The Best of Us and the Worst of Us


P1010496The Pink Flamingo deliberately did not write about the horrific bombings on Monday.  There was no use.  I can pray for the victims, the heroic emergency workers, and those involved. We have been subjected to the very best of this nation, and the worst.  This nation is at its very best during a crises. It is only then that this nation of spoiled, snotty brats morph into the people we should be, all of the time – kind, compassionate, heroic, selfless.

The majority of Americans are that way.  Then there are the bottom feeders, the usual subjects, both liberal and conservative turn into absolute jerks.  One of the worst, Gateway Pundit, couldn’t wait to blame Barack Obama for the incident.  He slashed the budget dealing with bombings. The article from the Daily Mail cites a former Homeland Security official named Robert Liscouski, a regular on FOX.

The far right is absolutely positive it is someone who is Islamic. According to some terror experts, the pressure cooker bomb is a trademark of al Qaeda.  We don’t know this, for sure.  Yes, everyone wants to speculate, including The Pink Flamingo. The Pink Flamingo, and a few others, have noticed the April coincidence.  Far right ‘patriots‘ like to attack in April.

“…There are more than a couple anniversaries of violence involving so-called “patriots” that occurred during this week including the Oklahoma City Bombing on April 19, 1995, and the Waco assault on the same day in 1993. Of particular interest is the Waco assault that began on a Monday, and it is a favorite rallying cry for militant anti-government groups and white supremacists who claim a similar event will be the reason for real American patriots to begin revolting against the government. It is noteworthy that the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms attempt to serve search warrants on David Koresh’s Branch Davidian compound that ignited a gun battle and subsequent standoff did occur on Patriot’s Day in 1999, and for anti-government uber-patriots, it is a day that the government overstepped their authority by searching for illegal firearms. With all the outrage and threats of violence from gun fanatics over expanding gun safety laws, one cannot help but speculate what the connection is between the Boston Tea Party, Patriot Day, Waco, and the raging debate over gun safety laws “patriots” consider an  assault on the greatest of American liberties….”

The far right is now freaking out, figuring that Obama will use the incident to blame them, and come for their Bibles and guns, then force them into prison cells with evil homosexuals who will turn them gay.  Doug Mataconis has the best, most level-headed commentary I’ve seen.

Look how the right, and the left, covered the event.


What The Pink Flamingo has noticed is that one of the amazing Americans who was right there, helping others, was a man named Carlos Arredondo, an antiwar activist. So were a couple of former NFL players.  Joe Andruzzi, included.

The usual far right suspects rushed to blame anyone who might be Islamic.  Discredited far right blogger, Jim Holt,  has photos, taken from Doug Ross.  Another blog  has someone leaving a comment, speculating that the individual who was noticed carrying a backpack, the not carrying one, looked like was an Egyptian.  ABC has removed the link to the article.

Alternet has a history of recent bombings. The Telegraph has an interesting article on the history of the al Qaeda version of the bomb.

“...Almost immediately predictable hysterical right-wing voices jumped into the debate — and surprisingly were featured on liberal — including the anti-Muslim media hound Pam Geller, who immediately blamed a Jihadi for the bombing. Right wing blogger Jennifer Rubin sarcastically called it a “local crime story” in reference to the totally inaccurate right wing trope that the liberal media didn’t cover Kermit Gosnell, the abortionist on trial in Philadelphia for murder and malpractice. Salon also featured conspiracist Alex Jones, who went totally in the other direction called the Boston explosion a government conspiracy…”


There are those on the right who are positive that Saudi, Mohammed Badawood is a roommate of one fo the alleged men involved.  The FBI investigated his apartment and has found nothing terror related. Sorry, but not all Saudis are evil.  He has been ruled out as a suspect.  But, that hasn’t stopped Pam Geller, who never met a Muslim she didn’t hate, from being quite sarcastic, basically convicting the person who has now been ruled out as a suspect.  Geller needs to get her story straight.  The NY Post, owned by Rupert Murdoch, was wrong.

“...As we now know, three people were killed in the attack, not 12, and while a Saudi national was questioned by authorities, he was not considered a suspect and was not in custody. The investigation is still ongoing, but at the absolute minimum, The Post’s “report” was premature. In fact, Tuesday’s New York Times reports that a search of his apartment was “fruitless” and that a law enforcement official concluded he was “not involved” in the attack. Nonetheless, on Monday The Post was ready to convict the guy for the crime of being a Saudi national running from a bomb blast.One wonders why The Post thinks running away from an explosion constitutes suspicious behavior, but that’s nitpicking compared with the fact that they still had these inaccurate stories on their website nearly 24 hours after posting them. Who knows what their motive is, but this much is clear: The New York Post has expanded its lead in the race to be known as the least credible major daily newspaper in America….”

The discredited piece has not stopped Pam Geller’s bigoted associate, Robert Spencer from promoting more hatred against Muslims.

Jihad Watch
Jihad Watch

Give the Right Scoop credit for correcting their original piece.   The far right won’t hear of anything other than an evil Muslim doing the deed.  If those of us, your humble flamingo included, have speculated that the monster may be far right, well, we are bad.  I lost a bunch of far right followers on Twitter on Monday night for making such a speculation.

Then there are the bottom feeders, the crass jerks who delight in showing photos of the carnage, of living, breathing humans in agony, bleeding, suffering having lost limbs.  The Pink Flamingo noticed this:

“...One of Monday’s most gripping—and graphic—images was a picture of a young man who appears to have lost both of his legs, being frantically wheeled to an ambulance by responders. On Twitter, there’s been a lot of discussion about the ethics of running the picture without blurring the young man’s face, as The Atlantic did for over an hour on its site before altering the image. The Washington Post chose to crop the image so the victim’s legs are visible only above the knee…”

This was to be the original theme of this post.  On Monday evening, The Pink Flamingo was sickened and disgusted by the way certain bloggers showed photos of people who are blown apart.  I just don’t get it.   Then again, we’re talking about people like Pam Geller who regularly displays beheadings, dismembered body parts.  What can you expect from a person who links to a Holocaust denial site, then lies about it after removing the link?  Charles Johnson notes the same thing The Pink Flamingo has been saying for ages:


Along with those bottom feeders, let’s put Rush Limbaugh in the group.  Laura Ingraham used the incident to complain about immigration reform.  Alex Jones blamed Obama.

Is there a connection to ricin being delivered to the office of Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi?  Wicker voted with the Dems on the gun control bill.

I guess, though, that, as usual, Glenn Beck gets the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate award.

Media Matters
Media Matters

The Pink Flamingo doesn’t know the identify of the monster who did this.  The indications are that the bomb is something al Qaeda specializes in using.  A similar version was used in Madrid.  It is used in Pakistan.  It makes the terror group a prime suspect.  On Twitter, yesterday, I noted that it could be the work of a far right wacko.  I still think it could be.   Thus said, if it was some sort of copy-cat, my observation is the militia types aren’t all that bright.  Many of the leading militia groups have quickly denounced the incident, crying out that they are not involved.

Allegedly there has been some jihad talk about a hit here in the US.  Once again, my caution is the fact that, thus far we’ve managed to stop them.  It is quite crass to say this, but eventually someone is going to get lucky and manage to create a horrific incident.

My caveat on it being al Qaeda is the fact that it occurred on Patriot’s Day, in Boston, in April, just a few days before the anniversary of Lexington Concord.  Far right monsters have a very bad habit of attacking in April.  For some strange reason, it is their favorite time of year.  We also need to add to the mix the fact that Monday was Tax Day.

I question the sanity and basic human decency of anyone who is sick and perverted enough to show unedited photos of men and women with their limbs blown off, in agony.  What I find repulsive is the absolute lack of respect and consideration, lack of human dignity these so-called ‘patriots’ extend to those who have been so horribly brutalized.

They don’t give a damn.

Their hatred of Islam is far greater than their respect for human decency and human dignity,  yet these individuals hide behind the cloak of patriotism.  They don’t care about the actual suffering of those who have had their lives literally ripped apart.  They only want to show how horrible the moment was, and how evil the enemy is.


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  1. My first thought when I heard the news was that it was the work of a right winger. Too much has happened in April. It was also on the day Lincoln died. If it is the work of Al Qaeda no one has taken responsibility. Unless they plan to hit us again this is unusual……Poor old Roger Wicker is really a good man. He is very conservative, but not a Tea Partier. I talk to people on his staff pretty often. One thing I would like to point out is that he voted to end the filibuster on the gun control bill, which is different from voting on the bill itself. Politicus USA, which covered the story, is not a source I have a lot of faith in. Their articles are sometimes very misleading…….. Regarding bombs, I happened to watch the Rachel Maddow show last night, something I seldom watch, but she gave the best explanation on homemade bombs that I have heard on any network, a lot better that the coverage on Fox News.

  2. I don’t think it is. There’s a difference between personal debt, corporate, and national debt. The only way business can survive is by debt, and keeping it paid up. That’s how my father and grandfather did it. Personal, you can’t. Nations can’t behave the same way individuals do.


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