


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  1. Some people came to the house, some kind of Baptists, I think, passing out pamphlets and inviting me to attend their church. One of them asked me if I was saved. I don’t know exactly what she was talking about. I said I hoped so, and she said, “but you are supposed to know.” Now how am I supposed to know something like that? Somebody will have to explain that one to me. I have been taught that salvation was an on-going, life long process, not something that happens one time. When we make mistakes we go to confession. I don’t know what their procedure is, but they seem to think it is a one time event.

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