Lost in Never Never Land


303180-good_tin_foil_hatThe dingbats of the far right continue to mine their solid gold cash cow that all Muslims are evil and are going to slaughter us in our sleep.  One baby faced Republican Senator from South Florida wants to put a hold on all Muslim student visas.  Never mind that any of these rancid haters have even mentioned the fact that the local mosque there in Boston is refusing to bury Tamerlan Tsarnaev. According to the haters, there are no good Muslims.  I’m beginning to feel the same way about far right jerks. There is even a stupid GOP strategist who told O’Reilly that liberals find terrorists hostility toward freedom appealing.

Evidently that evil terrorist and Saudi national Abdul Rahman Ali Issa Al-Salimi Alharbi (Ali Al-Harbi) has visited the White House several times.  That’s the reason Michelle Obama went to visit him – and betray the country in the process, according to far right idiots.

Jihad Watch
Jihad Watch

According to Glenn Beck, who is on to his own terror version of Watergate, there’s a scandal brewing here.  (Abdul Rahman Ali Issa Al-Salimi Alharbi) Ali Al-Harbi should have been deported.  Something is very wrong here.  Barack Obama is deliberately allowing evil Islamic terrorists to tiptoe through the tulips of a late New England spring, and slaughter us as we worship Allah.  Is Beck sketching this on his chalkboard as he cries copious crocodile tears?

And – idiots believe him!  Of course Pam Geller would.  She’s orgasmic when hunting the evil of Islam.  Never mind that she snuggles up with white supremacists all the day long.  It’s cool.  They’re white.  So what if a few of her associates reek of goose-stepping despots from World War II.  They’re white. They’re “christian”.  Geller quotes Beck.

Can they be this stupid?

Yes they can!

Charles Johnson of LGF calls Jim Holt (Gateway Pundit) the dumbest man on the Internet.  I’m beginning to think Johnson is on to something.

Little Green Footballs
Little Green Footballs

This leads The Pink Flamingo to ask one salient question.  Would the far right haters be doing this if Barack Obama were white?  Never mind that the threat from far right violence is far greater than from Islam.  It is now so bad, Matt Drudge promises that this is the Year of Alex Jones.

And so, Glenn Beck has told us, if we want to discredit him, we are only discrediting ourselves.

“...Glenn Beck continues his campaign to prove that Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, the Saudi national injured at the Boston Marathon bombing and briefly considered a suspect, is an al Qaeda “control agent” responsible for recruiting the Tsarnaev brothers to carry out the bombing and is now being protected by the US government.

Promising that today “the hammer drops,” today on his radio program he read from the “event” file created on Alharbi following the bombing. Beck promised that all of this new information would be reported in The Blaze today, but it hasn’t been published as of the time of this writing.

Basically, Beck reported that the file created on Alharbi stated that he was on the no-fly list and had not been properly vetted prior to entering the country on a “special advisory option.” It also declared him to be “armed and dangerous” and stated that an earlier “event” file on him had already been created, suggesting that he had been involved in previous terrorist activity. Beck also reported that after this file was created, changes were made to remove key information and then efforts were made to delete the file entirely.

And Beck is demanding answers.

“Bring it on,” he thundered, “Would you like some more, because if you want another helping, we’ll give it to you.” Beck went on to challenge other journalists to pick up the story and report on it, but warning them if they try to discredit him, they will only end up discrediting themselves and be putting Americans at risk in the process:…”

Was what the Brothers Tsarnaev believed called “Internet Islam“?  None of this really matters to the right and to FOX Tabloid News, which continues its ongoing practice of terrifying Seniors and brainwashing its viewers.  They’ve tried to destroy the reputation of Congressman Keith Ellison, simply because he is a Muslim.  Ann Coulter thinks that Tsarnaev’s widow needs to be in prison for wearing a hijab.

The Pink Flamingo fears this insanity will not stop until these lovely individuals end up getting someone quite innocent killed.  Once they do, they’ll blame it on Islam.