Right to Life, a Bad Doc, a System Fail, or Political Expediency


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt is becoming more and more apparent that the far right is more interested in the ‘pre-born’ than the living.   Because this is not a discussion about the war the far right seems to be playing against the children of America, The Pink Flamingo is going to resist the urge to sermonize on that subject.  This post is JUST about bad doctors and the way the far right plays to it’s hysterical and brainwashed base.

The Pink Flamingo has been playing little attention to the Gosnell trial in Philadelphia.  It is too repulsive.  I am no more taking note of the vile sensationalism of it than I watch those animal rights and humane society commercials.  I turn the channel when they come on.  I can’t stand watching them.  Same thing with this trial.  I can’t stand listening to the litany of obscene abuse.  I just can’t do it.

To me, it is almost like the people who promote the horror of what abortion is – from a ‘pre-born’ point of view are as bad as the abortion providers.  They are sick, disgusting individuals who don’t mind looking at photos of gory remains of the innocent.  It rather reminds me of Pam Geller’s constant display of headless bodies, decapitated heads, and  and really gross stuff.  Only a sick, perverted mind concentrates on this stuff, constantly.

I am against abortion, 95% of the time.  I am 100% against late-term abortion.  I consider abortion for gender specificity to be nothing but murder. I am not going to inflict my morality on someone who wants an abortion.  I’m going to pray for that person.  But, I’m not going to come between she and an abortion.  That is between the woman who wants one and the Lord.  I am not arrogant enough to consider myself all knowing.  If there was a reason for a woman to have an abortion, or she would take her own life, then I have a tendency to consider the rights of the living before the rights of the ‘pre-born’.

A trial is currently underway in Philadelphia.  It is about a repulsive doctor who was, at one time, an abortion provider.  The stories coming out in his trial are sickening.  The attitudes on the right and left are rather sickening, also.  Abortion is legal in Pennsylvania.  As an abortionist, he was doing nothing  ‘illegal’.  As a physician, he should spend the rest of his life in prison – not because of abortions, but because of how he performed them and how he treated his patients. The far right is screaming that the far left is ignoring the story.  Here’s the catch, is the story about the right to life, a very bad doctor, a system failure, or political expediency?

The Daily Beast
The Daily Beast

The political press says it is a criminal trial and they don’t follow those crimes.  Okay, they’re not following the case in Tulsa where a dentist may have infected up to 7500 patients with such lovely diseases as HIV and hepatitis. I hate to admit it, but this isn’t about abortion.  Both tales are about very bad doctors who, in one case, may have nearly manged to get away with murder.

…Now conservatives are suggesting that reporters are in the tank for the pro-choice cause and are (preposterously) therefore afraid to cover the trial that will reveal the moral bankruptcy of the cause. (Kermit Gosnell no more proves that abortion providers are evil than this guy proves that all dentists are evil.) Dave Weigel suggests, “if you’re pro-choice, say, and you worry that the Gosnell story is being promoted only to weaken your cause, you really should read that grand jury report,” because it tells a story of lax, incompetent, or under-funded regulatory system, or possibly one fearful of the politics of a fight over an abortion clinic. No one is actually worried about Gosnell weakening their cause, yet Weigel concludes: “Social conservatives are largely right about the Gosnell story.” He needs to read some background material.

Two years ago, just after Gosnell was charged, Carole Joffe, a sociologist who studies reproductive rights and health, made clear at RH Reality Check that reproductive health advocates are not afraid that the lax-regulator-angle hurts their cause, but rather, like anyone concerned with health and safety, want answers: “What remains baffling is how long this clinic was allowed to operate, in spite of numerous complaints made over the years to city and state agencies, and numerous malpractice suits against Dr. Gosnell. Indeed, it was only because authorities raided the clinic due to suspicion of lax practices involving prescription drugs that the conditions facing abortion patients came to law enforcement’s attention.”…”

The Atlantic
The Atlantic

Is this story about abortion, or about a physician who was literally allowed to get away with murder, with a system so lax that there were no inspections or about abortion?  The Pink Flamingo happens to think this is about a really bad physician and a state that could have cared less about regulating and inspecting an inner city clinic.

“…After all, the question is not just why the state failed to respond to the complaints of women and advocates who visited the clinic, although that matters hugely. It’s why women kept going there anyway: because they felt they had no alternative. Read this account from Jeff Deeney, a social worker from Philadelphia, who points out that the lack of public funding for abortion is a big factor leading desperate women to Gosnell: “It’s worth noting for outsiders that Health Center #4 which serves the same neighborhood is the best in town, providing quality care for the uninsured poor. But Health Centers don’t do abortions, and Medicaid, where a TANF mom’s insurance coverage would come from, if she had any at all, doesn’t pay for them. And for these women the cost of paying for an abortion out of pocket breaks the budget, leaving mom scrambling to make next month’s rent or possibly wind up on the street.” Cost is also how women often get past the legal gestational limit, as they struggle to save up enough money — and Gosnell’s willingness to break the law was what made him their last chance. To everyone who thinks his case was a reason for more abortion restrictions: What he did was already illegal….”

The Pink Flamingo thinks this more a case of bad doctors not getting the publicity and attention they so rightly deserve, even if they aren’t performing illegal late term abortions and letting their patients die.

Have you heard of W. Scott Harrington?  He was forced to shut down his Tulsa practice after exposing well over 7o00 patients to HIV and hepatitis. With the exception of CNN and the Raw Story, I don’t even know if the story was covered.  The far right blogs never touched it.  The Daily Kos did.  The Pink Flamingo mentions this because the public health implications are far more serious, on a national level, with the Harrington case than the Gosnell.  But – because it involves the living, forget it.  If Harrington had performed a few illegal abortions you’d see his story being covered by the right.

“...What they found was absolutely horrifying.  Apparently Harrington frequently used rusted instruments, even though the CDC has found rusted instruments can’t be properly sterilized.  A device used to sterilize instruments hadn’t been tested since 2008 even though state regulations require monthly tests.  Needles were frequently reinserted in drug vials after use, and there was no standard procedure for cleaning or infection protection.  Inspectors also found a drug vial that had expired in 1993 (!) and that morphine had been used at least once last year even though Harrington hadn’t received any morphine shipments since 2009.  Additionally, Harrington frequently allowed his assistants to perform tasks that only licensed dentists are allowed to perform, such as IV sedation.  In what can charitably be described as an understatement, the Oklahoma Board of Dentistry branded Harrington “a menace to the public health.”…”

Eight years ago, The Pink Flamingo suffered from a badly broken right elbow.  I’m still suffering from it because I refused, at the very last minute, to allow Dr. Frank Bryant of Alamogordo do surgery on it.  Every instinct I knew told me that something was quite wrong with the whole process.  I called his office the morning of the surgery and canceled.


He’s no longer a physician, but a car dealer in Las Cruces.  Seems he and the anesthesiologist he used were hit with lawsuits involving something like 80 patients, and at least one death.   The physician who was involved with Bryant is now a senior flight physician in Japan, with the USAF.

“…Another doctor involved in the controversy is Dr. Frank Bryant, an orthopedic surgeon who sometimes performed surgeries with Schlicht. Bryant, until Schlicht confessed to him in 2008, was not aware of the falsified credentials Schlicht claimed, according to The Albuquerque Journal. Dr. Schlicht wasn’t a surgeon and performed a procedure that posed as a hazard to patients.

Plexiglas-like cement injured several patients involved in the lawsuit. The substance was supposed to serve as a cushion between spinal discs to relieve pain, but the cement seeped into other areas of the spine before hardening, or in some cases hardened and then later cracked. The procedure caused pain and injury to several patients, and an operating room nurse tried to warn a supervisor of the surgeries, saying they had gone too far. According to court documents, the supervisor urged the nurse to let it be.

“He confided in me that some of his neurosurgery training was falsified,” Bryant recalled during a deposition earlier in the year according to The Albuquerque Journal. “I wanted to just die right there in the room. I didn’t know what to do.”

The settlement will allow the hospital to emerge from bankruptcy protection. According to court documents, the lawsuit involved 80 patients, four of whom died, and out of those four at least one death was caused by the cement injections. The settlement, which totaled more than $33 million, was broken into three parts. Quorum Health Resources LLC, a national health insurance firm that manages more than 150 hospitals, and another insurance company, which was not named, will pay $13.5 million. The hospital will pay $7.5 million over three years and Bryant will pay $11.5 million.

Schlicht left the country last year to serve as a senior flight surgeon at a U.S. Air Force base in Japan, and his license in New Mexico has expired, according to the publication. …”

Dr. Christian Schlicht lied about credentials and a patient died.  Isn’t that murder?  What’s the difference in that and what Gosnell did?  Oh, wait, they were harming the living, not the pre-born.  Ask Jim Quick about what happened to him.  This story should have been national, especially since the man was protected by the VA.  But, it wasn’t.

Highbeam Business
Highbeam Business

Unfortunately, there is another little addition to the Gosnell story.  It is being completely ignored. Perhaps the story should not be about Gosnell or even abortion.

“…Is it any coincidence that the states least likely to discipline doctors are among those with insurance crises? Pennsylvania — where the governor had to intervene to keep doctors from going out on strike over malpractice insurance costs — has disciplined only 5 percent of the 512 doctors who had made payments in malpractice suits five or more times, the lowest percentage of any state. (Arizona, for example, has disciplined nearly half of the doctors in this category.)

And while Pennsylvania has 5.3 percent of the doctors in the United States, they make up 18.5 percent of American doctors with five or more malpractice payments. One doctor there paid 24 claims between 1993 and 2001 totaling more than $8 million (one was for operating on the wrong part of the body; another was for leaving a “foreign body” in the patient) yet was never disciplined by Pennsylvania authorities….”

Nope, this is NOT about abortion.  It is about a horrible, criminal physician allowed to continue and a state system that should be on trial.   It’s all about the ‘pre-born’ and not about the living.  What about the dozens of children and young people who have died at the hands of dentists?  Oh, wait, there’s no abortion, so why be upset about that.  They’re among the living.  The far right only cares about the ‘pre-born’.

You want more?

Don’t the living count?

Dentist the Menace
Dentist the Menace

Do the living count?The GOP is losing the culture war.  Now we know why.  They are only interested in abortion, reproductive rights, and gays.  Who even cares that we’re in dire financial times with people disparate for jobs?

People don’t count in the far right.



3 thoughts on “Right to Life, a Bad Doc, a System Fail, or Political Expediency

  1. Unfortunately, this is about living people. When a baby is kicking and screaming on the table after a late term abortion, should the wishes of the mother be carried out by killing the child? The child has rights too. It is a human being. This man snipped the spinal cords of over a hundred babies, not fetuses, literally decapitating them. Witnesses have testified in court on this. These are the nasty little details about abortion that the media doesn’t want the public to know about. These are massacres in the full sense of the word, just like the Sandy Hook Massacre.

  2. I just don’t want to think about it. I agree with all of this. I simply find the fact that the right ignores atrocities committed by other physicians and dentists, concentrating only on abortion. If they would recognize that there are other bad doctors in the world, and maybe mention that – along with the the abortion issue, then they would have some credibility. The man is a mass murderer. What he did was illegal. What the state of Pennsylvania did, allowing him to continue,ignoring what was happening was just as bad.

    A book has just come out about Charles Cullen, who, as a nurse, killed over 400 patients. Hospitals kept hiring him, and covering up his actions. Where is the far right outrage over this?

    If they expressed outrage over something besides abortion, I would have a little more sympathy for the right. Unfortunately, they don’t. They don’t care about people, about children, the elderly, those in need. All they can talk about is abortion. I suppose my problem is the fact, that, just like must of the rest of the population, including many anti-abortion people I know, the right has become so irrational and so cruel about the living, that they’ve lost me. I’ve not changed in what I believe. I just refuse to associate with these people. They’re a bunch of lying hypocrites. I suspect, if we knew what went on behind closed doors, we would find out that half the politicians who are so against abortion have paid to have abortions for their girlfriends and mistresses.

    Isn’t all human life sacred, not just the ‘pre-born’?

    That’s my big complaint. It seems that the only life sacred to the far right is that unborn child. The life of the mother certainly isn’t sacred to them. After the child is born, they don’t care if it is properly cared for. They don’t care about the child when as a little kid, who needs a decent and safe school. For the most part, they don’t care about a real education anymore. If the kid gets out of line and happens to be a different race, in many states they end up in jail, for something that, 10 years ago, was not a crime. They don’t care about jobs once the kid grows up, and needs work. When they become a senior citizen, they don’t give a rip about them. All they care about is the political issue of abortion and what goes on from conception until birth. Once the birth occurres, as long as it is not by abortion, or as long as the mother is not a minority or has a substance abuse problem, they don’t give a rip about it.

    That’s my soap box.

    Or, what about the mother? Most likely, if solution were provided and counselling – decent, compassionate counselling were provided, with a way of facing the future, I wonder how many of these women would choose abortion? I’m not talking about so-called ‘christian’ counselling where they’re told they’re a sinner, they need to repent, and give the kid up for adoption. I don’t think most women seek the solution of an abortion lightly. Then again, if a woman is going to have a late term abortion and doesn’t mind the fact that her child is going to be butchered, pulled limb from limb, then I would also suspect she would be an abusive mother. The way I believe, that little baby is going straight to heaven to be with the Lord, probably saved from a life of torture and abuse. No woman who would truly love her child would submit to such a process. I don’t think we concentrate enough on that simple fact. If she were to allow something like that to happen, when, a few months later the baby could be put up for adoption, sorry but she’s just as much of a monster as an abortionist who gets his cheap thrills from dismembering the innocent.


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