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imagesLast week, Bats*it Crazy Michele Bachmann officially endorsed the planned 9/11 National Day of Prayer and Fasting promoted by Joseph Farah and World Net (Nut) Daily.  This week, she helped re-launch the dormant Tea Party Caucus

Please, pardon The Pink Flamingo while I snicker and mutter another I TOLD YOU SO!  Looks like Michele Bachmann could be in more than just a little bit of deep do – we all hope.  Sure, no one wants to see anyone in trouble, but let’s face it, if someone needs to be in deep trouble, let it be her.  There’s nothing like seeing the self-righteous go down for something that might not be ethical or legal.

Andy Parrish, her former chief of staff, to her so-called POTUS campaign, stated, in a sworn affidavit, on Monday, that she knew of and approved of payments to aid and Iowa state Senator Kent Sorenson!

Oh, what a tangled we we weave…

“...Sorenson is accused of violating rules that prohibit state senators from accepting employment, directly or indirectly, from a political action committee. In the complaint, Bachmann’s former national field coordinator, Peter Waldron, alleges MichelePAC, along with Bachmann’s presidential campaign, funneled money to the fundraising group C&M Strategies to pay Sorenson a salary of $7,500 per month.

Parrish’s affidavit backs up Waldron’s allegations, but Parrish said he does not agree with Waldron’s characterization of the payments as “money laundering.”

“Congresswoman Bachmann knew of and approved this arrangement,” Parrish said. “She, like the rest of us, understood from Senator Sorenson that it did not run afoul of any Iowa Senate ethics rules. We relied on his representations in this regard.”

Parrish added that his affidavit is “not in any way a rebuke or betrayal to Congresswoman Bachmann,” whom he considers a “personal friend.”

The affidavit included emails from Guy Short, a fundraiser for Bachmann for President, who said Sorenson could be paid by a PAC, and an email from Parrish himself saying, “We’re cool he can’t get paid from a PAC.”…”

From Raw Story:

Raw Story
Huffington Post

“...Short is also the subject of an FEC inquiry because he was being paid by Bachmann’s independent political organization, MichelePAC, at the same time that he was working on her presidential campaign, a potential violation of federal election rules.
Attorneys for Short and the Bachmann campaign say his work for Michele PAC, which paid him $40,000 in the months preceding and after the caucuses, was separate from his campaign work.
The alleged financial improprieties are the subject of a separate inquiry by the independent Office of Congressional Ethics, which is also looking into whether the campaign improperly helped promote Bachmann’s political memoir, Core of Conviction.
The investigations are part of a growing web of legal problems facing Bachmann, including a lawsuit by former staffer Barbara Heki alleging that Sorenson stole a proprietary e-mail list of Iowa home-school families from her personal computer. Those allegations also are the subject of an ongoing police investigation in Urbandale, Iowa….”

Like a colleague emailed me – you really think the House GOP is going to let her go down for this one?

Nah, she’s gonna’ get away with it.

In the meantime, she’s going to go along with Joseph Farah and his day of prayer and fasting.  It’s all about those evil homosexuals and terrorists.  It’s about guns and ammo.

“...As Right Wing Watch noted on Tuesday, WND editor Joseph Farah wrote a column this week explaining why the event was necessary, prominently citing recent events in Boston and the Christian conservative opposition to growing support for gay marriage.

In a piece titled, “It’s All About To Hit The Fan,” Farah claimed the “nation is on the brink of utter disaster” and can only be saved by those who choose to “pray and seek His face and turn from their own wicked ways.”

In one part of his argument, Farah appeared to channel Arkansas GOP state Rep. Nate Bell, who last week tweeted in the midst of a citywide lockdown in Boston that, “Boston liberals spent the night cowering in their homes wishing they had an AR-15 with a hi-capacity magazine.”…”

These people deserve one another.  They’re all crazy.  Farah is about as dishonest as a so-called “christian” can be and not be frying in a vat of oil in hell for lying about anything that doesn’t suit his editorial purposes.  Bachmann may be slightly less honest.  It truly is a match made in hell.

I swear she will be re-elected.



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  1. i agree whole heartedly. death threats are not helping anyone. i am with you that most law enforcement uphold the law and our freedoms. yes some go overboard but we need go not go to the point of threats of violence.. let the constitution and bill of rights stand for what they say.

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